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  1. ^^^ This is how I saw it. I say the answer is 1.
  2. I haven't read through the entire thread so excuse me if I missed something. This year dd11 is using 6/7 Saxon Math and is doing well with it.There are a lot of prealgebra concepts in it. Last year she did Rod and Staff 5th grade. Last year was a struggle because she had to get used to the routine, but I think it benefit us this year. I'm a Saxon Math fan so I doubt I will change it in the future. I'm not familiar with the other programs, but I don't plan to change because with all the curriculum switching we've done over the years my daughter is happy with Saxon. I do have to decide which Saxon to go to next year. She could go on to 7/8 or to the 1/2 Algebra text next year. We will see.
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