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  1. You get 30 minutes free the first day + 5 minutes a day after that. Whoopee! Beyond that, you do have to have a "tv service" to watch, but it doesn't have to be traditional cable or satellite. There are lots of other options, including hulu. Someone posted an article above. Here's another one from Wired that explains several options-- https://www.wired.com/story/how-to-watch-the-2018-winter-olympics-online/ I don't really understand why we can't just pay NBC to access their app and website. Like you, I am happy to pay a reasonable amount to access their coverage. We want to be able
  2. Yeah, that didn't happen. I ended up working on bills and paperwork until 7:30. We're making nachos instead.
  3. Baked tofu, brown rice, roasted beets, and sauteed swiss chard At least that's my plan at the moment. I'll see what happens when I actually start to cook.
  4. Never heard that use before. On a related note, in the past couple of years I have occasionally heard "out of pocket" used to mean "unreachable", as in, "I'll be out of pocket while travelling to Alaska next month." To me, "out of pocket" refers to a monetary expense, so that kind of use is new to me.
  5. Yes, exactly. Maybe that's not what Eeyore means. I haven't read Pooh in ages, so I can't really remember what Eeyore is like. But the person I'm thinking of is just always negative. He is determined to find fault with everything. Good things are never a pleasant surprise because the paint is probably going to chip, and the music is too loud, and it will certainly be too expensive.
  6. The "Eeyore" I know best is fond of "at least" statements. We can be in a meadow, sitting in the sunshine, drinking champagne, and he'll say, "Well, at least it's not raining." Isn't "at least" for when you're trying to find the bright side of a bad situation? He seems to use it only when he can't find anything to complain about. And he sounds almost disappointed!
  7. Thanks for posting. I have been running for the past few years. This is the third or fourth time in my life of taking up running and for this go, my progress has been so incredibly slow, probably due to age and overweight. But I have (finally!) gotten to the point of almost exactly the guidelines Laurie posted -- 3 times a week x 30 minutes at 6 mph. I have been strategizing how to increase from there, but now I am rethinking. Instead, maybe I would be better served by incorporating more strength and flexibility training, which I have been very inconsistent at.
  8. That sounds so weird! I see you have tried using a different browser. Do you have another device you can try? Such as a different computer or a phone. That might help to pinpoint where the problem is. FYI, there is nothing wrong with the site. It's working fine for me.
  9. I think you said it yourself -- this is a common problem. Well, it's a common situation. It doesn't have to be a problem. Have him wear pullups. You could bring it up at his next doctor's appointment, but at five, I wouldn't worry about it just yet. It doesn't sound like he's physically ready yet. Chances are very good he will get there on his own in not too long. As for sitting to pee, that's not a problem either. Some boys and men do that. He can make his own choice.
  10. Nobody ever calls my phone except scammers. Maybe I should set my ringtone to the Imperial March from Star Wars. LOL It would be sort of fun to have different tones for text messages, though. Is that even possible? I've never tried.
  11. :ohmy: That would have been a jolt. I'm glad it was straightened out quickly.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will see what I can find in my stores. I have been buying Polar Orange Dry or San Pellegrino for my pizza night soda, but I would love to find some other options again. :)
  13. I know! I can't imagine why they stopped making them. The company still is around making juice, just no spritzers. :(
  14. No, I've never heard of them before. But that's just the kind of thing I'm looking for. I used their store locator, and they should be available at a local store here (one I never shop at, which is why I haven't seen them). I will definitely make a special trip and give them a try. Thanks!
  15. I'm in search of fruit flavored sodas that actually taste fruity. We used to buy Knudsen spritzers, and they were perfect. They were fruit flavored sodas (not seltzer) made with real juice and in interesting flavors like boysenberry and tangerine. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued. I haven't found anything else that's really similar. Sometimes I buy juice and plain seltzer to mix together, but the cans were really a great convenience. We only want to drink sweet beverages occasionally, say on pizza night. Also it was really nice to be able to keep several flavors around to offer t
  16. I don't want cats on my table at home, but I would be okay with this solution as a guest. It was the tablecloth thing that made it so awful -- you can't wipe down a tablecloth!
  17. Our cats do not go on the counter or dining tables. Our first cat was barely an adult when he came to us, and we had to train him not to (a quick spray of water from a spray bottle) but he learned fairly quickly. I am fairly certain he didn't do it when we weren't around, simply because he was a terrible klutz and surely would have knocked things over or left some sort of evidence. He was allowed on end tables and coffee tables, etc. But not on the kitchen counter or eating table. Our current cat was ten years old when we got her, and luckily she already had no inclination. I am sure i
  18. Spinach mushroom are my favorite. So yummy, but we use bechamel sauce and gruyere, so it's not dairy free.
  19. Has he ridden buses before? Some basic bus tips -- off before on (let everyone get off the bus first, giving them enough space to depart the bus) leave the closest seats for the elderly and disabled don't have your stuff spread out over the seat beside you unless there's tons of empty space on the bus use headphones if you are listening to something My ds has been riding the bus independently since age 12 and has never had any troubles. I bet it will be a great experience for your ds.
  20. That's not really an example of the Mandela effect, though. That's an example of a common misconception, something that people may have even been taught in school. It's not a case of a large group of people sharing a common incorrect memory. At least, it seemed different to me when I started typing this post, but now I'm confusing myself. :huh:
  21. Yes, exactly. Just now when I came to the forums, my square box had notifications and one of them said, "goldenecho quoted a post you made". I clicked on the word "quoted" and it took me right to goldenecho's post in this thread. I DO get notifications sometimes when someone just replies to a thread. I have never figured out any pattern to when that happens. It's certainly not for every reply on every post. But as far as I know, I do always get a notification whenever I am quoted. You can adjust your settings to get notifications for different things (or email notifications if you are
  22. I *think* she is saying -- "Today in class, we were talking about what to wear for the field trip. Your dd and I had some back and forth. I'm fine with what she said and what she wears. I just wanted to let you know about the conversation from my point of view in case your dds talk about it at home."
  23. Me too. I'm always looking for savory breakfast options that aren't eggs. I just remembered I used to do bean tortillas for breakfast -- refried beans on a corn tortilla, toasted in a skillet, then topped with salsa. Like a quesadilla but with no cheese. That was good.
  24. An assortment of baked goods and pastries, scrambled eggs, and sliced melon. Very typical. :lol: That is actually what we had for breakfast, but it is not typical at all. Somehow we had ended up with a variety of baked goods -- bran muffins from Monday's breakfast, biscuits from yesterday's breakfast, and some pastries from something else. I put them all out on the table, then decided a breakfast of all carbs would be not be wise before a day of skiing, so I made dh and ds some eggs. I also put out a tupperware of melon I cut up a couple of days ago.
  25. That's what I have wondered too. Could it be the word "column" or something like that? The Mandela effect is so weird to me. I can't say that any of the examples I've read resonate with me (you can google for quite a few more). The "dilemma/dilemna" one is the closest but not quite enough for me to say I remember being taught that. Instead, the things that I have remembered very clearly but are provably wrong are always just my own memory. I'm not sure which is more unsettling -- knowing that I can't rely on my own memory or that an entire group can be wrong.
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