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  1. I was thinking the same thing last night. Even thought of having her finish the last chapter in TT and maybe supplement with something else until the end of fall semester, and have her retest before the spring? Yes she did take the placement test for DE.
  2. May I ask how she did in the Interm. Alg at the college? I'm in almost the same boat as you, except my daughter hasn't taken the Interm Alg yet. She might be taking it this fall (which is next month, yikes). So I came on the forum looking for info on TT Pre Cal. My daughter has not finished TT Alg 2, she has one chapter left....and she plans to finish it in the next few weeks. My dilemma is should I have her move on to TT Pre Cal or let her take Interm Alg at the college. She prefers to take the class at college. BUT..we are torn...because of the whole half high school credit thing and how it's not even a college math credit.
  3. funny, I looked at Lials Interm Alg last year when I was trying to figure out what to do for Alg 2. So I take it Lials cover more Alg 2 than TT? My daughter will be finishing the TT Alg 2 probably by the end of this month. I wouldn't mind giving her some extra math for the summer.
  4. good to know, thanks. The lady that is letting us borrow her TT books has a son who majored in engineer.....and they strictly used TT. I'm feeling a lot more at ease with my choice to stick with TT.
  5. yes this helps, thanks for the info.. I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with TT. I printed the placement test and I contacted them this morning. They said nothing was added to the content of the new version, they only updated how the program runs. that doesn't matter because we used the old version anyway. They haven't updated the Pre Cal program yet, its in the works but no release date yet.
  6. ok lots of questions. I can totally use some advice from those who are familiar with high school math sequence and different math curriculums. Bare with me, I'm new to homeschooling and SO NOT a math person. Daughter is 10th grade, finishing up TT Algebra 2 (old version). We were in a bind last year and a really nice homeschool mom let us borrow this book. dd liked it so we've stuck with it. She did Algebra 1 in 8th grade public school...which she passed by the skin of her teeth with a C, but aced the Algebra EOC exam. then she took Geometry in 9th grade with FLVS and passed with an A. She's been doing extremely well with TT Alg 2, she's passing her tests. It has not been too EASY for her, she's says she's learning things she has not learned before. SO, she is learning new concepts and totally gets it, no problem... so I have no regrets using this curriculum. She just recently took the PERT exam for dual enrollment program, she tested in to Intermediate Algebra, which to my knowledge is Algebra 2.?? Since it is NOT a college credit course she does not want to take it, and she was super bummed that she didn't test in to College Algebra. She's taking Apologia Chemistry and doing extremely well, so I have faith that her math skills can be challenged more. Now I'm on the hunt for next years course but I'm so lost. I've been creeping on the forums for days but now I'm on information overload and super confused. From what I've read, TT Algebra 2 is more on the level of Alg 1? And the majority of TT users do not move on to TT Pre-Cal after TT Alg 2..they go with other programs. The confusion creeps in when I read about when and where pre cal and trig are taught and this is why most move on to a different program besides TT. So now what? according to where my daughter is now mathwise .....what in the world do I give her next? Pre-Cal? Trig? what's a good program she can learn independently from? She's smart enough to handle a more in depth course. She does better learning on her own, she doesn't want a teacher, she doesn't need a tutor. She doesn't mind the dvd's lectures like TT, even though she rarely used them. I just want her to be on the right track for college math. TIA
  7. Sorry to hijack this post, but =) I'm looking in to using EIL for my 10th grader as well. I had my own post but haven't received feedback yet. It will be our 1st time using EIL. My daughter has only had public school English 1 Honors For 9th grade. So would you recommend not jumping in at the 2nd book? I was wondering if we could use American Lit.? I wish there was some kind of placement test or check list that would tell me exactly what my student needs to know before taking the course. Like, do I need to supplement with grammar?
  8. Thank you. At least I have my choices narrowed down for Algebra, it's up to my daughter to choose. Now I can move on to English. I wanted an all in one but I see that's not happening. Maybe someone can hear my plans and give some input? I'm looking at Excellence in Literature, the American Lit to go along with her history. I've read lots of reviews and seems it what I'm looking for. I was thinking of adding either Lifepac or Christian Light Educations English for the grammar part, I believe CLE has their 10th grade split, 1 semester grammar, the other is Lit (which I don't need). I don't believe I need a writing program. Coming from public school (Fla.Virtual English 1 Honors) my daughter is a strong writer, but i always love having a backup plan. Any thoughts? Input on CLE vs Lifepac? I used CLE English for my 4th grader and we loved it. Any input on EIL?
  9. Ok thanks for explaining that. I did go to the Mathwithoutborders site. I see the textbook is Prentice Hall Classics. My daughter is actually familiar with Prentice Hall. I'm looking for video lessons because I cannot teach her, I'm not a math person. She also insist she does not need a teacher and can do Algebra 2 independently. Algebra 1 & Geometry were somewhat easy for her. But I would feel better having something that she can visually see before lessons and can go back to if need be. That's why I like the look of Derek Owens. I'll have my daughter look at both of these and see what she prefers. Thanks so much for your input
  10. That's awesome Tara, I'm on my phone so I can't view the pdf. I will definitely take a closer look when I get to a computer. I have seen Foerster's mentioned in a few ways (independently, with dvds or online). I also saw Prentice Hall attached to it somehow. I may be on information overload so I think I brushed it off out of confusion. Where do I purchase it, and what do I need to go with it? (Answer key, teachers manual, ) I'm just not sure I understand how it's used. Is Foerster's the author or publisher? And what does Prentice Hall have to do with it? I think I'll have my daughter look at both Foerster's and Derek Owens.
  11. Thank you yvonne, I'll email him. It looks like what I'm looking for. =)
  12. Looks great! What's the workload look like on a daily and weekly basis? ... For the distance learning track.
  13. Ok Saxon is out. I've read numerous reviews that say it is not recommended to jump in to Saxon on the high school level. I researched so many others (Lials, AoPs, Foerster's, MUS, Math relief) At this point, I just need to find a good Algebra 2 program that's a good follow up after public school, that can be done independently, either with CD-ROM lectures or some other video tutorials that can be watched before lessons are done. I haven't even come close to figuring out what to do for English 2. (Also following up after public school) I have my eye on EIL and Lifepac English....but I'm not confident I know what to look for. Honestly, I'm on the verge of a panic attack. This is going to be our 2nd year homeschooling and I'm so overwhelmed with just these to classes. Why is that?. It was so easy to go with Florida Virtual but it's not an option. Daughter hated it, it was so much work and took up a lot of her time daily. She now wants nothing to do with online anything. She would be perfectly happy with work books. Sorry to sound frantic, but wow.....This is so hard =(
  14. Ok thanks. I wonder if it even matters to use an Algebra 2 with or without Geometry, when Geometry course has already been taken? Also, I didn't find any info on using the DIVE DVDS with the 4th edition, unless I'm not looking in the right place.
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