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  1. Thank you all so much- it's just been a long time and my time is already stretched with just grading math with the olders! What is MP Enrichment? I feel so old, I don't even know the acronyms anymore! LOL!! I used to know IT ALL, then my kids became teens. . . . . 😄
  2. I think I am more looking for ideas for the extra subjects (grammar, social studies, science). Something a unit study would provide. The reason I wrote PP and OPG is because OPG came out AFTER I was already used to PP, so I keep PP handy. I don't really use it that much, maybe a page here and there for extra practice. So I shouldn't have even mentioned PP. I use ETC for completely different skills- he doesn't mind a page or two a day. I don't want to have to come up with the science topic or game or whatever. I have found that it doesn't work with my life with having so many other people dependent on me right now, and it just doesn't get done. I need and open and go- that isn't too heavy. Something that will be easy to show at a review as well is helpful. Thanks for considering :)
  3. Background: My soon to be 6 yo ds is the youngest of 6 children, with the next closest in age being 5 years older and a girl. For Kingergarten this year, I did the basics that I used with all my children: Phonics Pathways/Ordinary Parents, HWOT, MFW K, Explode the Code, Saxon 1. He is a quiet kid, but loves to be interacted with, like with reading about science topics or playing a game (sigh), but he despises coloring pages and writing. I know there are so many more options out there since I last homeschooled a first grader, and I want to make our time together engaging, short and sweet, while still following a loose classical model. I feel very overwhelmed looking at curriculum websites for this age again!! He is used to flying under the radar as I homeschool the others and manage the household, so he is not super excited about sitting down to learn. :) What are some suggestions for curriculum that do not require much preparation on my part, would be academically on target, and still engaging, short, and fun? Thank you!
  4. I cannot seem to find a thread on this- although I am sure there is one or two! I am looking for the best ideas for apps that teach geography, vocab, sat prep, educational trivia (history/science), logic, puzzles, etc... Thank you!
  5. My daughter (10 yo) is a voracious reader and is interested in exploring sites online that encourage that passion. We found a site where you can talk to other kids interested in reading and where you can play games, but I don't feel comfortable with the fact she'd be chatting with strangers online. Does anyone know of anything online that might meet that need? Thanks!!
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