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  1. WAY too pricey for me, and I'm not particularly interested anyway - so even if it were $20 per ticket I wouldn't go.
  2. I'm sorry, Ellen. I know it hurts. I would not contact a lawyer or anything like that. Instead, if you can manage it, a brief face-to-face with her might be good, especially so you can try to find out what happened, and to ask her if she thinks she'd be able to give you a good reference in the future. Go ahead and tell her you enjoyed working there and, if you can, wish her well. :grouphug: I hope you're able to find another suitable position soon.
  3. Gift cards - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Visa Books by writers we both like, or that my boss read and thought I'd enjoy - not just grabbing a random bestseller off the shelf Photo frame for my desk
  4. I agree with others about having as much unchaotic time as possible at home. But I am a homebody and would be delighted if I had three days in a row when I never had to leave the house. Grocery delivery sounds good; is there a laundromat near you that offers laundry service for a price per pound? If money isn't too tight, you may find that to be helpful, too - but for the drop-off/pick-up errands.
  5. So glad to hear about improvement, Lizzie. May the upswing continue.
  6. I agree. Another possibility: Can they have the girls at their house while your spouse is away, instead of coming to you and then going to them later? If it's only a few days, I would think schooling would not be terribly harmed/disrupted at their ages.
  7. Can she get reasonable internet time at the library, and is transportation to/from the library feasible? She could maybe do a few hours a week of online tutoring from there. Can she self-study Korean without internet? Maybe get the reading/writing down until she can find a native speaker to work with.
  8. We are here when you need us, Ellen, and we've got your back, even if we can show it only in small ways. Always wishing you the best.
  9. Interesting that it's a pretty even split right now - 28 yes, 30 no. My parents taught us hats at meals (even at home) were rude. Now, I notice hats, but I really don't care. But OneStep pinpoints why I asked: My son, too, loves fedoras, and I often remind him to take it off "because some people think it's rude." After about the hundredth time of reminding him, I started to wonder if it really is still considered rude. So I will back off, and make it more of a caution for the future, when he's hobnobbing with hoi polloi who know which fork to use and which water glass is theirs. I have been awkward and uncomfortable in formal dining situations, and I would prefer that he get better instruction and practice than I did so he can mix comfortably.
  10. Interesting question. You can decide for yourself, and post your thoughts. :001_smile:
  11. My first attempt at a poll. I hope I get it right! Multiple answers allowed, votes not public.
  12. I'm glad to hear K is sleeping at last. May it be restorative, and return peace to your family. All strength to you, Ellen. I am so sorry for all you are suffering. :grouphug:
  13. DH and I feel the same. And your post reminded me of one of our favorite songs: "The Prettiest Eyes" by The Beautiful South. [edited to remove link] Take a look at those crow's feet - just look - Sitting on the prettiest eyes. Sixty twenty-fifth of Decembers Fifty-nine Fourth of Julys. You can't have too many good times, children, You can't have too many lines. Just take a good look at the crow's feet Sitting on the prettiest eyes.
  14. Happy birthday, Emily! And congratulations, Susan, on such a long stretch of success in so many areas! ( <-- reframing the "ancient" bit for you)
  15. Oh my, Yael, what a rough couple of years your family has had! :grouphug: Since first seeing this thread, I have gone back and refreshed myself on all the goings-on, and I wonder whether your son has seen the doctor who diagnosed the mono since the diagnosis was made. Does that doctor think your son has fully recovered? I have no experience personally, but I have read (here) that pushing it too soon can be very problematic. Couple that with regular teen stuff, and it might explain what you're seeing now. If your son hasn't seen that doctor, I'd make that appt as soon as I could. I think I would be inclined to go with the extended 11th grade (not necessarily a full year) you contemplated at the beginning of this thread. It may be that he could still finish "on time" at the slower pace with a longer timeframe and lighter course expectations (e.g., no AP). Are the current remaining classes ones that your son particularly enjoys? If not, I might withdraw from everything and take a month or 6 weeks completely off for him to rest and regroup. But having said that, I now remember the phone/internet troubles ... sigh. It is impossible to know what to do. I guess all this babbling is to say that I would prioritize health and relationship - even though I know that would be incredibly hard for me to pull off with my own son, because - graduate! on! time! is ringing in my ears. If it helps any, my 11th grade son is in danger of failing at least one class - an elective of his choice! - and he hasn't been through any of the things your son has. :glare:
  16. I would love to know if the student comes to the next class meeting with a veterinarian's note supporting an excused absence.
  17. All things "fashion." I don't understand fashion, I find it wasteful to buy all new clothing three times a year, and most of it is just dumb (belted sweaters as long as bathrobes, anyone? Visible G-strings?). I'm pretty much a Land's End/Eddie Bauer kinda gal. I want it all to look pretty much the same, I want it all to be all cotton and fine in a regular washer and dryer, and I want it all to fit properly. - Signed, the woman pushing 50 who still has stuff from high school because it still fits and isn't worn out yet. If I can't wear it in public, I can still wear it while sleeping/gardening/cleaning.
  18. Children's clothes in any color other than dirt-brown.
  19. Absolutely not a weird reaction. It is illegal in my state - even for a *licensed* teen driver - to have non-relative passengers (for the first year, I think). I definitely would have freaked out! I probably wouldn't say anything to the mom, but I'd tell son never to do that, and I'd never ask that mom for transport again!
  20. Just about every single day, often multiple times a day, some memory of me embarrassing/humiliating myself or doing something utterly stupid or mean or ignorant will pop into my head. And of course there are many of them (so, at least I get a little variety! ;) ). Also, a common refrain in my head is "I've lived my life all wrong." It stinks, and it's irritating and somewhat demoralizing, but I know well enough that the refrain isn't true and that everybody does stupid stuff, etc., so I'm not speeding off to therapy for it. I do know it has nothing to do with my parents or anything like that. It's just one of the many ways my brain entertains itself. It is *always* churning something - but not always something negative. ETA: I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned it to anyone IRL. Certainly not to the kid!
  21. Have you tried deleting cookies?
  22. I found this over the summer: https://gamedesignconcepts.wordpress.com/ I pasted the whole thing into a Word document and edited it down a bit. I bought all three books and printed all of the linked articles (some I couldn't find, some were not articles but game demos or whatever). We are 4 levels in, and my son is enjoying it (although he is reluctant to do ALL of the reading ... sigh). If you like, I'd be happy to send you both the master Word doc and my edited version. Just PM me your email address. Hope this helps! ETA: Ian Schreiber (the author of the blog) appears to be a Pretty Big Deal in the game design world. I believe he is currently teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also has a ton of appearances on YouTube (a few of which I will assign in lieu of a midterm and final).
  23. I have adopted this method for one class this year. I am hoping it gets the point across and spreads to other note-worthy (ha) classes!
  24. Haven't read the thread yet - just wanted to mention Talk Space for a possible therapy option. I have not tried it, nor do I know anyone who has - I have only heard it exists. https://www.talkspace.com/ And here's a hug. A big one. :grouphug:
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