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  1. Its not really a website but an app I bought on my android tablet. I used it with my 5 yr old to learn to read spanish. Its called Cartilla Completa and its interactive but easy enough for young ones. Took us I think 3 months and she can read spanish. Obviously, theres some more complicated sounds that weren't taught but its a great start.
  2. It really sucks to get tickets and lose out on that money. But, for whatever reason, your car was parked incorrectly. Officers can't possibly go around knocking on doors for every infraction they come upon. The officer was doing his job. Part of officers jobs now a days is making sure to write tickets. As stated above this rule is there for the safety of other drivers on the road.
  3. Kids immersion is the channel for Calico Spanish. Great resource for kids to learn spanish. The sound quality is great and from the animations and songs my daughter understands the spanish without having to use the English words.
  4. If youre not opposed to lessons on the computer I have my daughter using petralingua.com for our spanish. It has songs that they sing, mini quizzes at the end and also printables that coincidence with the lessons. Theres a free trial of a lesson. Another thing ive used with my daughter is on my android tablet I had downloaded cartilla completa for learning to read spanish. It costs $15 and it is so thorough and my daughter now reads Spanish books. Im bilingual and having my kids learn Spanish is a big priority. I delayed teaching her because she was speech delayed.
  5. After finishing or curriculum that taught my 6 yr old dd to read Spanish I have been looking for the next thing. She can read well but she doesnt understand what she is reading. I've looked through a lot of site and found petralingua.com It has spanish, german, english, spanish, italian and a few others. My daughter loves the characters and the mini quizzes at the end of the lessons. I have a code for signing up and received a 6 month subscription for $15. I figured its worth a try. The code worked for me today its PetraLingua_lucky Hope this helps someone.
  6. I get multiple email as well but for some reason this went on the Promotions folder in Gmail instead of primary.
  7. The Paleo Approach has a lot of auto immune related information. The author herself follows an auto immune type diet. Her Facebook page has great tips. It starts with Food also has great information on this.
  8. My daughter went to prek for 2 1/2 years. As she got older I homeschooled her on the other 3 days she didn't attend class. She loved prek and made friends that we still keep in touch. She knew about homeschooling so it wasn't anything new to her. We plan on putting our now 19 month in a montessori prek when the time comes. Which will right around the time that my odd has more subjects to get through. Im not crafty so sending her off to enjoy things I cant even think of is great.
  9. I have not started looking at other alternatives yet. Im finishing up a program thats teaching my dd to read in Spanish. Shes reading great and is just reading bilingual books so she can understand what she reads. Sonrisas might work for others it looks like a gentle program. The BIG thing is that the teacher has to have prior knowledge of Spanish. Its full immersion as the program would like users to speak 90% off the class in spanish or use hand motions. The program is written for class use but im sure some can modify for use at home.
  10. BucktownMom: I havent emailed her teacher but I will send an email soon. This saturday is the last for the winter session. Her teacher just hasnt been good at connecting with parents as shes rushing. I will see what she says of her progress in class. If I based it off the homework I say it was very easy. MBM: Wow thanks for all those great links! I was hoping science would be better because thats her main interest.
  11. I believe she was in the k-1 class. I mainly put her in because she loves going to classes and I figured she'd be with kids that are more or less working at her level. Her teacher does teach in a gifted school so experience is there. I was thinking of signing her up for a science class. Id just hate to pay and find out that they are working on things that either we have covered or are covering.
  12. Forgive me if this is in wrong forum but I figured it is an accelarated program. Is anyone familiar with this program? My daughter is currently taking a math class in this program. My daughter loves the class but many of the topics covered we have already learned. Its time for spring sign up and im wondering if for the fee im better off buying things and doing at home. There are different subject areas that she has qualified for as well. Shes considered a Kindergartner but in math she's between 1-2 grade and reading/spelling is along 3-4 grade.Am I missing future opportunities that the program at Northwestern offers?
  13. Just saw this today at the library. I knew I shouldve borrowed it and just didn't make my way back to the shelf.
  14. We started using lltl level 2. Does anyone have suggestion what to do when the books is so good kid wants to keep on reading? My dd loves the wizard of oz and she wants to keep reading. How do I work this out in the lessons?
  15. I have contacted them but havent heard back from them. Yes, it says on the website 30 days. Its my 1st time returning something I wanted to know how smooth the transaction goes. Thanks
  16. Has anyone ever returned it? How soon did you receive the refund? I loved the samples online and the stories that were to be read. It says its a 2 year program but you are basically repeating the same material just more in depth. I received the package and i have spent time reviewing the lesson plans. This Spanish curriculum has its base as a Waldorf influenced language program. I am not much of a fan but i like some of its aspects. The manual is geared towards classrooms and having multiple kids for the extra interaction and conversation. This can be adjusted but its a big part of the program. Im only homeschooling my 6 yr old so this is a negative on my part. For the price i paid im not really impressed with what she will learn by the end of the program. I guess thats the gentle nature of a waldorf influenced program. This will be the 1st curriculum i will return.
  17. I believe some coupon codes work together but not 100% sure. Ive been looking at Learning Language Through Literature since reading the other thread. Ive been debating between level 1 and 2 so I might end up buying both.
  18. Just a heads up Lulu.com has 14% off coupon code good for today: Amor14 at checkout
  19. Found this great site that has an online database of books. Theres many different languages and the level of reading differ as well. Very customizable and user friendly. Great on a tablet not sure how it would work on a reader. http://es.childrenslibrary.org
  20. Thank you ladies for all the great suggestions. We will finish up our reading program. I think ill hold off on buying a program and work one on one with her. I make sure I say the words in both English and Spanish as suggested above. I like it because she can hear it but still know what im saying. I dont want her to feel like im forcing it on her. Shes very perfectionist and loves learning spanish just not the fact that it requires work and not as natural/organic like her sister. My family is big on spanish so she knows it will be worth it. A few times ill hear her say something to her sister in spanish and she'll come to me and ask if she said it correctly. The enthusiasm is there and im glad. I just want to move forward because I know she wants to understand what I say in spanish. Thanks again.
  21. How do you teach a child Spanish when she already reads Spanish? I speak spanish/English but due to my daughter being late to speak we didnt teach Spanish. Now we are starting to introduce it since I have my ydd that I only speak to in Spanish. Well, I decided to use Cartilla Completa on android tablet and its done a wonderful job of teaching her to read Spanish. So she can read Spanish but obviously doesnt understand what shes reading. We are almost done with cartilla completa and I need something to follow it. Ive been researching spanish programs for native speakers and im on information over load. Initially I was thinking since she knows how to read ill just give her a spanish picture dictionary to pick up some words but thats not enough. I do speak Spanish around the house but how much can she learn at age 6 just by hearing me speak? I seem to spend my whole day answering the question "what did you say?" I need ideas about which programs might be a good fit. Thanks.
  22. Thank you all for the great responses and ideas. Ive done a lot of research and made calls to various libraries. It looks like you guys may have just saved me $300 :hurray: 1 good library does accept reciprocal borrowing but limits it to 10 items. Not too bad considering i only use it while my daughter attends classes at a nearby University. Already found great material there the last few weeks. The major score has been the 2nd amazing main library i have been using with a lot of perks. I asked at the circulation desk about reciprocal borrowing and the lady informed me all i have to do is register my existing library card. She stated that there were no limits to checkout items. :hurray: I will call again tomorrow to verify with a head librarian but im excited. I just discovered they have a Big homeschooling section. Im talking an overhead sign and shelves and shelves of homeschooling curriculum. :svengo: Just a quick look i discovered Artistic Persuits, all the Five In a Row books, all the SOTW books, all the HWOT teacher manuals, and a lot of math curriculum including some Singapore math books. THANK YOU guys so much!!!
  23. I just had to open this thread. I just had to search other BFSU threads. Before I knew it I clicked buy on Amazon and joined the yahoo group.
  24. I did exactly what EKS said. My 5 yr old started on Rightstart B and near lesson 80 we hit a stall and needed a change. We switched to SM standard 1B. I was surprised how she knew a lot of what was required based on what she learned from Rightstart.
  25. EmilyGF - yes I am. I am as far northwest as you can almost get. Ohare and Park Ridge are my neighbors lol
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