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  1. Hello, We are hosting an orphan this summer through New Horizons for Children. These children come with chaperones from Ukraine who are also in need of families to host them while here. Right now they are in need of families in CA, TX, Northeast, NC/SC and Midwest. They really are the reason we are able to host these children during the summer and Christmas season. If you are willing, or know of someone might be interested, in hosting a chaperone for one or more weeks June 28 through August 1, please check out the link below. https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHVHcnYtWmdVWG9nazJIZFg3eFoxV1E6MA&ndplr=1 Thank you for any help!
  2. my dd competed up to Level 8 before we had to let it all go. Actually it was her decision. She said she wanted a life! She was in the gym 20 hours a week, not to mention during meet season most all of her weekends were consumed with gymnastics! It definitely is a very expensive sport...meet fees, transportation costs, food lodging for meets, competition and practice leotards, gym bags and whatever else the gym requires....not to mention the monthly fee. Thankfully I worked at the gym to barter off my monthly tuition fees. But I will say that my dd now at 15 has many regrets of taking gymnastics to that level since she realizes how much she missed out on family life, especially with her siblings. She still regrets it even though she had fun while there. She said she began to feel like an outsider in her own home because she was not home when our lives were going on. But there is also a cost to the rest of the family....will you have to sit there while she is at practice? What about all the siblings? What will you do with them? Will they also have to hang out while she is in lessons? Like many sports (and I do like sports) it just seems that now days kids can't just enjoy the sport....they have to become professionals at it at such an early age. And then the whole family's life centers around the gifting or talent of one child. To do it all over again, I would not had done it. The price was too high....in every way. I know you are only talking Level 3 right now, but if she is talented, as my dd was, you will begin to feel lots of pressure to keep her in and keep her going. Good luck in your choices!
  3. my illiteracy of the computer. I have no idea about backup. As far as I know, I have never backed up my computer!! Arrgh! There. I said it. I don't even know what that means to back up a computer....I'm sure it has something to do with saving everything in case of a crash, but I don't know how to do that! :001_huh: And as far as reinstalling the printer.....I thought of that. I suppose I would need to uninstall everything about it and then reinstall it all. I was just wondering if that same update would already still be on there?? I am getting the sneaking suspicion that I am going to have to break down and buy a HP cartridge......:glare:
  4. I have been buying replacement ink cartridges at Cartridge World. So they are not actually refilling the same cartridge, but replacing them with their own cartridges. They worked before and not they don't. They said these printer companies are trying to put a stop to refilled cartridges. I don't know.... So how would I "reload the last backup"? I have no idea how to do that. Thanks again for your thoughts!
  5. I have been using refilled cartridges for some time on my HP printer. However, recently they stopped working. The cartridge store said that it is probably due to some automatic updates HP put on my computer. I don't remember every getting a notice of that. But either way, the store said that I need to turn off the automatic updates and undo the most recent updates. I found out how to turn it off, but how in the world do you undo recent updates? Is this possible? Or am I now doomed to have to pay the high price of HP cartridges now?? Any thoughts or ideas?
  6. My 11dd is interested in entering some of her stories into contests. Can anyone tell me of reputable contests that we could look into? Thanks so much for your help!
  7. Yes, I went back and checked more reviews and it seems lots of people are complaining about the same things. She can charge hers all day and it will hold for about 5 mins. Very frustrating. Thankful Walmart will take it back! I will check out the ones mentioned. Still have my ears open for any other suggestions! :bigear: Thanks so much!
  8. I bought my dd one of those Flip Cameras for Christmas and have not liked it since we can't use it with our Windows Movie Maker. But now the camera won't maintain a charge for more than 5 minutes. We took it back to Walmart for a refund and now need to find another HD video camera for her for under $150. Is there such a one that gets good reviews? Can be used with WMM? Would love to hear what you are using! Thanks for your help! Rhonda
  9. what to do. I bought the flip camera for my dd for Christmas. She likes the camera, but it won't allow her to use the Windows Movie Maker program. We found a free download that would convert it into mp4 files, but a 5 min. video takes about 45 minutes to download! Can anyone help me with this??
  10. I just thought it was so strange that this just started recently. I wondered if something different was being put in soaps or what, though it never bothers me. But then again, I keep lotion on my hands all the time.... Thanks again for all the suggestions. They are so very helpful!
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