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  1. We use watercolour pencils and then wetbrushes. Keep in mind that all of these things start to get heavy and you have to haul it all around. Sometimes keeping it simple is best. We have a bag packed with all the things, but I often put it in the car and then only select a few things once we reach our destination. Hand loupes/magnifying glasses are a must. And my phone with camera. Everything else is optional and depends on how far we have to haul everything.
  2. What about online post-secondary courses? He could try courses in various fields to assess his interest. If he finds something he likes he could pursue a degree.
  3. How about an adventure? For dh’s birthday I got him a day at a local zipline place. In the past I have given him a rock climbing lesson at a climbing gym. Season’s pass to a local place he would enjoy? Tickets to a show? Concert, play, etc.
  4. We make the Martha Stewart marshmallows with a few modifications (you may be able to make them as is): https://www.marthastewart.com/333974/homemade-marshmallows We substitute Lyle’s Golden Syrup instead of corn syrup. I’m pretty sure I made them with rice syrup years ago and that was fine as well. We also substitute natural cane sugar instead of granulated sugar. They turn out light beige instead of white and taste carmelly. Everyone loves them. :) This week I am making a chocolate treat where I melt chocolate chips, add raisins, dried cranberries, and a little bit of a crunchy ce
  5. I let the kids make cloud dough today. It ended with cornstarch all over the room and a trail of footprints leading out of it. Vacuuming the floor and furniture, washing most surfaces in the room, and showers for the kids... finally my room is back to the stage of legos on the floor and play food out of the bin. Which in comparison is very tidy. So... just know that it could be a whole lot worse!
  6. wikki stixx magnetic drawing board (boogie board) art supplies (you can get a portable little suitcase with a variety of pencils, chalk, crayons, pages to colour, etc. or assemble one yourself)
  7. I recently created a spreadsheet of our games so I could sort by subject and keep track of when they are played. Lately ds9’s favourites have included the Cardline and Timeline games, Blokus, Quoridor, King of Tokyo, Knockout, Mythmatical Battles, Botswana, Telestrations, and 10 Days in Europe. 10 Days in Africa 10 Days in Europe 10 Days in the USA 12 Days of Christmas 24 Game Factors/Multiples 6 nimmt! 7 ate 9 ABSeas Alhambra All Creatures Big and Small Alphabet Go Fish Amun-Re Animal Rummy Animal upon Animal Apples to Apples Junior Apples to Apples Party Box Arena Roma
  8. We completed the first volume of BFSU but got bogged down in the second book. We did a year of REAL Science Odyssey and really enjoyed it. Mystery Science did not work for us, although we do watch their weekly question/answer videos. We continue to do some lessons from RSO, but our new find this year is Picture Perfect Science and Picture Perfect STEM. So far we are loving the PPS books and I wish we had known about them from the beginning. They pair a fun picture book on a topic with a nonfiction book for a scientific explanation. Some of the topics are different than the usual elementa
  9. The Lighthouse Family is a charming series of early chapter books.
  10. A close family member has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. For those who have been through this, are there any books you can recommend for helping children through this time? Ages 4-10. Or for adults for that matter? I am a complete mess. I don't know how to talk to them when I can't even keep myself together. Is there anything you wished you did in that remaining time, or anything you are glad that you did do? Is there a good resource to help with making a memory journal or something like that? Something that will help me ask the right questions for my loved one to share the
  11. Eagle

    She's here

    Congratulations!!! :party:
  12. My 4yo came up to me with his glass of water a couple days ago and said, "I would like a little solid in my liquid please." I was so surprised I just stood there until he said, "Ice, Mum. I would like ice." (and looked at me like I was clueless!)
  13. Congratulations to your ds!!! I'm so excited for him. :party:
  14. HAHAHA!! This was my exact thought when I saw this thread. Except Spy Car got me into rainbow looms, our fabulous toaster oven, and Singapore math. 2 out of the 3 were wildly successful. I would totally wear an animal onesie. But I wouldn't tell anyone I know. Ok, I might. I need a Totoro one, but I am not opening the link because I would probably buy something!
  15. :grouphug: I am so very sorry for your loss. :grouphug:
  16. Welcome to the world, little one! She's darling. Congratulations. :)
  17. :grouphug: Thinking of you!
  18. I'm glad she got the MRI. It was worth the battle. Many hugs to you and your daughter. :grouphug:
  19. :grouphug: Thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery.
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