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  1. thisiscriminal.com #81 Unexpected Guest.
  2. Definitely this. My shopping cart is almost always healthier than the Amish or Mennonites in my town.
  3. Hungry Girl Scoopable Apple Pie (recipe online)/0% Greek Yogurt = 0 points.
  4. Weeklies are different for everyone. I get 28 per week and 23 dailies.
  5. Also I only eat real cheese, full fat sour cream etc. I also have bourbon/lime/seltzer each evening and 1/2T heavy cream in iced coffee every afternoon .
  6. I eat all my weeklies & fitpoi nts every week and still lose. I'm 2bs from goal ost 2.4 this week and was negative 81 points from a big meal out.
  7. My mom,sil,several aunts and friends are teachers. Not normal
  8. Ear Hustle Heavens Gate Lots already mentioned.
  9. The Bluetooth on my Fitbit occasionally turns off did you check that?
  10. It is probably a "we only want to buy candy for our neighborhood thing".
  11. I had this happen with a drug screen. Went to the ER to have my foot stitched and they wanted to do a drug screen. I said no I was not on any illegal or legal drugs and they said ok. I was then billed for the drug screen. So they went ahead and did it and then insurance refused to pay for it and the ER wanted me to pay. I refused to pay it.
  12. I have pixie cut & go every four weeks. It is super easy to style under 5 minutes.
  13. Yes & still married to him 30 years later. I had only really dated one other guy before dh. I had gone on others dates but none more one or two.
  14. Reminds me of the mother of eight in our home school group who'd change nasty diapers during potlucks & go right back to eating and breastfeeding her infant without cleaning her hands. She was totally baffled when her youngest was constantly sick. Uhh change a poppy diaper and shove your breast in your babies mouth. Shudder.
  15. I also don't think it is unusual. Both my mil & fil found out as older adults that who they thought were their fathers were not. My dh did not know his stepfather wasn't his bio father until he was 13. It has to be more common than we think.
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