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  1. Two weeks isn't the recommended schedule. I believe it is three for Pfizer or four for Moderna. Did she get the Moderna shot?
  2. Have you looked at TalkBox? It focuses on getting kids talking/communicating.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/19/health/coronavirus-variant-california.html
  4. I think I've heard of a California variant. There are thousands of variants, but we're only concerned about those that are more infectious/virulent.
  5. Can he wear N95 masks? If I remember correctly you have a store of them. (You meaning Baseball)
  6. Lots of pregnant women have already been vaccinated at this point, I know several healthcare workers for example who are pregnant and got the vaccine on the advice of their doctors. There will be more data on outcomes in the coming months but so far I don't see anything to make me concerned.
  7. I don't think the kind of data you are looking for will be available for awhile. The Pfizer stage three trial only started on July 27; any woman who became pregnant during the trial would not yet have reached full term. We do have some evidence that pregnant women are at higher risk of severe illness and death from covid infection. Given that a viral infection has many more possible routes to cause harm to a pregnant woman or her fetus than a vaccine does, I believe that unless a woman who is pregnant or intends to become pregnant is very confident she can avoid infection (i.e. pla
  8. I visited the Mauthausen site in Austria when we lived there, it was absolutely one of those experiences that leaves an indelible impression.
  9. This was always one of the dangers if we couldn't keep infection rates down. Every person infected represents another opportunity for the virus to mutate, almost certainly in the course of millions of infections producing some strains that are more infectious and/or virulent than the original.
  10. Here is one review of vaccine associated kidney disease; it looks like it is rare but does sometimes happen: https://www.sjkdt.org/article.asp?issn=1319-2442;year=2019;volume=30;issue=5;spage=1002;epage=1009;aulast=Patel
  11. I am sorry your mom is going through this 😞 It isn't a reaction I have heard of. I did have a friend years ago who developed sudden kidney failure as a result of lupus, which is an autoimmune disease so it seems possible that a severe immune reaction could cause kidney failure. I don't know anything beyond that though. Covid itself causes kidney failure in some, that has been my primary concern for my family member with chronic kidney disease.
  12. Does it need to be a laptop? I've had good luck with refurbished desktops from eBay. My son uses Adobe Creative Cloud on his (he's fortunate to have a subscription through school) and I think the whole set-up (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse) was under $300. Unfortunately I know nothing about laptops so can't answer your original question.
  13. Doesn't fafsa need partly have to do with difference between the cost of a college and the family's expected contribution? Maybe since Duke is more expensive than her school of enrollment the equation would demonstrate need?
  14. For example (don't know if it will run this year): https://isarome.org/programs/roman-forum-field-school/
  15. She could do an archeology field school and get plenty of behind the scenes stuff. Maybe not at Pompeii but I'm sure she could find a Greek or Roman dig.
  16. I think that includes tuition. It's also pretty close to the cost of attendance estimate on Duke's website for a regular semester on campus, including room, board, books, and travel to campus.
  17. In this post you make anecdotal claims. And in this one say we should only rely on scientific data. Let's go with the scientific data, as we all know anecdote is not a reliable source of medical advice. Scientific data for common childhood vaccines report a MUCH lower rate for serious adverse reactions than 1%. For example: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11144371/ With regard to vaccination for SARS-COV-2, I haven't seen anyone recommend parents get their kids vaccinated before the vaccine is tested. That isn't even possible, no-one will administer the vacc
  18. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 1.3% of known covid infections in children result in hospitalization. No vaccine would ever be approved that put more than one out of every 100 recipients in the hospital. https://www.aappublications.org/news/2020/12/29/covid-2million-children-122920
  19. The vaccine won't be publicly available to kids until it has been tested on kids. SARS-COV-2 infection has shown enough negative side effects in kids (up to and including death) that it wouldn't pass safety protocols for a vaccine. Any vaccine that becomes publicly available for kids will have a better safety profile than the virus. If its effects were as bad as those of the virus it wouldn't be approved.
  20. Which other effects? If we're talking about fears of some unknown long term-effects because we don't yet have longitudinal data on the vaccine, it is worth noting that there is much more potential for long-term effects to emerge as we collect more longitudinal data on covid infection. More potential because a viral infection has many more possible mechanisms by which to cause lasting harm than does a vaccine that has successfully passed safety standards in trials. Covid infection would never meet the safety standards of a vaccine trial. Even in young people. While it is not impossib
  21. Backyard chickens definitely live happier lives than factory chickens. We are eating fertilized eggs these days because I did let a broody hen hatch some chicks last year and one of them was a rooster. We're not supposed to have roosters here so I've got a no-crow collar on him. I figure he'd rather put up with the collar than end up in a stew pot; rehoming a mutt rooster is near impossible. We have to be flexible and recognize that there really are no ideal ways to live life.
  22. My chickens try to sit on eggs. I've got a broody right now, hanging out in the nesting box all day eggs or no. Brooding is triggered by hormones and happens whether there are fertilized eggs or no.
  23. Will your vulnerable people be vaccinated before then? Personally, I am concerned enough about the possibility of longer-term effects that I would rather my children not get covid. This means we will be maintaining fairly stringent protocols to avoid infection even after the most vulnerable household member is vaccinated. I'm not going to relax until we all get the vaccine.
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