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  1. #81 Unexpected Guest.
  2. Definitely this. My shopping cart is almost always healthier than the Amish or Mennonites in my town.
  3. Hungry Girl Scoopable Apple Pie (recipe online)/0% Greek Yogurt = 0 points.
  4. Me. My parents earned more than double than we do now. I was a child in the 70's/early 80's.
  5. Weeklies are different for everyone. I get 28 per week and 23 dailies.
  6. Also I only eat real cheese, full fat sour cream etc. I also have bourbon/lime/seltzer each evening and 1/2T heavy cream in iced coffee every afternoon .
  7. I eat all my weeklies & fitpoi nts every week and still lose. I'm 2bs from goal ost 2.4 this week and was negative 81 points from a big meal out.
  8. My mom,sil,several aunts and friends are teachers. Not normal
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