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  1. The cylinders are probably from the way food is moved down the esophagus. The esophagus is a muscular tube, and when you swallow a bite that chunk of food gets pushed down through the esophagus by waves of muscle contraction. Possibly he would benefit from chewing his food better and drinking more water with his meals?
  2. Precocious to me is not necessarily about doing things others couldn't do as well, but doing them at an age when most are not developmentally ready.
  3. With music, I think of precocious more as the kid who can play that kind of advanced pieces at 7. I've known a couple of kids like that (not mine!)
  4. I think of precocious as early skill development.
  5. Will you be getting the vaccine anytime soon? That would alleviate any concerns I might personally have about using a laundrymat.
  6. If you find a used set you will have a good chance of selling them for about what you paid if you end up getting your original set back. I doubt you could do the same if you purchase a new portable.
  7. Maybe just put the word out to whatever local network you have--"I'm looking for a used washer and dryer, does anyone have these for sale?"
  8. If you will have washer/dryer hookups you can likely find a used washer and dryer for under $200. I think it is worth doing that. Dryers especially tend to be very cheap on the used market.
  9. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️
  10. That does happen sometimes. In one of my DNA groups a woman was just posting today about meeting her full brother who was born (and not adopted out) after she was adopted. ETA I mean the friend's mother put a child up for adoption, not the friend.
  11. I opted to go with simplified script because there are more resources and because there are more people who use it. They can learn traditional later if they are interested in doing so. I wrestled with the decision a bit because I speak Japanese, which uses characters that are largely identical to Chinese traditional script, and because the simplified characters were derived from traditional characters.. It came down to simplified being the more practical to present at this point. Kids don't have to learn everything all at once.
  12. The tree generating feature on 23andMe seems to be down right now so I can't check but I'm pretty sure my grandmother's 1/2 cousins show up as having different grandfathers (they share a grandmother) on there. 23andMe trees are estimates not 100% guaranteed accurate but if it is showing a shared pair of grandparents I would guess that the cousin at a minimum has DNA related to both the grandmother and the grandfather's side (so, maybe shared grandmother but the grandfathers are brothers?) If the grandfathers were completely unrelated to each other I think it would show the two as half cousins
  13. Is Peter usually cooperative with tutors? Could you afford to hire a general academic tutor to work with him for some short period every day? The tutor could take over walking him through homework for other classes and whatever homeschool assignments he has. We've found several good tutors on Preply, with affordable rates. It's easy to do a few trial lessons with different people. Maybe someone like this: https://preply.com/en/tutor/976682/ About the tutor I teach students of ANY age (2y/o - 50+y/o). I handle Math for KIDS, Secondary Math, and Tertiary Mat
  14. My 15 year old spends about two hours per week on homework plus a 1 hour tutoring session. My ten and eight year olds currently just do tutoring; they're not ready to be independent with homework and my time is all allotted to other needs. That doesn't result in quick progress but I'm OK with that for now.
  15. I kind of get a few minutes' worth of work turning into hours. Washing the breakfast dishes regularly became a whole-day job for me as a kid because I would stand at the sink not washing the dishes for hours. If breakfast dishes weren't done by lunch my mom would give me the lunch dishes to wash too. She tells the story of one day being so frustrated she offered me a dollar to get the dishes done. Then two dollars. Then three. Finally she offered me a popsicle and that was the incentive that worked that day. FWIW I don't think I ever learned anything at all from consequences or being
  16. Maybe he needs another diagnosis. If he were in a good school with supportive teachers there is a lot they could do to accommodate him with an IEP. One of mine had an IEP with anxiety as the main qualifier. No homework was one of the accommodations we worked out for them, because homework caused constant stress. If the school could accommodate him and his time at home could be time to relax and just be a kid it might be a needed break for both him and you. My other thought, since he does well with Spanish, is to turn over any academics to a tutor or class. Online or in per
  17. They may never become automatic. A brain just entering puberty however is going to be at its most disorganized stage. I don't think you need to project too far in the future at this point. Some things may resolve with time and maturity, others may not. If what you have been doing to try to train behavior is having no effect, continuing to do it is not likely to change anything. I think in your shoes I would continue offering immediate, tangible incentives for those things that are most important to you and drop all other expectations. Get through the next couple of years an
  18. I really think this is what it comes down to. More time for research would be fabulous, but the potential risks of the vaccine are far smaller than the potential risks of covid infection; we need only look at the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths per million cases of covid compared to hospitalizations and deaths per million vaccine doses administered to understand this. Unless I plan to live as an isolated hermit in my own home for the next few years my best hope is to get the vaccine. I get my second dose on Monday 🙂 I do know a couple of people with tricky medical issue
  19. I am a different person from you and my children are of course different, so my approach may be completely irrelevant. My kids have a mix of ADHD and anxiety-linked stuff going on. I have very poor executive function myself so I am limited in what I can focus on. I don't make my kids shower. Ds probably went months between washing his hair at times. He was never stinky, at least not that I noticed. I kept his hair cut short so the greasiness wasn't super obvious. I made sure he had clean clothes. I made sure he had dental cleanings every six months; I think he was decent about brus
  20. This is why I so much appreciate what you have shared of your path over the years. You took your bright, quirky kids and met them where they were at and figured out how to help them develop their strengths and compensate for weaknesses and keep growing and progressing. I've got a whole passel of quirky kids in my house, each with individual challenges and strengths. I feel limited by needing to split my attention between so many needs but I've taken a lot of encouragement from the non-traditional path each of your boys has taken. Particularly when you share about relative weaknesses bloss
  21. My guess is there is an internal anxiety roadblock. I think that is usually the case when a person wants to do something--say, the Spanish lesson--but can't bring themself to take the steps to make it happen. The anxiety will rear its head at the thought of setting things up, making the barrier to initiating the task feel insurmountable. Maturity might help. My ds15 seemed pretty hopeless at 11 and 12; by 14 I was seeing huge leaps in personal motivation and responsibility, and now at almost 16 he manages his online classes independently. There are plenty of challenges that haven't gone a
  22. What I have read of lewelma's experience with her children is a third path, neither pressure nor neglect. It is the path of mentoring; walking alongside a child and facilitating their growth and learning. It is something I want very much to emulate.
  23. I did a bunch of research on this last fall and was told by multiple sources that face mask reimbursement required a letter of medical necessity referencing a particular condition; so, dh's nephrologist could write a letter saying he needed the facemasks because of kidney disease. Our regular family doctor wouldn't even write one. I was hoping the IRS would weigh in on the matter in light of the pandemic. Glad they have. Here is a sample of previous advice: https://fsastore.com/FSA-Eligibility-List/D/Disposable-Face-Mask-E462.aspx
  24. Masks were only previously reimbursable with FSA/HSA funds with a letter of medical necessity from a doctor. I am very glad to see this guidance. We've spent a lot on KN95 masks for the whole family and I'm happy to know I can use HSA funds for them.
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