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  1. We have also made good use of bookdepository.com, as well. It's not based in Germany, but it has quite a few German books. The caveats are that they are often older books (not used, just books that came out a while ago) and that shipping takes a long time (up to 2 weeks). The up-side is that prices are usually cheaper than amazon.de (once you factor in an exchange rate), and there's no minimum purchase for the free shipping, so you can just get a book here and a book there without having to break the bank in one order. :D It's also a good site for non-german books, because it has books in
  2. If he still understands it, or at least some of it, can you make it interesting by trying to get him into some Dutch movies or childrens books / audio books? Maybe that sort of "immersion" (I know it's not really immersion, of course, but it's so different from an actual course that I don't know what it's called!) will give help his brain "remember" what it knows. I know that I learned German as a very young child, but then all but lost it by not speaking it for close to 20 years. What helps my brain remember its German best is actually not to do any formal programs, but just to dive into
  3. So I don't know that I have "experience" in middle school study abroad, but here are a few thoughts. First, if you google "study abroad" & "middle school", you get quite a lot of hits, and lots of stories from people who've done it. So I certainly believe it's possible. Second, and this might offend the school in question (so they'd have to consider that beforehand), I think the middle school shouldn't have any say whatsover, legally or not. I think that they should deal directly with the Spanish school, get her placed and ready to go. Deal with the "return" part later -- the schoo
  4. That's certainly the rule when I'm home, too! Even so, I find it hard to find the right balancing part. On the one hand, I'd love to have my kids have that "outside" exposure (e.g., anything other than me!) on a daily basis -- for several hours, even! But there's no way I'm going to let them sit there for that long, unless we're sick. :) Your spanish comment (or maybe just mention of 2 other languages) brings up another question for me (somewhat unrelated, so feel free to point me towards another thread if it might be more appropriate): We have friends who speak Spanish at home and my 3 yo
  5. Thanks for the tips on videos to look into. The videos are a hard one for me (though we have been using them to some degree) because we generally don't do a lot of screen time. So we watch them very occasionally, and then once my 3 yo gets the story down some, I rip the audio onto a CD and we listen to it in the car and around the house all the time. I think he likes it more than most other audio books we use, because he gets more of the story (since he's seen the video). I've been reading what I can, though it really comes in spurts depending on busy my kids are keeping me. :D In the last
  6. Thanks! I'll spend some time browsing through all that information! I've been in contact with the GAS in Omaha, and we're hoping something can come of that soon! Most of their events are for kids a little older, unfortunately, and the ones that start around age 4 aim more towards children who don't speak German at home, I'm told. So I'm undecided on that (at least while I still have a 1 year old to pacify for an hour each way in the car!) But I think we may try it soon, and just see what it's like before making any decisions (they said he could come and see, even though he's not yet 4
  7. Wow! Thanks for all the great resources! I've tried contacting people I found on an AATG list of German schools in the US, I was hoping they would share curriculum with me, and also wondered if how often they get new books (here in NE, accredited schools have to buy complete new sets every 5 years, so you can often find great bargains on books when schools are getting rid of their old ones!) But so far, I've had very little response, which is a little disheartening. I'll give it a few more weeks, and then maybe try again. But you think contacting AATG directly would be good? What shou
  8. I totally think that's ok, so long as you're actively working to get 'em memorized (like you said you were doing :D). I'd just want to get stuff memorized quickly enough that habits like using tables, calculators, etc. don't become too ingrained. It's a sad state of affairs that I've seen far too many high school students who whip out their calculators to calculate 21+13. True story! Edited to add: Not at all intending to imply he will be like this! Just commenting on having seen students grow reliant on other tools.
  9. So I've no experience with this from a home ed perspective, but I do have the perspective of a math teacher who has taught all levels of math, and who also teaches other math teachers at the graduate level. So I don't know if my perspective is at all helpful to you, but here it is! :) Let me just say that I'm a mathematician who hates arithmetic and I hate memorizing anything. I'd rather use my reasoning skills to derive a formula over memorizing a formula any day. *However*, the single biggest obstacle I see when teaching math (especially remedial tutoring) is a lack of arithmetic skills.
  10. Yeah, we have always read a lot, and I've seen lots of other benefits. I just never realized that was one of them!
  11. I'll work on it! Thanks for the idea. :) That's great! I had this experience learning Spanish in high school as well -- it was just easy peasy for me. :) It's a good point that reading alot gives them exposure to much more complicated sentences. Thanks. :)
  12. Thanks for the encouragement!! I don't *feel* like a native speaker, which I think makes this seem more daunting. But it's encouraging to hear of your friend who was in a similar situation! We do already have a DVD player that can play all regions, and we have bought some movies from amazon.de. I just wish there was a more ready selection of used/cheaper stuff, because we can't keep breaking the bank to be buying new all the time! But used tends to have much higher shipping charges. :p I wish we had family over there, but all of our family in Germany has passed away since we left.
  13. Where do you get your audiobooks? I've been looking at audible.de, but wondered if there are other/better alternatives. This made me think of this website I saw: http://www.grundschulmaterial.de/content/elternmaterial I was wondering if anyone had experience with these materials, either the parent version or the teacher version? It looks like it could be promising, but could also get pretty costly, if you go through a lot of worksheets.
  14. Has anyone tried this with their kids in the four months since this came up? I'm interested in hearing how it went, if so. My son *loves* his "computer games", and thought it could be fun. But I'd like to hear if people thought it was worth the money first, maybe.
  15. I just really want to thank regentrude for all her posts on this thread! My parents put me in an English speaking (DoD) school after 4th grade (we'd moved out of the state where I was signed up for Gymnasium three days before school started, and they hadn't planned ahead very well!), and we moved to the USA when I was in 7th grade, so you've really helped me understand a lot more about the eduction system (and paradigm behind some of it) in Germany that was very unclear to me as a child! :)
  16. My kids are currently 3 and 1 and I'm planning on homeschooling them, but am undecided how to do it (lingually). DS3 is passively fluent in German, but defaults to English (his stronger language) when speaking. DS1 defaults to German, though I'm not sure how long that'll last. I was raised bilingually in Germany (with German my stronger language until age 10), but got pretty rusty not using it for 15 years until I had kids. I started speaking German with DS3 just after his sister was born a year ago, and I'm pretty pleased with his progress this past year. I'd really like to school (at lea
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