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  1. I got up, then I went back to bed because bed is warm and my house is not. I should get dressed.
  2. Chick fil a breakfast sounds like it was well-earned!
  3. I'm going to bed. Wasn't super productive today but the kids all got fed.
  4. It is so good to see you again Julie! Thanks for the update ❤️
  5. What a lovely tribute. I'm glad you had a loving and generous woman in your life. Let those tears flow, they sound appropriate and cathartic. (((Hugs)))
  6. I went to the dentist today because my sensitive tooth was getting worse. Turns out it had a crack and now I have a temporary crown.
  7. I do have veggies go bad but I'd rather have veggies sometimes go bad than eat fewer fresh veggies because we don't have them on hand. I don't teach my kids to always finish everything on their plate either; extra food going into our bodies when we are not hungry just becomes a different kind of problem and ultimately can result in "wasted" health. I try to teach my kids to listen to their own bodies and stop eating when they are no longer hungry.
  8. It makes me so happy when I can do this! I made black bean soup last night and didn't realize until this morning that there was some left out in the pot all night. I was sad not to be able to eat it myself but happy I could feed it to the chickens.
  9. It really is. Unfortunately there are still a lot of mask refusers here, and covid-severity-deniers. Even my dentist's office wasn't having everyone mask when we were there one month ago--the dentist and hygienists wore masks but the front office staff didn't and they weren't encouraging patients to mask. I had to go back today and this time everyone had masks and there was a sign on the door requesting that patients wear masks. I'm trying to walk a line between caution and isolation. I figure if my family always wear the best quality masks we can manage we at least ought to end up w
  10. I'm in that group, it was amazing to see people come together and share stories.
  11. As far as the theology question, my take is more "we are supposed to have challenges here on earth, God intends that as a way for us to learn through our struggles and through helping carry the burdens of other people's struggles". While I don't claim that every person or every family faces objectively equal struggles, when you get to know a person or a family well you discover that they do all have struggles in life--serious and challenging ones. My kids are a lot like yours--lots of ADHD, dyslexia, sensory issues, anxiety; many, many cumulative years of speech therapy. They are my crew
  12. No mask mandate for the state. The studio owner will not mandate or even encourage masks. They have worked with me to create some private lessons just for my family, but there is no way to replicate the blackbelt class.
  13. https://easternppeimports.com/ I buy from this company; these seem legitimate, though I have no way of 100% verifying that anything is what it says it is.
  14. N95's are available here: https://easternppeimports.com/ No washable mask can do what disposable respirator masks do because they can't retain an electrostatic charge. This video explains why the charge is important:
  15. My family likes these KN95s; there is a $15 off discount until the end up the month with the code HALLOWEEN https://yuli-co.com/products/kn95-face-mask?variant=31694785478754
  16. No open windows. I wish they would. There is no way they aren't going to have transmission within the studio eventually and that upsets me because these are people I really care about.
  17. I'm in a state with skyrocketing covid rates (yay...). My family is more careful than most locally but compared to many on this board we are probably taking way too many risks. The place I see the greatest risk is a karate class with 8-10 participants unmasked plus my kids. I've been sending mine with N95 masks that fit well. Am I crazy to do so? The N95s are expensive so I use KN95s that don't have NIOSH approval for activities where others mask (mostly church and dance class). We've opted out of other activities but karate is super important to my kids' mental healt
  18. My nephew got exposed to covid because he attended a parent-sponsored "homecoming dance" in someone's back yard. I was shocked to learn these were happening after school sponsored events were cancelled but really shouldn't have been. Most people in this state do not take covid seriously. People think we are being crazy careful because we have opted out of some activities and wear N95 or KN95 masks for those we do participate in. Sometimes my family are the only ones wearing masks.
  19. If you answer yes to the initial question about an activity (so, yes when the theater seats appear empty) then it will show you a picture with a couple of seats occupied and ask if you would be OK with that level of occupancy. If you answer yes to that one it will show you a picture with a few more seats occupied, and so on.
  20. Then again (apologies for the serial posting!) I haven't been on a plane in ten years, have only been in a movie theater once in the past decade, and don't eat out more than maybe four times per year so those aren't activities I would be engaging in much without a pandemic.
  21. In other words, I haven't done and don't plan to do any of those things.
  22. 12.4, 62nd percentile. I answered based on my perception of the risk given specific occupancy and compliance with mask wearing, but my perception of real-life risk is different because A) I can't know ahead of time how many people will actually be in a theater or on a plane, and B) mask compliance is low in my area.
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