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  1. To prevent clogs, I replaced the drain stopper with one of these: https://smile.amazon.com/Fengbao-2PCS-Bathroom-Drain-Strainer/dp/B08BYF85HL/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=bathroom+sink+drain+strainer&qid=1607119997&sprefix=bathroom+sink+dra&sr=8-3 No more clogs.
  2. With regards to sibling togetherness, it doesn't necessarily happen even when siblings are close together. My five year old is frequently lonely, especially this year when she can't play as much with her neighborhood friends (there are two little girls her age who live nearby). She is surrounded by siblings but they are all boys and simply don't want to play the way she wants to play. Her closest sister is seven years older than her.
  3. My 93 year old grandmother lives almost exclusively off of milk and has for years. It seems to work for her! My family drinks a lot of Fairlife milk--that might be one of the high protein milks you were referring to. We like it and it's been a good way to get protein and calcium into some of my kids who aren't great about eating food.
  4. Hm, my kids' martial arts studio is doing one. Maybe call around to smaller businesses and community churches?
  5. I'll just say that my youngest sister was born two weeks before my mom's 45th birthday. I was sixteen and fell in love with that baby right from the start, even though I'd never really been a baby person before that. I'm personally very glad she was born.
  6. I'd like to see what would happen if they tested blood samples from Dec 2018 and compared to the 2019 samples. If the 2018 samples showed similar positive percentage we could be sure that the effect is just cross reactivity.
  7. I have fond memories of taking flowers to nearby cemeteries where relatives were buried on memorial day when I was small. We don't live particularly close to any cemeteries with family burials so don't go on memorial day but dh likes to drive down to the cemetery where his mother is buried on mother's day and/or her birthday so we do that and usually take cut flowers. There are other relatives in that cemetery so we will walk around and look at the headstones and tell the kids about them. Otherwise we have mostly been at cemeteries when there was a family burial, and we usually do take time to
  8. Good not-morning 😁 I'm painting kitchen cabinets.
  9. I am seeing mention of the pyramid in other sources: https://www.newsweek.com/utah-monolith-mysteriously-disappears-replaced-pyramid-1550964
  10. Better yet would be a full-size stonehenge.
  11. I'm voting for mini-stonehenge
  12. It's been replaced by a mini pyramid. Clearly this is an attempt at communication by an alien culture 👽 https://www.ksl.com/article/50057437/monolith-disappears-rock-pile-and-mini-pyramid-now-in-its-place
  13. Hopefully you also learned that there might be no meaning behind it other than this is not a person who regularly responds immediately to texts; maybe not a person who habitually looks at texts when they come in or even every day. I don't have my phone set to notify me when texts come in. It's just not how I function. Has nothing whatsoever to do with my attitude towards any individual who may text me.
  14. No, I wouldn't think something was wrong if someone didn't answer a voice mail within a day. I check voice mail way less often than texts, and I've already mentioned that I don't check texts every day. If I don't get a response to a communication of any sort and I need a response I will eventually follow up.
  15. I don't expect immediate responses. And I almost never respond immediately. Often I don't even notice a message until a day or more after receiving it.
  16. I have one honeywell, two large levoits and one small levoit. The honeywell is a lot louder, maybe that means it is pushing more air through.
  17. That is interesting about your husband; maybe he has had an asymptomatic infection then? When was his antibody test?
  18. (((Mrs Tiggywinkle))) Have you looked into anxiety medication, maybe just for the immediate future?
  19. This is a very real concern. Anxiety, especially ongoing, long-term anxiety, is I think at the base of many mental health issues--and this year has caused so much anxiety in so many ways--pandemic, job-loss, having to juggle kids in online school, an incredibly fraught election, and on and on. And now we've got winter and shorter days. And then viral infections themselves can absolutely trigger anxiety and depression. And so can some medications.
  20. Yeah where's the fun in always agreeing? 😁
  21. Thanks again for sharing your experiences. Lingering fatigue is awful 😢 I'm glad the rest of your family hasn't gotten sick, I hope you make a full recovery soon. Sending many hugs.
  22. She was responding to multiple tested covid+ cases per day or multiple people having symptoms they thought could be covid? I don't remember seeing that information. I remember her reporting very very low covid in her area later in the year (summer maybe?) but don't remember any specifics from April. Most of New York state did not have super high covid spread in April. Thanks for reporting in! I want to make it clear I'm not questioning your account at all nor the very real probability you had covid in April, I just don't think the facts of the case allow us to confidently a
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