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  1. Thank you so much for chiming in! Wooster is the college we're visiting next weekend, so I'm especially grateful for the nitty-gritty you gave here. I wondered whether anyone "fails" the IS, and what would happen if someone did. Expensive, yes, and heartbreaking, I'm sure, but it's good to know they abide their high standards. I'm getting SO excited for this trip! :hurray:
  2. Am I the only one zooming in and squinting to see how many titles I recognize? :coolgleamA:
  3. We've been having a great time with the U of C prompts! (I have been alternating essay practice assignments - week 1, timed SAT prompt in cursive; week 2, untimed typed U of C or other quirky prompt.) Common App prompts are hardtack compared to U of C's glorious cannoli.....
  4. Have you looked into White Pines Ranch in Oregon, IL? http://www.whitepinesranch.com/
  5. Really good info! Thank you so much for chiming in. I would have loved that kind of school....
  6. How cool! Thanks, Cynthia! ETA: And people say an English major is useless. Harumph! ;)
  7. Neither does he. ;) Thanks for the lead, I'll check it out.
  8. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for! I understand it was long ago, but the impressionistic "flavor" stuff, for lack of a better term, is just what I had in mind. Thank you so much.
  9. Of course it does. Which is why I asked for info on schools that WTM students have attended that I can't get from brochures or tours. Or the book, for that matter. Something like "my daughter was pleased to find that the school radio station was popular among the students, but didn't like that the international students seemed segregated from the rest of the student body." Or whatever. You know ... BTDT stories.
  10. Because, as 8 noted, there are some 3000 schools in the US, I found it very helpful that someone whittled down to a few dozen schools that sound interesting to us. It gives me a place to start researching without hyperventilating over just how many more are out there. DH and I both graduated from what is sometimes called on CC "directional state." We are by no means elitist (or wealthy). If DS doesn't get into whatever other schools are on his radar when the time comes, he will likely attend our alma mater. I know he can get in (but possibly not to the honors program) and I know we can afford it. But, for now, I find it worthwhile to investigate other options that might be better for him. Sigh. I seem to have a way of stepping into controversy with what I thought was an innocent request for information. Many thanks to those who have contributed.
  11. Thank you for chiming in. My son sounds a lot like yours, going by your first paragraph, and this is why I'm interested in these kinds of schools. Can you tell me more about Hendrix, or why he chose that over the others on your list?
  12. I know you're right. And, actually, I think that's one plus of the CTCL schools we've investigated so far - that their top 25% ACT is potentially achievable for DS. Potentially ... hopefully ... :leaving:
  13. This news surprises and saddens me. I guess I keep falling for "average aid package = 50%+ of total price" and wrongly assuming pretty much no one pays sticker price even if they are able to. Would you mind sharing which schools you looked at?
  14. Thank you for the link, Janet. I printed a few of his other articles, too, but haven't read them yet. If you'd be willing to share any of the details about your first paragraph, either here or by PM, I'd appreciate it. Knox is indeed on the list. I can't say I have specific questions at the moment, but would you mind sharing some of your impressions, either here or by PM?
  15. :grouphug: It's February. Can you afford to take a couple of light/fun/break weeks? Maybe with a few extra doses of time to yourself? Get back to school with the boy in March, give it a month, and see if your feelings are the same or different.
  16. I know we have some posters here with kids who attended one of the CTCL schools, but I'm hoping there are more that I'm not aware of, and of course would like to hear anyone's thoughts. I'm wondering what your/your child's perceptions & experiences were. What was special about the school? If your child applied to more than one CTCL school, did all of the schools accept? What great/unusual/challenging/etc. opportunities did your child take advantage of? What did your child do (or plan to do) after graduation, and did that college make a difference in your child getting to that next step? Would you/your child say the "change lives" bit is accurate? DS15 and I will soon be visiting our third CTCL. I think almost all of them sound terrific, but I also know that a lot depends on the student. The college can offer everything under the sun but if the kid isn't interested or won't take the necessary steps for whatever reason, that isn't necessarily the college's "fault" - but then again, maybe that's what the "change lives" part is all about - making that extra effort to reach waaaayyyy out to the kids who don't jump in with both feet? I don't know. I think I'm just looking for BTDT, good & bad. The stuff you can't get from brochures and group tours. (And, if I'm honest, looking for some sign that one of these would be Just Right for my kid!)
  17. Probably a dumb idea but ... Maybe you could try calling the Fin Aid depts. at UCs that he hasn't applied to and see if you get consistent responses? That way you can assess whether the info they give is varied enough to warrant calling the ones specifically in question.
  18. I know,* but it's still a Very Big Deal in my book. * I don't want to sound stalkerish, but I do pay attention to your posts and have enjoyed reading your students' journeys!
  19. Ah, this info makes it seem MUCH more feasible to me. How wonderful that your younger one is also your easier one! :)
  20. OMG, you win MAJOR Best Parent points for that! No way would I even consider it after being at work and on the road for so much of the day already!
  21. I should add that I am still away from home at least 40 hours/week, and that 8th grade was particularly difficult for that and other reasons (it was our first year homeschooling, and we had some attitude/adolescence difficulties). So if you go for it next year I'd keep a close eye on the then-7th-grader in particular - self-motivation and accountability can be hard to foster from a distance. Also, I think you may need to play around in your head with possible compromises. I do not feel like we are making a stellar education for DS, but I do think it's pretty good, and that's a trade-off I had/have to grapple with from time to time. Some things you may be able to sort out after some thinking time, but others will have to wait until you see how it's going and then adjust as necessary.
  22. I homeschool one son and work 5 days a week (1 long day and 4 shorter ones). DS and I work together from 7:30-10:30 on the shorter days. For the rest of the time, he works independently until the work is finished. Sometimes we need to put in time on the weekends to make it all work. If we do a lab science at home next year, we will definitely be working weekends. His social stuff happens on weekends. That was the case even when he was in public school, because DH and I were both away from home 50+ hours during the week. DS had to be in after-school care, which by itself wiped out most extracurricular opportunities; the few that were workable either had to happen just down the hall or I had to impose on another parent to do pick-up/drop-off every time - which was hard for me to ask of anyone. So DS at least understands that his opportunities are very limited no matter what the school situation is. I am hopeful that once he gets his drivers license his world will open up a bit. I'm sorry to hear you don't like your job, but it sounds like the schedule is pretty good as far as leaving you lots of time for the schoolwork. But I think you may all need to adjust your expectations as far as extracurriculars & such go. If there are opportunities that are within walking/biking distance, I'd focus on those, and let the rest fall away. It definitely is not easy, and in my head I whine a lot. :leaving: But it can be done, and done reasonably well, IMHO, if everyone understands and accepts the limitations.
  23. In that case, you may find valuable ideas in this thread from the high school board: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/624206-im-18-and-i-never-attended-school/
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