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  1. I live in SE PA, 20 minutes away from Philly, so I'm right in the thick of it. I love it here. But I think you should consider your reason for moving which is your children for Autism services. There are some areas that have much more than others and I would think ease of obtaining and getting to those services would be a huge factor. I know some parents who have specifically moved to smaller homes/condos so their children have access to public transportation as they get older so it really depends on what you want. Perhaps you could contact some of the Autism groups and try to meet some famili
  2. "daily grocery shopping"???? That in and of itself would drive anyone insane! I hate hate hate despise loathe feeding teenagers. Absolutely hate it. It killed my enjoyment of cooking. Throw homeschooling in there too and I disliked the last years of my sahm mom years. By the time my kids were in late teens, I had the house fridge, the biggest upright freezer sold at Lowes, a huge chest freezer and a refrigerator-only fridge. I loaded up my freezers with meat and frozen food once a month and bought 30 dozen eggs at a time.
  3. I would check for intestinal parasites. And not using the traditional tests. Find a integrative medical doctor. With the globalization of our food supply (i.e.bagged salad from Chile) parasites are much more common in the US than people realize.
  4. I am 46, live near a major city and all i wear is skinny jeans with spandex so they are tight but comfy. no one around here wears eddie bauer
  5. This is the most beautiful example of a family I have ever read.
  6. I appreciate people responses. In the end, Although I COMPLETELY support a parent's right to decide what their gets and to protect them, it's too bad that rather than one or two kids get something, none will get it. I recently had 4 courtside seats to a Lakers game to see Lebron James. I never asked my sister about my nephews, but they saw my instagram.
  7. It's not rocket science but I just dont do things like that anymore. I dont enjoy bowling or sloppy joes. I enjoy restaurants and Broadway and pro basketballl games. I enjoy inviting a child along for those things. my lifestyle is different that's all.
  8. Of course there are lots of ways to spend time with people. When I invest in a relationship with a child, I invite them into my world. I love eating out in nice restaurants and travel on short trips (New York at Christmas). So when there is a fab restaurant, I will invite a child or two who are in my life. This also allows for deep relationships to develop. I have time to listen to the child, tell them stories that are relevant to their life, etc. I completely understand about the jealousy that would occur if one or two kids got what I offer. I've heard many people say that "we're a pack
  9. I'm really sorry. That is sad and disheartening. At this point in mid-life, my answer is different than what it would have been 10 years ago. And that is, I would straight out ask him. I would also try to bring closure to the incident from years ago. Even if they do not change their stance at all, just clear the air. Know what it is they want to keep and dont want to keep in the relationship. Otherwise, things will keep happening, a big pent up blow up will follow and then relationships may be fractured beyond working repair. That much strain going on for years would be too much for
  10. For the amount of hours you spend out of the house for your kids, I'd go insane. After many house buying mistakes, we bought our current house solely based on location. We paid $550K for a tiny, old house. Basically a dump. One of our kids cried when he saw it. He is a homebody and loves his space. We only moved 15 min away from our old house and if we were willing to move 20-30 min in any direction, for $500K, we could buy a McMansion. But no more of that for us. The traffic around here can be a nightmare. The commute, soul crushing. It is tight space wise, but the overall qu
  11. absolutely yes. with the most dramatic results seen from not using Cascade. That stuff has bleach. and also no burning candles or any type of air fresheners, including no plug ins. basically, if you can smell it, it was a no.
  12. For my sink, I just use it straight and clean it like I wash my plates. I use a non-scratch dish sponge to scrub and a microfiber cloth to wipe off. I have never had a problem. If the drain is particularly yucky, I will pour a little rubbing alcohol on it and scrub with an old toothbrush that i throw away. for the tub, i mix dawn with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. If I'm feeling lazy, I just use straight Dawn. It's clean...not bleaching level white, but I don't care. My health is too precious to subject it to toxic fumes. I haven't used anything with bleach or ammonia in over 15 year
  13. Costco has a more "natural" dish soap they sell, it's by their house brand, Kirkland Signature. It's very good. I use it for hand soap refill too, it's gentler on skin than Soft-soap or Dial brand and it cuts grease very well...not as great as Dawn, but good enough! I've tried Mrs Meyers, Puracy, 7th gen...ALL of them. Some work, some don't but in the end, I use a combo of the Costco brand and Dawn. I feel like these are good enough and I go through so much soap (I cook from scratch and have teens so lots of dishes) the fancy stuff is not worth the $$ to me. I use Ecover for my dish
  14. Thank you for your replies...this is making me think and realize that I think it’s because I’ve entered a new chapter in my life and my friends have not. I’m not a stay at home homeschooling mom anymore I think I need new friends.
  15. When I was younger, my kids and I did lots of play dates. Whether with one mom and kids or in a group. I used to be very social! I used to love getting together with a mom and getting to know her Now as I’ve gotten older, things have changed. I’m sure some of it has been my patience being decimated from raising teens but I just get so bored when I’m with one person. I’ve been preferring group events because then there are other people to talk to so I’m not stuck with just one person. It has made me start to avoid my friends because I just don’t want to hang out with anyone anymore
  16. I normally would not comment on anyone's health issues because most people are not helpful, but my heart is breaking for your daughter! Cystic acne is horrible enough but all over her neck and back?? I will share with you what I learned. All the external treatments in the world will not work. There is something wrong with her body and it is freaking out. I know you said you cut out dairy but I would urge you to cut out wheat, soy, sugar, eggs, corn, all nuts and definitely ensure that she is cutting out even minuet traces of dairy. The best way to do all this is to just eat protein, rice
  17. Me and dh, and three college kids. Our food bill runs about $2000 a month. That does not include toiletries, only food. We live in a moderate cost area, meaning food is expensive but I can find cheap food if I wanted it. We eat everything organic, farm raised meats and eggs and only wild caught fish. No wheat, corn, dairy or processed foods. My food bill does cause me pain, but what can I do? My 2 boys and dh can consume 4 pounds of salmon and $15 of veggies in one meal!
  18. Because of my own parents' hardships which led to a difficult childhood for me, I've been thinking hard about parenting since I was 8 years old. I observed, criticized, and admired many moms and dads over the years and took very good notes. So I can say that I am the mom I always wanted to be. BUT...even as well prepared as I was, now having raised three kids into their 20s, I can say parenting is very hard and I fully realize that so much of it is out of our control. I have been humbled and broken about how difficult it is and judge no one. Although I have nothing t
  19. Yeah, it is bad parenting. My three kids NEVER misbehaved in public cause if they did, I immediately dropped everything, took them to the car and switched their legs with a thin stick. Only takes a couple of times (maybe more for a stubborn child) and you've got no problems.
  20. I sent my last off to college in August and have been decompressing since. I've been spending time reorganizing my life from homeschooling! I did not join/volunteer or do anything that required me to be anywhere and just wanted to contemplate what I want to do. Not having kids at home is definitely a slower paced and low stress life. I could see how my days could still be filled up, but would feel much more controlled and relaxed than being a SAH-homeschool mom. But I am aiming to have a high paying career and make as much money from here on out. I have been watching a lot of Yout
  21. WOW! Thank you everyone for responding! I will have her get it. I've never seen such a large group of hsers all agreeing on one topic ! LOL!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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