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  1. I run on the sidewalks barefoot...some lady asked me about it at the park today. I don't understand why most "barefoot" runners are actually "minimalist shoe" runners. Barefoot is barefoot.
  2. So sad 😢 I completely understand how you would feel very shaken. Sending prayers for peace and for continued health for you and your little one.
  3. Here are some explanations of the use of ser in a similar imperative: https://spanish.stackexchange.com/questions/5373/sé-creativo-why-is-estar-not-used-for-this-imperative
  4. I am notnotnotnotnot happy about rising covid rates in our county. Dh is high risk so we have to be extra careful but we've already cut way back on activities that put us around groups of people and I don't think the mental health impact on my kids will be good if I cut them out entirely. I have laid in a good stock of KN95 masks and my kids are good about wearing them.
  5. Ooh, good ideas! I've been thinking of doing a dinosaur and dragon themed family halloween party. They are both obsessions around here.
  6. Wow congratulations to her!!! Mastering a foreign language without an extended immersion experience is really, really difficult.
  7. Good morning. I have things to do today. Important things. I'm sure I do.
  8. So far all my kids have gone through a rough patch in that early puberty stage. My oldest two have grown past it and left most of the drama behind. My current twelve year old is still in the middle of it. Probably it won't hurt Pal to just do tutoring for now for math. I'd try to keep as much physical activity as possible in his life and avoid lots of screen time (pretty sure you already do that) but as far as the drama and rejection of ambition go you may just have to wait for more maturity to do its thing. I'm always impressed by how you work with and parent your boys.
  9. Has anyone removed carpet from your stairs and just painted them? I hate carpet and can't afford any expensive stair finishings.
  10. Wow yum! Feel free to cook dinner at my house anytime!
  11. Is the name of a restaurant; really yummy food and three orders is enough to feed me and all the kids. They have a drive through. Maybe it's only in this state. https://rancheritosmexicanfood.com/menu/
  12. We like them in my household. I've tried other brands of period underwear but my thinx are the most absorbent. They do have good customer service.
  13. I'm by nature very drawn to intensive and attachment style parenting. There are serious time constraints though with a large family 🙂
  14. My dad is out of surgery already and will probably be OK. My mom can go visit later.
  15. I promised my kids Rancheritos for lunch if they would clean the garage/play room. They're almost done.
  16. My sister just called to let me know my dad had a heart attack and is being taken to the hospital by ambulance. Prayers are appreciated. It's hard being on the far side of the country.
  17. I put in a couple of handfuls, I'm not much for precise measurements 🙂
  18. My oldest dd came up with a German Pancake variation where you melt an entire stick of butter on the bottom of the pan and mix brown sugar into the butter before adding the pancake batter. Makes a delicious caramelly sauce when it cooks. I added crushed pecans with the brown sugar today and it was super yummy.
  19. I think what you are referring to as defiance may in fact be a different kind of unable--emotionally unable is still unable. Our brain isn't a bunch of separately compartmentalized functions. A minor anecdote: when I was thirteen my family was at a time of transition--living in one country, knowing we were going to be moving soon, but uncertain where. Lots of possibilities and entirely out of my control. I remember sitting in school completely unable to pay attention to what was being taught and discussed because my mind was taken up with the uncertainty of my own future.
  20. Good morning! I went for a bike ride and then loaded the dishwasher (cause I neglected to do that last night). I have hungry children and lots of fresh eggs on my counter, I think I'll make a German Pancake.
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