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  1. For my women's lit class in college, we used The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women. That might be a good place to look as a starting point. The nice thing about these anthologies is that they track with history, and each time period is accompanied by an historical overview. Also, each author has a brief biographical snapshot. Both features help to give context to the writing. The first volume begins with Marie de France (~1170) and ends with Pauline Johnson (1861-1913). Volume 2 picks up with early 20th-century literature (Edith Wharton 1862-1937) and concludes with modern pieces by a range of authors. I'm sure you can check online for a complete list of all of the authors and works. Not all of the content is necessarily appropriate for high-school readers, though it depends on your comfort zone as a parent and your daughter's maturity. Not a bad idea to discuss some of these topics within the safety of your home before she goes to college! My daughter is starting 10th grade in the fall, and we'll be exploring these books over the next couple years. Hope this helps! Sarah
  2. We have an ipad and absolutely love it, and I find new things all the time that will support the things we are doing in homeschool. As a general rule of thumb, I have found that whichever "platform" you are going to use, stick with it. For example, we switched entirely over to Apple because of the incredibly easy user interface and compatibility between products without having to add extra programs. The kids do have their own Kindles (the low-end model with ads) for reading, but I had to completely disable wifi access to prevent "accidental-on purpose" purchases by the kids. They do seem to like these for reading and they all use them regularly. If you do purchase an iPad, definitely look into refurbished, but also consider your needs as well. The newest iPad has several wonderful upgrades and improvements over the original iPad - retina display (who knew there was such a big difference!), camera enhancements, video, etc. I hope that helps! Sarah (Apple-lover) and Mom of 4
  3. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I cannot tell you how helpful and encouraging your comments have been! I have truly had an attitude adjustment and am pulling up my big-girl panties (thank you 5LittleMonkeys!) with plans to start fresh tomorrow... with an apology to her for my frustration with her and a new approach to her school day. Sarah
  4. We've started doing that with the math and it does seem to help. Re: LifePac - it IS workbooky - which is why I opted to avoid it when I was choosing our curriculum for the year. I initially picked SOW Ancients, which she was very interested in, yet we seemed to make no progress. I felt like I needed something with a bit more structure, but I don't know that this is working well either. Maybe I will just throw out the worksheets and let her notebook on the concepts. Thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right, and I appreciate that you were straightforward with your response. Maybe I ought to retitle this post: "Kid Wants to Learn; Mom Clueless!" :blushing: I should know better. I can't expect my ADHD kid to work the same way a kid without a Dx works. I am taking all of these suggestions to heart. Thank you again. Sarah
  5. It may be time to look at a different approach (more discussion & interaction) or medication for the ADHD. Yes - you could be right about the medication. She has been off of it for over a year, namely because of the severe side effects she experienced. We have approached homeopathically and with diet, but have gotten a little lax. Probably time to buckle down and address those things. You're probably right that she does not have the mental organization skills to work well independently, and I would do well to invest heavily in working one on one with her instead of expecting her to work alone. Thank you! We are using Saxon 7/6, Teaching the Classics, Hake Grammar (just started), and LifePack History/Geography (5th grade - she had little exposure to this in public school), Spelling Power (G). We have Science Fusion for science, but it's been so difficult to get just those few things done that it's been on the back burner. We tried doing Science Olympiad with a local homeschool group, but since she isn't a self-starter and I work part-time (though she comes with me to work), it's been a bit of a disaster. I wanted to take a full classical approach this year, but I definitely wasn't prepared for the amount of time I would have to invest. I had to back off and take a different approach. She loves art and we have done some notebooking as well. I am going to try your suggestion. Maybe I have unreasonable expectations for her, and I would do well to lower those. Thank you both!! Sarah (AND Maddie)
  6. I am new here, and this is our first year of homeschooling. My DD is 11 and in 6th grade. She spent 4 years in public school and we have taken a steady approach to school this year (nothing crazy intense), but nothing seems to be sticking at all. She seems to refuse to take ownership of her lessons and her learning, does not follow directions (I wonder if she even bothers to read them judging by the work she turns in), and complains about the house being "too distracting" (no one else is home but her and I). She does have ADHD and we have lots of different ways for handling that, but it seems like she is just rushing through her work and doing the minimum she needs to get by - which isn't even cutting it. She has no pride in her work and is careless when she does it. I also feel like she isn't connecting anything to anything. Nothing relates at all for her, even if I spell it out for her. I am beyond frustrated right now. :cursing: How have others dealt with situations like this? I don't expect homeschooling to be easy, of course, but it just seems like she does not care! Even worse, is my ability to cope with this. In my frustration with her, I have said things I probably shouldn't have said. :sad: Thanks, Sarah Mom to DD11 (homeschool), DD 10, DS7, DD6 (all in public magnet schools)
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