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  1. Thank you! I am just about to start creating a course and this is perfect! I am using the hmh world geography text as a spine. I actually came here for modern literature ideas and found this! Here are some books that I was going to use. Journey to the Center of the Earth -- to start. Longitude: The Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle by Dervia Murphy I was thinking of ending with something fun like -- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  2. Thanks for all the Info. This is one area of sciene that I did not think about. My dd has gone through all of the Apologia books and we were trying to figure something out for next year. It will be her senior year. I think that this will fit the bill quite nicely along with marine biology. Lynda
  3. Just out of curiosity what were you considering using for a high school level enviormental science? That sounds like an intresting course that my dd would like. Lynda
  4. I have read through the WRTR and just always feel like I am missing something. I really just want the spelling portions of Phonics Road. lynda
  5. Another plug for Art Reed! We have used his video's from Alg 2 and now advanced math. Each video is about 10 minutes. Really not that long. He uses problems that are not in the math book, love that! He also gives the kids tips sometimes on how to do things better. I remember one lesson he said you will not learn this until lesson X but it is just easier to do it all now and taught the kids. After my dd did the lesson she agreed. We have also emailed him on several occasions. He called my dd and spoke with her on the phone one time when she was not understanding something! Lynda
  6. YEA!!! We got ours in the mail today! Now to figure out what this all means! Lynda
  7. I am very impatiently waiting for ours to come still!! Lynda:lol:
  8. This is exactly what I did. I explained that we homeschooled. She then went to tell me that we would just have to wait until we get it in the mail then. That I should place my dd in a school in order to get her results faster. Then I was not so nice at that point........ so I am sure that affected my outcome but it was not going anywhere at that point. I agree!!! I don't know why in such a digital age that we have to wait for snail mail to access these things. When I signed up my dd on the college board website. It states that her scores were in and knew exactly who she was, but that she needed the access code to obtain them now or wait until Jan 15. I don't get it if you know and verified who we are just give them to us. Lynda
  9. Just called again and NO go. They will not give you the code over the phone. They say that no one can get it at all over the phone and that one needs to wait until the tests are mailed out or talk with the students guidance counselor. Those that are able to get the access code by phone can you post the number that you are calling because maybe that makes a difference. Lynda
  10. I just called and they would not give me her access code. I was told they did not have access to it. And the lady was very rude at that. I was told that they are in the process of mailing the scores that that we may not even get them until the beginning of Jan. :( Lynda
  11. have you looked into celiacs disease or a wheat/gluten allergy. Your symptoms sound similar to what I was experiencing a year ago. I went on a strict allergy elimination diet, and found several food allergies. I cut out the offending foods and have been great ever since. No more reflux issues etc. Your more than welcome to PM for more information. :grouphug: Lynda
  12. I am fine without the tests. I was more asking because the words are so easy for my dd. I was thinking a test would maybe place her higher. I know that she is learning. We are going through a step in a day or two. We are in level 3 at the moment. Just thinking of ways to make it harder or more challenging for her. :glare::glare: Lynda
  13. My eldest had it at just under a year. She is 14 now and still loves it. Probably, due to the fact that I craved it constantly when I was pregnant with her and ate it at least twice a week the whole time! My other dd had it later but that was because she had a hard time chewing solid foods. She really did not eat any "real" food that was not mashed until 15 months. I am sure that it followed sometime soon. This child will not touch rolls, only straight raw fish! She does not even like her fish cooked! LOL. Lynda
  14. now onto look at how to teach spelling and some other programs. Or to make AAS work and add in harder words. :) Lynda
  15. humm...I get that. We are starting level 3 right now. I just would like some sort of test. May need to combine some elements. :) Do you know if the words get harder in the later levels. We are flying through the lists. I am not sure if my dd is getting the rules or remembering words from her reading. :) lynda
  16. I tried searching the forms but could not find the answer to this one. Does AAS at some point in the program give the kids a diagnostic tests for grade level. I know that Spelling Power has the kids take a test at the beginning of the year to determine where to start in the book but this also give you and idea of grade level placement. Each year when the child takes the test you can measure growth. I know that Phonics road does something similar starting in level 3 I believe. I also believe that WRTR does something like this as well. Lynda
  17. I suggest getting a copy of the blood tests and do some research online about thyroid levels. I went to one dr. he said they were normal, I went to another and they said they were borderline. Put me on an allergy elimination diet...and within a months time I felt better. Had all the above symptoms that you listed. Now 5 months later my thyroid levels are completely normal and I am back to normal as well. I am allergic to wheat. Lynda
  18. Thanks!!! I am creating a Spanish II class right now and these will be fun to add in! :hurray: Lynda
  19. Hello, I am trying to figure out some options for Highschool Spanish 2 and 3. We used Spanish now for the 1 year but I really need a teacher that can have conversations with my dd, as well as answer questions that she may have from the textbook we choose. I found this and was wondering if anyone has used it? Please I would love any and all reviews positive or negative. Or other suggestions. Lynda
  20. Years ago when I did that. I took a file box and had a file folder for each week 1-36. Within the folder I organized it into days (1-4) Everything in the folder was organized in the subject order that I wanted things completed. Everything was in here. I wrote out the copy work onto separate pages, separated the math workbooks etc. On Fridays, I moved the weeks worth of work over into the binder, took no more than 5 minutes. This way I could use a smaller 1" binder. I used the kind where you could fold back the cover to make writing easier. And it was easier to take into the car, and generally carry around. (think little hands) We schooled a ton in the car this particular year. We stepped away from the binder method in later years when we schooled at home more. It was just easier to grab the workbook off the shelf. Now that my kids are older and more independent, I find myself returning to the binder method. A section for each subject and a whole years worth of lesson plans in each. It all fits into a 3" binder, but that is only because we don't have any worksheets etc for the high schooler. Lynda
  21. This makes sense to me. So at this point she has done Apologia general science, Apologia physical science, MODG Earth Science (research based course with tons of writing, MODG Natural Science, Apologia Biology (she did this in 4 months). Science comes very easy and natural to her. She loves Stephen Hawking and his theories. She absolutely loves some of the theories on parallel universe and string theory(??). She reads and ton and loves to watch the science channel. What would you recommend that she do then for a future sequence. I just assumed that we would continue with the Apologia books, because they are easy for mom. But it sounds like a different order would be better?? thanks for any help. Lynda
  22. Thanks, I think that I will just let her go with her interests then on this one. What would some of the benefits be to do physics before chemistry? I will be honest here, I hate science. But I do love nature walks and the world. Somehow, I have ended up with several science minded and loving children. My husband blames it on my lack of using a textbook when the kids were younger and just going out into the world to explore! I am completely lost when it comes to the upper level sciences! LOL Lynda
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