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  1. One of my teeth has been hypersensitive to cold for the past couple weeks. It is a tooth with an old filling. Do I need to see a dentist?
  2. Dress normally and be an alien masquerading as a human?
  3. My whole household loves sauerkraut. It was dd5's favorite food when she was little. One day I bought some girl scout cookies as a special treat; dd5 rejected then and demanded sauerkraut instead.
  4. I think you have an entirely legitimate claim to Japanese culture and food 😉
  5. Oh woops, I was reading the last page where Krissi was trying to get to the next page and thought that was still where we were. Ah well.
  6. She's home and in a good mood so I'm declaring the morning a success. She ran out of time on math and ended up guessing randomly for the last few. Time was always my nemesis on those kinds of tests.
  7. Still waiting for my dd to get home; the school is only about a mile from home so she planned to walk.
  8. Ds3 fell asleep before 5:00 yesterday evening and slept for twelve hours. Which was fabulous until we got to the part about him getting me up at 5:00 this morning 🤣 At least he's in a good mood today.
  9. Dd is taking the test today, the most recent advice I can find is that homeschoolers are to leave the school code entry blank. Is that correct?
  10. I just heard a rather loud crash from upstairs. Should I go investigate?
  11. I need to pull myself together and do some painting. Time to get my basement put back together; it's all taken apart right now because I pulled up the carpet but I want to paint the walls before I put new flooring in.
  12. I've been cleaning the girls' room. No I don't understand how that became my job. Someone needs to have a discussion with the assignment scheduler.
  13. Good morning! Happy Sunday ☺️ It is raining here. We're in a drought so rain is a very good thing.
  14. False negatives are an actual issue. False positives are mostly a made-up issue. Neither PCR nor antigen tests yield a significant number of false positives. I know where you are coming from though because folks around here are also convinced that something like half the positive numbers reported are either false positives or outright faked. Antibody tests can result in false positives; some have better specificity than others.
  15. We are cautious but not isolating. One thing I have done is to find the highest quality masks I can locate, KN95 or N95. We wear those masks rather than cloth or surgical style masks when we need to be around other people.
  16. Good morning! It's early and I am still in bed; our shyest cat has decided to favor me with her presence.
  17. Paradox5 if you are still around under a new username would you please send me a PM? Thanks!
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