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    Looking for 2 student textbooks of Rod & Staff History/Geo 6 (Latin America) and the matching test booklet. We already have the teacher's manual for this, but I need 2 textbooks for my boys.


  2. I am trying to start a local homeschool co-op to find local families to get together with. Anybody out there in Central-Eastern South Dakota can get more info here www.homeschool-life.com/sd/fcche

  3. Still trying to find some local homeschoolers in the Huron, Mitchell, DeSmet, Wolsey, SD area to get together for group activities, field trips and such. To that effect I am trying to get a little local co-op going. Fair City Christian Home Educators (FCCHE) will begin meeting at The Prairie Villa Estates Community Building in Huron, SD (Prairie Villa Estates is a mobile home village across from Kmart in Huron) on the last Thursday of each month, starting Feb. 27th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Our first meeting will be to assess the needs of the group and begin planning a few activities. Cooki
  4. Rebecca, (Okay this is too fun, it's like writing a letter to yourself, since I am a Rebecca too.) Wonder if your 10 year old boy, would like to write to my 8 year old (who's not a big writer yet either... maybe they will blossom as they write to each other... son kids, especially boys need a "good reason" to be bothered to do so.) They are interested in similar things. Let's exchange info. Rebecca in South Dakota
  5. I am so thankful to get so many replies. The more the merrier. We have decided to let both of our boys have 2 pen-pals each (an International pen-pal and a pen-pal from the USA. As both boys have requested this arrangement.) If we get more responses, hopefully we can match some other kids up with each other too. I see that couple mom's have already matched up their daughters as pen-pals, so let's keep this going for a bit and find some more kids long-distance buddies.
  6. Hi Hedgehog, My boys are so thrilled with the number of responses we got for our request for pen-pals, that they have both decided they'd like to have an International pen-pal and another one in the States. (Of course, as mama-teacher... I don't mind a bit... it's double the practice in both creative writing and penmanship! Can't complain about that!) Sniff would be a good match for my older boy, I think due to their interests (he's a bit immature socially for his age due to the autism... on par with his little brother in many areas, but also less mature than his brother in
  7. OneStepAtATime, Except for the year in age difference, I think my oldest son may be the twin of yours. He hasn't dug into the American Picker's archive yet (he's still working his way through American Restoration.... but I gather they are similar), but otherwise their tv preferences seem to be mirror images. I am glad to find pen-pals for my kids here. I have toyed with the idea for posting such a request for a while and finally feel that their reading and writing levels are getting to the point this would be a useful tool. Let's exchange info and get these boys going on the
  8. Wow, I am really out of it. I haven't visited TWTM nearly as often as I'd have liked this winter due to computer repairs.

  9. It's been a while since I've been online here at TWTM, so if somebody had a similar thread going let me know. My sons, ages 8 and 10 are looking for penpals to write to. The would love to make new homeschooling friends this way and also improve their writing skills in the process. Oldest (10 yrs) has autism, but loves to write and draw. He loves art, science, history, aminals (especially farm animals and ocean life), tractors/farming equipment, trains/steam-powered vehicles and the like. And he adores Mythbusters tv show and cooking shows like Good Eats, Pioneer Woman and Iron Chef.
  10. Only a child of this age who is extremely advanced for their age in math could figure this out. Most 3rd & 4th graders are just starting to master multiplication and division and perhaps some addition or subtraction of fractions. This sounds needlessly complicated even for a jr. high aged class and probably a bit challenging for high school age (the average student). I don't think I was even presented this kind of question in college. Seems like a lot of jumping through hoops to get the answer and most kids would see it as irrelevant anyway and would just look it up online or in an en
  11. What is the age range of the rest of the kids in the group? early elementary, upper elem, middle school, high school. Maybe teach a class that would be for fun mostly. I don't know what hobbies and interests you have, but for instance, if you like scrapbooking and or computer scrapbooking, perhaps you could teach a yearbook class for some of the older kids to make a yearbook for your Co-op group. (Just an example to get you thinking a bit outside the box and something that would be less stressful and more fun than teaching Algebra or a Biology Lab for example.)
  12. My Ds 10 is also more artist than reader too. We have trouble finding books he will read too, so far, all but the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books a total wash with him and "comic-like" readers like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... I hate this because to me "that is not literature" and I personally find them very irritating and a bad example. We read a lot out loud, many of them classics like the Swiss Family Robinson... but he has reading difficulties anyway and it is a tough subject for him. It is slow going with some kids to get them to love reading and pushing too hard can turn them off compl
  13. If she likes horses, The Saddle Club series is a good one for girls of this age. Maybe lead her in with a drawing horses book.
  14. Ideas for that partial can of pumpkin. Make oatmeal for breakfast for the kids and stir in the pumpkin, spices to taste and honey or maple syrup. My kids love that (and Mama is happy because they ate veggies for breakfast!). Alternately, you could stir it and some spices into pancake or waffle batter or use it in place of 1/2 of your oil (and maybe reducing the water if need be) to bake a cake for dessert (cream cheese icing would be excellent.) Me, I need to figure out a Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Gluten-Free version of this stuff for my crew, due to multiple food allergies. Any ideas l
  15. I wonder if she'd enjoy historical-fiction/auto-bigraphical stories like Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Series about family life in the previous century. I very much enjoyed them at her age and the first few books of the series are fairly easy reading chapter books (easier, I think, than Magic Tree-house and the lot... and there is no magic or mystery really... the real magic is in the rich and wonderful story-telling and learning some great American history in the process.) The reading content and vocabulary of these books grows through the series along with the reader who is reading t
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