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  1. We went for an hour on Thursday and it was amazing! Clear skies and wide open area. The brightest ones I have ever seen. Both kids were enchanted!
  2. I don't have a recommendation for what you are asking about, but we discovered a great set of picture books that have greatly helped Ds with some of the issues you mention in your post. (They haven't solved the issues, but have given us openings to discuss them and he can be aware of them). It is a set of books by Julia Cook called "Best Me I Can Be". Some titles include "I Just Want to do it My Way", "I Can't Believe You Said That" (about social filters), "Thanks for the Feedback" (accepting criticism and compliments). Julia Cook has other books too that we really enjoyed. Some favourites are: Personal Space Camp It's Hard to be a Verb Making Friends is an Art
  3. Exploratopia and Exploralab would be good for those ages. Another idea would be a simple science kit that comes with the pieces needed. We like ScienceWiz. They have an instruction book with lots of explanation.
  4. What an excellent article. I have not read about this before, but can definitely relate. I keep my dc sheltered from most world events/news so they don't get mired in the negativity. They have not come to me with these questions yet, but my oldest has a very deep sense of justice and I can see that these questions will arise once he has more knowledge of the world. I will be following this thread with interest.
  5. The picture book "Rosie Revere, Engineer" sends a good message (and is about a female engineer). Also check out "The Most Magnificent Thing" and "What do you do with an Idea?". They aren't instruction books about building things, but they are all books for future inventors and engineers to show the value in perseverance and creativity. We have had great success with the Klutz Crazy Contraptions book (we bought three more during a sale just to get more pieces) and a LEGO We-Do set (which you can combine with the Klutz book pieces). Magnatiles have been well loved at our house. They are a magnetic building toy. We have a bin (which has expanded to several bins...) of interesting recycled materials and parts. We gave Ds his own tape, glue, needle and thread, etc. and this bin, and he will make things for hours. Any time we throw something out we ask ourselves if parts of it should go in the project bin. K'nex makes a great bridge building set. The smaller set is just fine (the large one is $$$). Snap circuits make a nice Christmas gift. The David Macauley book listed above is great (as is his New Way Things Work). Usborne has a See Inside series that is excellent for seeing how things work. There is a See Inside How Things Work, but there is also See Inside Inventions, See Under the Ground, and many others that will show how things work. The science kits from Science Wiz come with all the materials and are not overly complicated. There is an inventions kit, but physics or energy would also be good ones.
  6. I'm so happy with our news coverage and commentators who have been positive and proud of our Canadian athletes who may not medal but have performed at their best. For example, they were very excited for a swimmer who came 5th but had a personal best time. I have not heard any comments lamenting that silvers and bronzes weren't golds. Each athlete with an outstanding performance has been celebrated, regardless of where they placed. It has been a fantastic teaching experience for my Ds and he will take these lessons into his own sport.
  7. I don't have any ideas for you, but I wanted to send you a hug and say I understand why that would be upsetting for your dd. I'm guessing the friend and her parents think this is a way for her to be closer to your dd and have no idea how upsetting this is for you and your dd. I'm so sorry. :grouphug:
  8. My first Ds learned to read almost on his own. We used The Reading Lesson for five minutes each morning and he was reading novels in 3-4 months. I thought it was the best program ever until I discovered that those results aren't typical (for any reading program). With little Ds I'm waiting to see how fast he catches on. We are using AAR-pre simply to give him something to do during school time. He already knew all the letter sounds before we started, so I wasn't sure it would be worth it, but we have found it really worthwhile and he really enjoys it. He has learned rhyming, recognizing beginning sounds in words, counting words in a sentence, and clapping syllables. So far so good. When it gets to blending, if everything just clicks like it did for his brother, we will use The Reading Lesson. But if he needs more assistance we will continue with AAR.
  9. Welcome to homeschooling! If you would like to cover a little grammar there is a simple story-based ebook called The Sentence Family. Each family member is a part of speech and there is a short story about them and their interactions with the other characters. Verb is an active guy, Mrs. Interrogative is always questioning things, etc. It is charming and a nice gentle intro.
  10. Do you live somewhere that gets snow? If not, I would get a cabin for a few days and let her experience a winter wonderland. Hot chocolate, snow angels, snowmen, snow forts.
  11. Is there a chance to participate without Facebook? I don't do facebook but would love to be part of the buy (1 membership).
  12. Prime Climb Qwirkle Robo Rally Muggins/Knockout Blokus Triominos 12 Days of Christmas Mamma Mia Sushi Go Zirkus Flohcati Frog Juice Hive (2 player)
  13. Earlier this week he took another shirtless selfie. He was caving and another family spotted him and asked for a picture. He saves a lot of money by not owning many shirts.
  14. A family daytime outing, with another child, to somewhere educational is completely different than a single man visiting a child alone in an isolated building. Your situation sounds completely normal. I hope she goes and has a great time!
  15. Chef Michael Smith's roast chicken with spinach recipe is awesome.
  16. Champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne.
  17. Handel's water and fireworks music Grieg's Peer Gynt
  18. At least you know. Here in Canada they don't tell you where sex offenders live. Anyone on my street could be one and I would never know. Of course there are also offenders who never get caught and no one knows about them either. At least with this one, you are aware and can be vigilant around him.
  19. Picture Book Activities gives extension activities based on 50 children's books. There are ideas for art/crafts, games, songs/rhymes, snack ideas, and discussion questions for each book.
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