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  1. I 2nd the Wellbutrin for SAD. Game changer.
  2. You sound like me! I started an antidepressant 2.5 weeks ago (not an ssri) and it's been wonderful. I am so much calmer and nicer to my kids. My main symptom was irritability.
  3. Why is nobody suggesting you talk to her first? Sucking it up or ending the friendship are not the only two options. Talk to her! That's what I'd want a friend to do to me before making friendship-altering assumptions. This is not to say that I find her behavior great though. I'd be hurt too.
  4. That sounds like a wonderful option too. The only drawback would be the extra drive to get her there. I'd do it in a heartbeat though. I put my kids in public school this year and it has been a very positive experience. They are 5th, 3rd, K, and I put my 3yo in preschool twice a week. They had been homeschooled 100% up until then. Honestly, I wish I had put them in sooner. It solved way more problems than it created.
  5. Did not get the point of it at all. You read great books then do time-consuming activities that the kids griped about. I truly wanted to love it, but just reading books proved to be much better for us.
  6. Does friend have to pay for parking?
  7. I'm a huge CC fan, but I think the co-op seems better. With CC, you put all your eggs in one basket, and if the tutor stinks, you're so outta luck. It makes long-term planning really tricky.
  8. I have a k boy who is older (fall bday) and reasonably bright. I'd put him in 1. Your son will catch up so fast in writing.
  9. Pick out some cool games. One for the older bunch and one for the younger. And if they are interesting for mom too, that's a double-win!
  10. Aldi & meijer Rice Krispies are both gluten free
  11. To stepmom: "Thanks for letting me know. How fun!" Then "forget" to give a donation and move on with life.
  12. My DH is in a field where he can get a job pretty much wherever. We get recruiting brochures and calls on a regular basis. However, we have yet to take the bait. I've moved enough to know how hard it is. While you may not like your current location, keep in mind that it'll take probably at least 2 years to feel at home in the new location, and this is if you put in a lot of effort in meeting people/having them over. I'm not saying that you shouldn't move, but keep in mind that it'll take a decent chunk of time to feel settled. I'd seriously consider the costs of that. For us it's not worth it. For others, it might just be the adventure they need to spice things up.
  13. This. Exactly what I do. One bin per child. Keep a random drawing/painting here or there (maybe one per year), a baby outfit, and other cool projects they've done over the years. It *has* to fit in the bin though. So for me, I'd keep the spoons and precious moments' stuff, but only if they fit in the bin.
  14. I had this problem, but I had 4 kids. I don't think it's just a problem with an only child or when there is a huge spacing. Our homeschool was always finished before lunch, then we ate and had a quiet hour, but afternoons quickly became a time for fighting and aimlessness. Free play is good for kids, but not 4 hours each afternoon! I ended up signing us up for all sorts of homeschool activities to get us out more, but then I wore myself out. I never did find a good balance.
  15. Yes a million times to the loss of friends for moms. I just stopped homeschooling and it's been such a relief to rekindle old friendships. We made great friends homeschooling, but the amount of effort it took to maintain those was burdensome. People live far away sometimes, you have to drag the whole crew out to drop one kid off at a friend's house, etc. It's hard! Nearly every social interaction I had included my kids. I was not always able to really talk to people and be open about life with my 9yo daughter listening in the whole time. I agree that this socialization stuff is not BS. It's real. There are some weird homeschoolers out there. And totally cool ones too. Other challenges that are not spoken of is how difficult it is to do things like go to the dentist, get a haircut, get flu shots, go to the doctor, run random errands. When you have more than a kid or two, it's a TON of work to do them. Dragging 4 kids to the dentist for one child to get a filling is maddening! Need some q-tips but you're out? Forget it! It's just too much work! And homeschooling with a toddler? Maddening!
  16. Public. It's such a pain to juggle multiple schools (if you count preschool, I have kids in 4 different schools right now and it can be challenging).
  17. Tweak it. Do Fix-t. Definitely. Essentials doesn't really cover editing to a great extent. I tend to think mechanics is super important. At home, why not try, instead of skipping the EEL part entirely, doing it quickly. Spend 5 minutes on charts (orally), 5 minutes on the task sheet (just the 1st 4 tasks). That's what we did last year and my daughter had absolutely no problem keeping up with the class.
  18. We don't keep ice cream (or other desserts, for that matter) in the house. We go out maybe 4-5 times each summer. I thought that was normal.
  19. Get a hotel room (pay a little extra so that it's not a total dump and you'll great chance at quiet). Don't hesitate to ask the desk staff to put you in the quietest part of the hotel, away from the elevators and any groups of teens. Get takeout and eat it on the bed while watching stupid reality shows. Soak in the tub. Take a super-hot shower. Bring a book and read. Go to a movie theater and watch something. Order clothes online. Whatever. Just savor the silence.
  20. Around here it's assumed that most people won't be able to swing the membership: $100/month for a family. Scholarships are freely given out, but you never pay less than 50%. I keep telling friends to not hesitate to fill out the scholarship form. They set the prices high to help fund the scholarship. No shame.
  21. On actual school books? Maybe 500 for 3 students. Looking at music, babysitting so I don't lose my mind, outsourced classes, and sports, it's WAAAAAY more than that. This is a choice we make though. It's still probably less than the cost of one kid going to private school around here (7-8k) so I tell myself it's fine.
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