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  1. Dd is taking the test today, the most recent advice I can find is that homeschoolers are to leave the school code entry blank. Is that correct?
  2. I just heard a rather loud crash from upstairs. Should I go investigate?
  3. I need to pull myself together and do some painting. Time to get my basement put back together; it's all taken apart right now because I pulled up the carpet but I want to paint the walls before I put new flooring in.
  4. I've been cleaning the girls' room. No I don't understand how that became my job. Someone needs to have a discussion with the assignment scheduler.
  5. Good morning! Happy Sunday ☺️ It is raining here. We're in a drought so rain is a very good thing.
  6. False negatives are an actual issue. False positives are mostly a made-up issue. Neither PCR nor antigen tests yield a significant number of false positives. I know where you are coming from though because folks around here are also convinced that something like half the positive numbers reported are either false positives or outright faked. Antibody tests can result in false positives; some have better specificity than others.
  7. We are cautious but not isolating. One thing I have done is to find the highest quality masks I can locate, KN95 or N95. We wear those masks rather than cloth or surgical style masks when we need to be around other people.
  8. Good morning! It's early and I am still in bed; our shyest cat has decided to favor me with her presence.
  9. Paradox5 if you are still around under a new username would you please send me a PM? Thanks!
  10. I'm not familiar with that but I do use Amazon echo devices for that purpose.
  11. Good morning. It is fall up in the mountains here, but leaves are still green down in the valley.
  12. I'm here, just busy and I've got a cold and dh also has the cold except dh never recognizes when he is feeling sick he just starts feeling like everything is wrong with the world and gets depressed. Dd5 was the first to get sick, apparently caught it from a neighbor girl. I'm going to have to be more careful about letting them play together. She had a fever and I did take her to get covid tested and fortunately that came back negative but it is a rather nasty cold.
  13. I exist because of the 1918 pandemic. My great grandmother lost her first husband to the flu. My great grandfather lost his first wife. They both had young children to care for and ended up marrying each other and combining their families, later adding more children including my grandfather. Had that pandemic never happened my grandfather would never have been born.
  14. There never has been a mask mandate in my area. I starting masking way back in March; it just made sense to me that masks might help. I'll absolutely keep masking until there is widespread vaccination. I think I will mask when I have the sniffles in the future as people do in Asia; I've always admired that as a considerate gesture and just wasn't brave enough to be the stand out weird person. I'm sincerely hoping that masking will be more socially acceptable going forward in the US, though the politicization of masks makes me less optimistic than I originally was.
  15. My biggest reason for wanting to park near the cart corral was so I could load the kids into the cart as soon as we got out of the car. They were so much easier to wrangle when contained by the cart. There was a point when I would have three kids in the cart and one or two holding onto the side. I'm not sure how I actually managed to fit any groceries in🤣 I think I would have the walking kids get out as their space got filled up. I did always appreciate offers to be helped out to the car. That way I could push one cart full of kids and a store employee could push a second cart full of gro
  16. Yes! I missed the original shopping cart kerfuffle, I've always wanted to respond to this 🤣 Shopping with a passel of young kids in tow is a particular kind of misery, I grant a special exemption to mothers of small children should they find themselves in a situation where returning the shopping cart is overly stressful or dangerous (escape artist toddlers running wild in parking lots anyone?!) There are usually young, healthy store employees who are entirely capable of snagging a stray cart or two from the parking lot. My favored strategy has always been to park next to a
  17. This is definitely what we have seen in my state where we still do not have a statewide mask mandate--in spite of a massive spike in cases driven at least in part by large unmasked gatherings. I am NOT impressed with the lack of leadership coming from our governor, who repeatedly insists that mask mandates should be a local decision. The governor begs and pleads for people to wear masks, it isn't like he doesn't believe the science, but for political reasons he won't mandate them and so puts lives unnecessarily at risk. Everyone who is going to mask out of a sense of social responsib
  18. There is so much that is beautiful and fascinating in science, and you have to severely limit access to real astronomy and geology and biology in order to teach a YEC point of view. Why would God expect us to close our eyes and cover our ears to avoid learning through scientific processes? So...you know where I stand 🙂
  19. We got the egg free shots this year and none of us even got a sore arm. That was a nice surprise! Flucelvax is the brand.
  20. I think the fact that I am 42 is a bit of a limitation. Maybe I can have sextuplets?
  21. My van seats 15. I guess this means I could have six more children? 😁
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