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  1. You could wrap a small gift for the baby-to-be and watch the reactions as people try to figure out who should get it.
  2. Isn't it wonderful when things work out so beautifully? So glad you all had such a nice time! :hurray:
  3. If you're sober enough to focus a camera after the wrapping is finished, I'd love to see a snapshot of drunken wrap-jobs. Of course, my wrapping skills are nonexistent, so mine look like I was drunk regardless. Might as well grab a beer, then! :cheers2:
  4. Miss Mousie


    That sweet boy gets an extra little something in his stocking! Plus a million happy hugs, of course. :grouphug:
  5. Miss Mousie


    Well ... I don't do confrontation well, either, so I'm not sure I could take my own advice, but ... it sounds to me like it's time to find the courage to be honest. Danestress expressed it very well, but I would also add this: you would never, ever treat your children the way you are being treated - so why is it OK for your mother to treat *her child* that way? I thought the sniggering about homemade gifts was bad enough, but then I read about the food ... oh my goodness, I would be SO hurt. What a betrayal. If you just can't bring yourself to speak up (and I really do understand this), then I'd go straight for NorthwestMom's Bingo game. WIN!
  6. I forgot to mention tracking Santa on NORAD. I know you were looking for ways to highlight religion or family togetherness or chartiy, so I'm sure this is not one of your top choices, but it is still a fun way to ramp up the anticipation gently. :)
  7. Good girl! There is nothing that can't benefit from a bit of bacon ... including bacon itself. Wait a minute ... this wasn't Canadian bacon, was it? :tongue_smilie:
  8. Obviously, I still am! Thanks so much for all the tips, ladies. I really appreciate it!
  9. We read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and "The Nutcracker." Then DS helps me set up the manger set my dad made, and then we put our stockings in front of the fireplace (including little ones DH made for the cats). Oh, and we still do cookies for Santa and oats for the reindeer, even though those "true believer" days are long gone.
  10. Thank you so much, one*mom! Now all I need is ambition. :auto:
  11. LOL, my cats would love that too! I would never have thought of that. Thanks!
  12. Varnished wood, if I remember correctly. (It has been a really long time since I've been up there! :o )
  13. My kitchen fan especially, because of cooking oils, is really, really nasty - and doesn't come clean just by dusting. Can anyone recommend a solution?
  14. I've noticed this, too. (And, yes, the flashing drives me batty, too.) I suspect it's some kind of Google data-gathering thingamabob.
  15. This maxim: "the days are long but the years are short." I had no idea how long a day could be until I spent them with a toddler. And he's in the double-digits already. :crying:
  16. Of course not. The second paragraph of my post says that. Pay less to the creditors while building the fund, and when the fund can cover three months' expenses those fund payments can revert to being used for higher payments to creditors.
  17. I agree with the people who suggest a small payment to yourself off the top to build an emergency fund, but the underlying notion of "so your creditors can't get to it" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Those services have been rendered in good faith and cannot be taken back. The debt is legitimate and should be repaid as best as you can, in the same sense of good faith. Having said that - one poster noted the wisdom of an emergency fund if only so that small emergencies don't add to the debt pile. That's the mindset I'd adopt in this case. Keep going with the $50 a month or whatever until you have three months' expenses covered. I know it can take a long time to get there, but it is a responsible way to achieve balance, IMHO. I have great respect for your attempts to juggle so many difficult situations. Hang in there, and keep stepping forward.
  18. "Tripping Billies" by the Dave Matthews Band - but just the "Eat, drink and be merry" part. Over and over and over.... :tongue_smilie:
  19. "Really? I'd love to meet her someday." :w00t: Oh, wait ... you were trying to avoid petty and b**chy. Sorry - I have nothing useful.
  20. Sigh ... yes. I have been nurturing my Homeschool Fantasy for years now, but I have to work. And my DS has to go to before- and after-school care, so we don't even get the hours between school and dinner to afterschool. Right now we get 15-20 minutes two mornings a week. :crying: All I can do is tell myself it's better than nothing. Sniffle.
  21. Upon discovering that DS11 (in PS) did not bring home the research he needed for the project that's due tomorrow, I shrugged and said, "I guess you'll have to take a zero." Unfortunately, his teacher will probably let him turn it in late, maybe deducting only a few points for that. I don't think a consequence that light will help the boy remember in the future.
  22. You can never have too much pizza. Really. It's a law of nature.
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