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  1. I'm actually really surprised to hear you say this! With your big lead in regarding your strong feelings, hassles caused when parents fudge grade levels, and not taking into account that our state has a relatively early deadline compared to other states, I expected you to recommend going "by the book" and sticking with the official state recommendation ( which means that they'd be the oldest in their class rather than the youngest). :) ETA: I kind of left out the whole point of my expressing surprise, which was to ask the following question: Why do you give the recommendation you do, given
  2. I have three kids who all have early fall birthdays: Aug 16, Aug 28, and Sept 13. In my state, the grade cut-off is July 31st. I get that grades don't mean a ton early on when homeschooling, and part of the freedom of homeschooling is doing whatever your kiddo is ready for whenever he/she is ready, so I'm not asking about what to "cover" with my kids. But I'm just interested in hearing different reasons why one would choose to let them be the oldest in their class vs. the youngest in the case where they miss it just by a few weeks. Three things in particular stand out to me: (1) The
  3. My friends who did did not hire coaching, but did work very closely with their private music instructors to prepare, sometimes multiple times a week. My own experience was auditioning for music programs but not musical theater so I may not be much help myself. Ultimately, the extreme level of competitiveness in the music performance field turned me off to it in an academic setting. It was too cute theory for me to be able to enjoy it with my personality. I still love music, but pursued math as a career instead.
  4. Good to know and thanks for the summary. I don't think our area has hyper competitive parents among its homeschoolers. Most folks I know IRL homeschool primarily for religious reasons and don't spend a ton of time on anything that'd be considered advanced or accelerates I don't think. But I also mostly hang with the younger homeschooling crowd since that's where my kids are right now. Maybe it's different with older kids, but that's not really the impression I have of this area. :)
  5. We love Spalding over here. Super cheap but lays things out very explicitly. We tried a lot of different programs. :(
  6. I generally agree! I think somehow he views it as more detrimental to their well being to somehow be told they are intellectually inferior than physically inferior. But there is a guy who never did any academic competitions at all - no music festivals, science fairs, spelling bee, etc. And he's also super competitive, so I'm wondering if staying away from academic competitions is a way for him to keep his distance so he's less likely to go papa bear crazy on other competitive parents. :)
  7. Ah three so much I don't know, I guess! I only did math contests in college for fun- never knew about them before that. But I hate edgy competitiveness... it's one of the main reason I decided to go into math even though I had a music scholarship offered to me... My kids are 6, 4, 2, and 10 months so still very young. I just thought this sounded like fun for next year!
  8. Excellent. I shot an email to the math ed guy I know at the university to discuss it. Fingers crossed! I brought it up to my husband (who never did anything like this) and he stared at me blankly and said something to the effect of "But only pushy, competitive, overbearing parents put their kids in academic competitions like that." (and the only purpose is to one-up other parents by showing your kid is smarter)... and "isn't it hurtful to the kid to kind of have it be shoved in your face that all these other kids are smarter than you?" .... So clearly there's another discussion that I need to
  9. Yes this was definitely part of my plan! I was going to start with super easy recipes- like how much rice and water in the rice cooker, and what ingredients for a loaf of bread in the bread machine, and slowly work our way up! :)
  10. I'm planning on working some with my kids this next year on cooking more, because they love it, but most of the ideas I see online are stuff like making ants on a log... which may be good for fine motor skills or a hungry child, but really isn't what I'm liking for. They already help me in the kitchen a lot and would continue to do so, but I'm trying to compile a list of things they could make without help (after we work through it together, of course, and with a recipe), because they really like being able to say they made it alone. :) You ask are usually so full of great ideas that I wan
  11. Oh goodness! Iam so sick today that I was only thinking about our situation and didn't even realize how my post might sound like I was critical of what others were doing! Oops! I'm really sorry if I offended anyone! My brain just isn't firing on all cylinders today... Thank you for your thoughts and advice!
  12. Yeah, this is something I'm always unsure about anyway, since three of my kiddos have fall bdays (2 in Aug and 1 in Sept) where our cut off is the end of July. Maturity wise, I know it's best to keep them at current grade level for team activities and such, because they're not much more mature than other kiddos their age. But Iworry that it somehow seems like stacking the deck in their favor or even cheating to let them compete at a grade far below their current level in a subject. Maybe just because I'd feel like *I* were cheating somehow if I took a test at the same level as others who were
  13. I have another question about this, since we're on the AL board- do you actually sign the kids up based on age/grade, or do you sign them up based on something else (say the grade level they most recently finished in their math curriculum)? One is certainly more likely to get them an award, of course, but might be sad if they just have to sit there bored at the end...
  14. So if we don't have a center near us (didn't see one listed in the entire state of Nebraska) how would you all recommend I go about getting one set up? Try it myself through their teacher registration, work with a local school, try to get the university to host it (they're already relatively involved in the community so it might be right up their ally, but also just be too much to add to their posts right now), or something else?
  15. I was looking for them just this week on audible and was so disappointed that they weren't there. That being said, I certainly wouldn't want you getting gipped out of 75% of what you currently make on them. Is there a discount anywhere for folks who buy books and the mp3? That's really what I want!
  16. We were lucky with my kids.w have a pediatrician whom we love and who knows us well and his first recommendation was as huge hit for us. My husband has had much worse luck finding a therapist who he clicks with. He's had one he clicked with out of about asix so far, so I don't know that I'm much help in the department of finding someone, except to say we feel like you can often tell a lot about someone from the initial interview, whether it's phone or in person. Personally, if I weren't sure, I'd just go to the first appointment without kids. The one we saw happened to have a second room with
  17. We seek professional help when I feel like we've tried to address an issue, it has not resolved, and is negatively affecting our family dynamic. We get help for "smaller" things than most people, because I'm home with them and I know when our family isn't really living in peace. We managed to find a family therapist who totally gets our kids and our family and has been a huge help to us.She spent at least as much time with us as parents as with the kids (they were young - under 6, actually) giving tools for helping the kids ourselves. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again! My feeling is t
  18. Absolutely agree! Then add in just a little fun german tv at home. Something like der Sendung mit dem Elefanten that you can watch online. He'll pick it up quickly! Beyond that, the best "curriculum" for him would actually just be a curriculum for *you* to learn some basics (start with colors, numbers, shapes, body parts, clothes) and reinforcing those with him as you go through your day. :)
  19. I suppose that's true. Don't know why it didn't occur to me that I could just ask the folks who attend there - before hand - what their opinion or advice would be. Sometimes I get so caught up in planning that common sense eludes me. :)
  20. Thanks for all your input. We do intend to do less formal things like visiting fire stations and post offices and meeting people is different ethnicities in our or their homes and trying their cuisine and such too. My kids love exploring the capitol building and a few other places that are not really kid friendly, which is why I thought we might give it a shot to visit some of these other places. I'll think about it a bit more
  21. We're going to study different aspects of our community next year. If like to visit local Hindu and Masonic and n Buddhist and Jewish temples. I'd like to visit the capitol while legislation is in session and talk about o our government on a basic level. That sort of thing. They are used to going to church, but not staying with us during the service.
  22. Ok. I was thinking I should just go during an off time, but I thought I should just ask those with experience! :)
  23. If you wanted to do a field trip to a solemn place with little kids (temple from another religion, legislation/judicial proceedings, etc), would it be better to go during an off time (but then you're mostly only seeing the building, rather than a real experience) so your little ones don't disturb anyone, or better to go during something real so your older kids (will be 5 and 7) can see more of the real event or process? Ideally, my youngsters (who will be 1 and newly 3) would be well behaved, but I really do not want to offend anyone.
  24. Thanks, all! The "free" part just meant they get to choose what to read. He has been reading a little for fun, but for the most part, he'd rather be playing. :) And when he does read for "fun", it's rarely something that's difficult (e.g., he likes to look at picture books), and so I was just worried that maybe I needed to be doing more in that arena. I'll back off. He'll be excited. :) He's been complaining a little lately that the things I was asking him to read were interesting but hard, and it just made me wonder if I was pushing too much. Seems like the answer is yes, so I'll cut him a br
  25. I want my kiddo to enjoy reading - so I want him to read for fun. But he's also reading books for his "school work" - currently books about animals and then writing a half of a notebook page. Probably takes him 10-15ish minutes to read for school, and 15-20ish minutes to write. Should I be requiring extra reading? On his own, he generally doesn't actually read, though he loves to look at books and be read to. I've tried to find books that he really likes so that he'd WANT to read recreationally -- but it's just not happening (yet). I'm torn between requiring "free reading" so he learns to
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