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  1. Huh, interesting. Just out of curiosity, what do wait staff tend to say in your region. And not to belabor the point, but how would you know if someone is saying "folx" vs "folks". Aren't they pronounced the same?
  2. Wow, that's an extreme reaction. Have you never had a waitress say, "How are you folks this evening? My name is . . . " ? Do people in your region never say, "Well folks, I'm going to call it a night"?
  3. I use "folks" for this, as in "Do you folks need anything over here?" It sounds sort of cornball, but I prefer it to "guys".
  4. It would seem weird to me, though now that I think about it, I could picture my brother doing that. He's chatty and tends to spill more personal info to strangers than I would. But I don't think we've ever gone out to eat together without a whole crowd of people. When dh and I were younger, a few times people assumed we were brother and sister. We don't really look alike but we had similar hair and blue eyes. We corrected them on that!
  5. Agree with the others. Thanks for being proactive about this, Amira.
  6. I was freaking out when my bookmark to the topics page kept giving me an error. I thought you guys had kicked me out or something. Finally I thought of going through the forum and the clubs section. I guess our renegade topics section has disappeared and now the original one is working? Is that what happened. It's sad to think of losing our posts and even sadder to think of people losing their trust in this community and stopping their participation.
  7. We were part of a teen group for several years that was a great experience. It was not drop-off. Each teen had to have a parent (or other adult) present, but often people would agree to serve as the responsible adult for other kids. Like, I'll do it this month if you'll do it next month kind of thing. Since there were always several other parents there, it was actually a nice social experience for parents as well, and the organizers did not have to be responsible for behavior and safety. Each parent decided for themselves what was okay and what wasn't. There weren't many "rules" beyond t
  8. Aw, I think that would hurt anyone's feelings. Hopefully, getting the word out to more families will mean other folks show up and you'll start making more connections. You know the librarian wants you there, so try to just let this other person's words and actions go. In the meantime, have you thought about making some of your own events to try to connect with other folks with young kids? What about a meet-up at a local park once it warms up? Or at a coffee shop.
  9. I've never seen a groom's cake in real life, so all I can think of is that scene from Steel Magnolias.
  10. That is the top section of the notification settings. If you scroll down there are more settings. I feel like I keep repeating myself, but since you asked, I will explain again. In the top section (which you copied and pasted) you can select "Do not send me notifications". Great, that stops the emails! If you scroll down to the bottom section, you can select from a long menu of items to select either "notification list" (which means on-site notifications in the little bell icon at the top of the page) or "email". Most of the items you can select either one or both or neither. But there ar
  11. Melissa, here is a screenshot of my notification settings. This is in the lower section that you have to scroll down to get to. The first ("I receive a message") and the fourth ("Someone comments on something I follow") cannot be untoggled. Now, I can in the upper section turn off ALL email notifications, and that did work. However, I would like to be able to follow threads and receive on-site notifications without email notifications. That doesn't seem possible with the current settings.
  12. There's another one that can't be turned off: "Someone comments on something I follow" cannot be toggled off of email (or on for site notifications). That's a biggie!
  13. I don't see why it wouldn't work. When I make gravy, I simply adjust the quantities of everything up or down in equal proportion to match the quantity I desire. Comes out just fine. I don't see why a packet would be different. I think I do decrease the liquid slightly since a smaller percentage is lost to evaporation. So he might start with slightly less liquid and then adjust if necessary at the end.
  14. Yes, it says the administrator has disabled the toggle switch for that option. As long as that's the case, I will not be following any threads here. Please consider changing that setting.
  15. This is only if they live as part of a household with a car, right? Someone with no car doesn't need insurance. Or if they are off at college with no car? I was surprised to find out we didn't need to add ds to the insurance while he's learning to drive . He's doing way more driving now getting the practice driving hours in than I anticipate he will once he has a license. (He walks or buses to almost everywhere he needs to go.) And I would think the learning hours are pretty high risk. But the insurance company said not until he has a license.
  16. Yeah, it's in the section below. There are two email notifications that cannot be toggled off. BUT, your screenshot helped, because I had the "automatically follow content" options selected. I am turning that off for now. I do want to be able to follow threads, but ONLY if I get my notifications here instead of by email. Turning that off should solve my problem for the moment (fingers crossed).
  17. As I said in my post, I turned them all off as well, except for the two that it *would not allow* me to turn off. I also clicked "Do not send me notifications" in the top section of the Notification Settings. And yet . . . I have gotten ten emails about this thread in the last twenty minutes. Is it different for you? PLEASE tell me how to stop the emails.
  18. So I posted once this morning and when I went to check my email just now, I had SIX emails updating me on who had commented/quoted/interacted with that thread. Yikes! I high-tailed it to the settings to turn that setting off. I went to Notification Settings and turned off just about all the email notifications, but to my surprise you CANNOT turn off the email setting for "Someone comments on something I follow". It says "The administrator has diabled this option from being toggled." It says the same for "I receive a message" but that one doesn't bother me as much. I don't get many messages. B
  19. Do you know what the trigger is? The bolded sounds similar to my cat. In her case, it's when we open a new bag of cat food. She likes it so much she overeats and then throws up. After a few days it's not quite so amazingly fresh and delicious and she goes back to eating normally. Now that we know, we dish out the food very sparingly on the first couple of days of a new bag (4-5 times a day, instead of the usual twice a day).
  20. As I understand it, the teacher asked the students to copy problems onto the board before class so that class time could be spend doing the problems rather than copying. Seems odd to me, as it puts a burden on students to arrive early to class. Also, why is so much time necessary to copy problems? Professors have been teaching classes for many years using blackboards, so it's not like this is a new problem. Maybe the professor should arrive early and copy the problems if it's that important to him.
  21. I know people have already answered this with "the sun", but I agree it's harder than that. I have sometimes gotten quite tangled up in country roads with no idea what direction I was heading. But here's the thing-- If someone asked me what side of the road my house is on (or the place where I work), that's easy to answer. I have a very clear picture of my neighborhood and which way is north. I am on the north side of the street. My work place is on the east side of its street. OTOH, if I asked someone what side of the road they were on, I would only be asking because I had a clear
  22. For example, go look at this map of the National Mall in D.C. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:National_Mall_map.png This map is in the normal configuration, i.e. north is up on the map. Do you see where the White House is, at #3? And see how Constitution Avenue is below that? That means that the White House is on the north side of Constitution Avenue. Meanwhile, a little bit to the east (right), you see the Natural History Museum (#24), which is on the south side of Constitution Avenue. Once you've seen the picture on a map of a place you know well, you might keep carrying
  23. Your library may work differently from mine. At our library, each account is for one user only, though as I said earlier, patrons can choose to give permission to others to use their account. But we definitely believe that each user has a right to privacy, even from others in the same household. (Again, it's a little different for parents with respect to young children.) At our library, if you are in possession of someone else's card, then they have implicitly given you permission to use their account (check out items, look up what they have out, pick up holds, etc.). I'll shut up
  24. While it's nice when libraries can be flexible to accommodate patrons, a more foundational principle is that library users have the right to privacy and confidentiality. For example, a husband does NOT have the right to know what books his wife has checked out. At our library, patrons can have a note added to their account saying, for example, "Husband John can pick up holds for Judith" or "Mom Helen is authorized on this account" but the default is no access. With young children, the situation is a little different. But with adults and teenagers, we do try to be consistent. Even though it
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