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  1. This guy actually has a ministry warning Christians about the judgment they will face for celebrating Easter. On a side note, I now know why we eat ham on Easter. lol http://www.lasttrumpetministries.org/tracts/tract1.html
  2. How are you celebrating Ishtar (pronounced Easter), the goddess of fertility and sex? The kids hunted for eggs brought to them by a bunny, both symbols of fertility and sex. :D
  3. And that would explain why I'm *just* Agnostic. I like my bacon, damnit. :p
  4. DH is looking at me funny because I cannot stop laughing!!!!
  5. It sounds like the only brainwashing your daughter is experiencing is coming from you. I am so sad for these children that are going to graduate homeschool and essentially know nothing about functioning in the world. It seems some homeschoolers walk a fine line between homeschooling and child abuse. :(
  6. You are certainly welcome here. :) I'm Agnostic, somewhat leaning towards Agnostic who believes there is some sort of higher power. Or maybe the universe is the higher power. I'm content with not knowing all of the details though. Welcome!
  7. I just googled it am going to add it to my Netflix queue. How cool that Harris and Dawkins are both in it!
  8. Exactly this. God made the earth so he will sustain it. Period.
  9. Can I just say this thread moves FAST?! KK, I'm happy your sis is doing better. That must have been so scary! Dot, lots of PVJ&T for you. :D No soul patrol PMs here either. I don't know if my feelings should be hurt or I should be relieved? Perhaps my prayer warriors are praying on the down low. Maybe there is some sort of an "adopt an athiest" ministry much like the "adopt a cardinal" ministry".
  10. I wish DH was more handy. I want someone to build me some bunkbeds and a playscape. Or fix the deck outside. I've actually considered taking some carpenter classes and buying some tools because I've seen so many DIY projects on the Internet. (I have no idea why my phone insists that Internet be capatilized. lol)
  11. Those look yummy! I just have brown rice flour, rice flour, potato starch, and corn starch so far. I have a couple of bread recipes that call for millet flour and sorghum flour and those were going to be my next purchases and I think I'll add almond flour to the list.
  12. Sending you PVJ&T which is scientifically proven to be as effective as prayers so you are covered. ;)
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