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  1. It could certainly be a reinfection, I just don't consider the case for that strong enough to use as a solid data point. Possible or even probable reinfection is still a long way from known reinfection. I'm skeptical not in a "I really don't think this is true" way but in a "I can't be certain this is true" way; there remains plenty of room for other explanations. How many people with non-covid viral respiratory infections also rode in that ambulance? Most viral infections in April were not covid. Most viral pneumonias in that part of New York state in April were probably not covid
  2. Ground glass opacities occur in other viral pneumonias, including those caused by adenovirus: https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/rg.2018170048
  3. Antibodies plus pneumonia is suggestive, but the relatively high false positive rate of many antibody tests combined with the low infection rate at that point of time in most of New York state (not NYC) means it really isn't confirmative. Could be that most people who tested positive for antibodies in her area had not had covid.
  4. It means they are still finding the kinds of antibodies that ought to be protective in blood drawn 5-7 months after the reinfection, but they don't know whether their study sujects have had subsequent exposures and avoided getting sick because of those antibodies.
  5. If it's who I am thinking of, the first infection was not test confirmed so only a probable re-infection. I certainly hope the re-infection rate is low; individual immunity certainly varies, and viruses mutate into new strains so some level of reinfection is not surprising. We aren't used to having so little information, but watching the research process play out in accelerated real time is quite interesting.
  6. Data is actually showing that immunity on average lasts at least 5-7 months, and we'll have data on whether it lasts longer than that in time. Some antibodies fade but that's normal with any illness, and a virus that is still circulating tends to re-stimulate the immune system and keep immunity up. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-long-does-immunity-last-after-covid-19-what-we-know#What-we-currently-know-about-COVID-19-immunity
  7. One vaccine in testing requires a complex cooling chain, not every vaccine in testing. At the rate we are going, a significant percentage of the population will have had the virus by next summer. That percentage combined with those who are willing getting vaccinated might be enough to approach herd immunity. I'm getting my family vaccinated as soon as possible.
  8. In my area, kids who have to quarantine because of a close school contact (say, the kid who sits nearest them, both in masks) testing positive are allowed back in school after seven days, no symptoms, and a negative rapid test. Is there any chance you could access rapid tests, even if you have to pay for it yourself? They've tested I think several hundred kids following this protocol and only three have tested positive, so the chance even after a known exposure of being covid positive but asymptomatic after seven days is quite small (kids who develop symptoms have to follow a different protoco
  9. Good night. My bed is in the basement. It's coldish down here. Everything I've read about sleep science says people sleep better in a cool room but I don't sleep well if my nose is cold. This is why I have a space heater by my bed.
  10. Setting up a plex server on a home computer seems to be one option: https://www.pcmag.com/news/what-is-plex?amp=true
  11. I want to figure out how to do this! Is there some cloud service that you can store CD tracks on then get Alexa to play them? I'm hoping someone knows a way to do this!
  12. I've been cleaning out drawers. A marvelous variety of stuff accumulates in drawers.
  13. Good morning! It's cold here. I want breakfast but I don't want to get out of bed.
  14. Good morning. Hopefully board glitched will be fixed soon!
  15. Young adults can be very intense and black-and-white in their views of the world. Time and experience usually help!
  16. Ventilate the room while they are in it and after they leave; I think you will be fine.
  17. I'd do the playroom with doors open for ventilation. Can they wear masks when indoors?
  18. It sounds like unfriending him was the right move (((hugs)))
  19. Good morning! I have no idea what time my kids went to sleep last night. They were engaged in a wild rumpus still when I went to bed...
  20. So cute! Yes, octonauts are popular here!
  21. Good morning! It's early and I've been awake too long. I'm going to try to go back to sleep.
  22. This; we used to foster kittens, there is kitten formula commercially available.
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