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  1. I had to chuckle at this as it was the same thing I thought when I read the comment about left-handed scissors not being available everywhere. I carry a pair of Ds' scissors in my purse in case we end up somewhere at a spontaneous craft-type event (it happens from time to time). I also carry a pen and pencil, just in case, which I'm sure others do too.
  2. They are the same size and it has never been an issue. I think it is because the outer part of the handles are squishy, so you can squeeze your fingers together. Before these scissors he had the same ones you linked in your OP.
  3. Ds uses (and loves) the ones by Maped: https://www.amazon.com/Maped-Left-Handed-Scissors-Stainless-696510/dp/B001B2SC8S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472166909&sr=8-1&keywords=maped%2Bleft%2Bscissors He has several pair of the 6.33" size.
  4. Homeschoolmom3, it sounds like you will have a great year! Your outline sounds very similar to what we did for country studies. It was so much fun. The line about classification of animals jumped out at me. We recently got a card game on classification of animals that would work for K (the box says age 7, but we will be using it with a K4 student). It is called QuickPix: Not Just an Animal Game. You need to match animals to their correct taxonomy. It is a fun way to learn classification. https://www.amazon.com/TaliCor-5512801-Quick-Pix-Animals/dp/B0009K6X7K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472150420&sr=8-1&keywords=quick+pix+animal
  5. model building, either kits or something open ended like a model train
  6. Eagle

    Beach Hajib

    Thank you. That's exactly what I needed to know. :)
  7. Eagle

    Beach Hajib

    I think the ban is ridiculous. It is an article of clothing. A sensible one at that, eliminating the need for sunscreen by providing head-to-toe UV protection. In 30 years half the women on the beaches might be wearing them. Which leads me to my question. I am not Muslim, but would consider wearing a burkini for UV protection. There is a history of melanoma in my family and I already try to cover as much of me as possible at the beach. Would it be considered inappropriate for me to wear a burkini? I don't want to offend anyone and am not sure if a burkini is more of a modesty item that fits with Islamic tradition, or an actual religious symbol that should only be worn by Muslims. Here is a really cute burkini that I would consider wearing: https://www.amazon.com/YEESAM®-Swimsuit-Islamic-Swimwear-Beachwear/dp/B00L4A2BKW/ref=pd_sim_468_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=KJ1GM0GR87HGPA5A2AEQ
  8. The Usborne Very First Reading set of books has pages that the parent reads and pages that the child reads. This allows for more of a story than just sticking to beginner words. They are phonics based and progress in difficulty with each book. http://www.usborne.com/veryfirstreading/
  9. For Ds we had a great year learning about countries around the world, including making food from each one (many of those dishes are ones we now eat regularly). We stamped a play passport, coloured maps and flags, and read tons of books about each place. We had fun reading fairy tales and Ds verbally told me his own versions, which I recorded and he illustrated. We played lots of card games and math games. We did FIAR and included grandma. They have very special memories of this time. We did lots of art and music, read 2-3 hours a day, and played lots outside.
  10. The scam guy would never set foot in my house again. He had multiple opportunities to fix the situation and he didn't.
  11. Our Ds has food allergies and can't eat any Halloween treats. The gnomes take his candy bag while he is sleeping and replace it with a small gift. We also have leprechauns on St Patrick's Eve that we try to trap. No leprechauns are harmed though! They always get away. :)
  12. Ds (8) really believes in Santa as well as the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Halloween Gnomes. At our house Santa brings stockings and a minor gift, usually something for the family to enjoy together like a card game or movie. It is not an over the top present extravaganza, we have never "visited" Santa, and Santa does not bring things that you request. We leave cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer and we watch them flying through the sky in an app on Christmas Eve before dashing to bed. It is fun and magical without being all about presents. We watch the Polar Express every year and focus on the message that the magic is within you and is real as long as you believe. I played along for YEARS after I found out. It was clear that my parents enjoyed being Santa and it was more fun for everyone for it to continue. I had fun pretending and never felt betrayed or lied to. I hope my dc feel the same.
  13. Does it have to be about birthdays? Since it will be September, one suitable choice would be "Thoughts" by Jacqueline Bouvier. It ends with: "Nostalgia -- that's the Autumn, Dreaming through September Just a million lovely things I always will remember."
  14. I read the title and went to the cupboard for chocolate, so I'm no help here.
  15. I didn't mean to imply her beef would contain ecoli. Just that having had a severe foodborne illness, I just don't take chances with food. If the food safety site says 1-2 days, then I go by that. If the meat has spoiled, a major gastrointestinal issue is not worth it to me -- others may disagree.
  16. Having survived ecoli, I can tell you that it isn't worth it. Throw it out.
  17. Has she tried goggles? She may not want to put her face in the water with them for awhile, but it should help with her fear of splashing.
  18. "Hey DH, I saw a funny text on your phone and shared it with Miss P. Well she shared it on an Internet forum and WOW did those ladies have some hilarious explanations for what it could mean. It's practically an Internet meme now - 'hotel dates - Sweet!'. So anyways, this forum is desperate to know what the real (and probably boring) reason is for these funny texts. What's up?"
  19. Maybe she should casually invite the neighbours over for appies tomorrow. Then she could see what their excuse was for not coming (maybe a conference, out of town, etc.).
  20. I moved away for grad school and then came back. I live a ten minute walk from the house where I grew up. For me, it's the best place on Earth. :)
  21. :grouphug: My thoughts are with you and your community.
  22. We went for an hour on Thursday and it was amazing! Clear skies and wide open area. The brightest ones I have ever seen. Both kids were enchanted!
  23. I don't have a recommendation for what you are asking about, but we discovered a great set of picture books that have greatly helped Ds with some of the issues you mention in your post. (They haven't solved the issues, but have given us openings to discuss them and he can be aware of them). It is a set of books by Julia Cook called "Best Me I Can Be". Some titles include "I Just Want to do it My Way", "I Can't Believe You Said That" (about social filters), "Thanks for the Feedback" (accepting criticism and compliments). Julia Cook has other books too that we really enjoyed. Some favourites are: Personal Space Camp It's Hard to be a Verb Making Friends is an Art
  24. Exploratopia and Exploralab would be good for those ages. Another idea would be a simple science kit that comes with the pieces needed. We like ScienceWiz. They have an instruction book with lots of explanation.
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