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  1. I asked my son to draw a picture of a T-Rex eating a watermelon. He thought that was a strange idea, but drew one to humor me: ETA poor watermelon really doesn't stand a chance against those claws and fangs...
  2. Nah, Bill's a spy. E.C. Publications is just his cover. Or maybe his cover is whatever TV/Film stuff he pretends to be involved in. His real job is undercover investigation of the homeschool community's plans to take over the world. That's right Bill, we're on to you. We've been feeding you false information for years...
  3. How are people who don't hang out on the boards anymore finding out about this? Email notifications of some kind?
  4. SWB has said several times that quotes with attributions are not the problem (or something to the same effect), it is really celebrity photos that need to go.
  5. Sorry, I'm clean out of silver :( I'll send you thirty virtual cupcakes instead.
  6. I think you did something I don't know how to do--can you somehow tell google to find a match for an image? I just searcher for "joan of arc praying" or something similar on the image search, but if you can get google to match for you that would be fun to play around with.
  7. We really do appreciate what you do in making this forum available to us :001_wub: And I noticed you are now able to "like" posts :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1: Too bad we can't "like" yours :)
  8. I went ahead and posted an attribution for my avatar on my profile page (under "interests" since that's where I had room) I think that should fulfill the attribution requirement of the licence? http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/user/70122-maize/
  9. According to this article the photo should also be public domain: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bernard-starr/museum-paintings-copyright_b_1867076.html ETA it's a long discussion but this part is I think relevant: "Starr: So what would you advise those who are hesitant to use photos of works that are in the public domain? Sprigman: They should know that under the law if the image is "slavish," a mere reproduction, a plain unadorned exact image, they can use it and do not have to pay anyone a licensing fee." Especially given that the image is not being used to bring in profit o
  10. This is what I think it is: http://artrenewal.org/pages/artwork.php?artworkid=6601&size=large
  11. Google says it's Joan of Arc in prayer by Herman Stilke, painted in the 1800's so no copyright.
  12. Looks like the only images I posted were my example of how NOT to draw growing corn. I am afraid this forum will be forever impoverished by the loss of those pictures...the sacrifices we make! :D
  13. Did I just send the thread downhill? However will we salvage things without posting pictures of kilts and cupcakes?!? (and actually I quite like your new avatar, I will at least know who you are when I see it. I don't know how I will keep track of who is who with all these changes).
  14. I have a ds who likes drawing dinosaurs; perhaps I can convince him to draw us a picture of a t-rex eating watermelon. Though it might be difficult to explain why I need it...
  15. Hmmm, a photo of the front of your jumpsuit perhaps? :D couldn't resist
  16. Mont St Michel is one of my favorite places in all the world!
  17. I checked the source of my avatar and the image is free to use but needs attribution. I'm thinking if I attribute the source in my profile page that would be OK?
  18. I know I sometimes quote wikipedia (with links), though I wouldn't know how to find those posts. Shouldn't be copyright issues there I think?
  19. Can a young person survive without college? Nope. They pretty much just shrivel up and wither away. I've seen it over and over again...
  20. "Have you seen Maleficent?" Not recently, has she gone missing?
  21. Anyone here own a silver generator? No, but if I had a way to generate silver at home that could be quite convenient, please tell me more.
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