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  1. I think there's another factor that might come into play: doing it for yourself vs. doing it for pay. It's difficult for me to sustain motivation in projects that I'm not required to do. My job requires some amount of tedious work and physical work. I just do the tasks, even when I don't want to or am getting tired, because it's my job. At home when I'm working on my own numerous tedious and/or physically demanding projects, I am far quicker to take a break. I feel mentally and physically "done" much sooner, and it can't be entirely attributed to real physical limitations. Obviously aging
  2. We have owned dish drainers in the past but years ago transitioned to the towel-on-the-counter method. In my experience, a dish drainers is useful if you are washing *dishes* -- plates, cups, and silverware. But now that we have a dishwasher, we're handwashing mostly pots and cutting boards and colanders and other random stuff. It's too big or irregularly shaped to fit in a dish drainer. For cutting boards, we lean them against our upper cabinet, which is right close by. Everything else just gets plonked down face down. We also use it for air drying tupperwares from the dishwasher. I put a new
  3. What about items that are on sale? Doesn't it make sense to stock up on them when the price is lowest? I mostly stick to my list, but if I see that the canned tomatoes we prefer are on sale at a great price, I will buy several of them.
  4. I don't think decreased effectiveness at 12 hours is "failing". That's my experience with natural deodorants as well. Can't you just reapply (give a quick wash first if you want)? It's easy to carry some in your purse for quick touch-ups as needed.
  5. I think Night Elf's friend is saying that *Night Elf* has an organization page. And Night Elf is wondering if she needs to change that. I don't know the answer, but at least let's straighten out what the question is.
  6. Our family makes the same things every year. Every year we discuss changing it up, but what it comes down to is that we like having a large variety of familiar, relatively bland foods. So we want plain mashed potatoes, not garlic parmesan, to go with the turkey gravy. So that's what I will do, but I'm mining the rest of these posts for yummy things to make later in the season. roast turkey and gravy plain boring mashed potatoes plain boring stuffing plain boring cranberry sauce acorn squash casserole sweet potato casserole glazed pearl onions green beans (steamed? sauteed with garl
  7. Would he be interested in trying non-video games? Game stores often have a thriving community of friendly folks where adults, teens, and kids all play together. Board games, card games, miniature and role-playing games. And gamers are usually happy to teach newcomers.
  8. I'm intrigued by the way you use your calendar. Interesting! What's the wooden decoration you're making? Looking to steal other people's ideas because I have no energy to plan for myself. LOL
  9. That must have been so frightening. You were so brave to pull back the bush to look for the snake. I hope your healing continues to go well, and I hope you can enjoy your garden again without fear.
  10. We finished a season of a tv show we were watching, and I checked the library's catalog to see if they had the next season available. It was listed as "on order" so I put a hold on it, and figured it would be a little while. To my surprise, the very next day I got an email that my dvd was ready for me at the library!
  11. I hear you! I wear 5* pairs of shoes regularly, and they all really need to be replaced. I should have been doing this gradually, rather than waiting until the situation was desperate. But I HATE shopping for shoes. I have heard good things about Dansko too. Good shoes do seem to cost quite a bit. *Five sounds like a lot of shoes, but I'm really the least fashionable person I know and still seem to need that many -- 1 -- indoor house shoes, i.e. crocs (holes in the bottom) 2 -- running shoes (three years old and causing me foot pain) 3 -- oxfords (12 years old with cracked sole) 4
  12. Good luck! I joined the staff at my small town library this summer and I love it. For my interview I wore a patterned skirt and black blouse, roughly like this -- http://appleseeds.blair.com/p/reversible-print-skirt/103896.uts Our library is quite informal, so going full "office wear" would not have been appropriate. CaliforniaDreaming, that's a cool site.
  13. Zoom and Gatherplace are the platforms that ds has used for classes in the past. At the time no chrome extensions were available, so he had to use a different computer. But I looked them up just now and both now seem to offer a chrome extension. So maybe it isn't as much of an issue anymore. That's good news!
  14. It really depends on your online classes. Some require you to download software, and that will not work on a chromebook. But if the class is run just through a browser, it will work. For example, AOPS classes and Brave Writer classes require nothing besides a browser.
  15. I just use a bath towel folded in thirds. The extra weight from multiple layers is enough to keep it in place and there's a little added cushion on our feet, but obviously it washes perfectly well in the washer. I wash it once a week with all the other towels. Probably not the most attractive option, but super cheap and easy!
  16. Add me to the list. It helps me enjoy suspenseful books more because I can slow down and actually read the book rather than just galloping through to find out what happens in the end. I haven't usually done it on purpose for movies and tv shows, but I don't mind reading articles with spoilers in them. I know a lot of people can't understand why someone would want "ruin the surprise". But you know people have enjoyed the stories of Homer for thousands of years and we all know how the stories end. I don't spoil things for people who don't want spoilers, and it does seem considerate to label
  17. Just to clarify, since I was one of the people who commented on the "third pound" language -- I am not saying her wording is *wrong*. To point out differences in English dialects is not the same as labeling them as mistakes. And while we often think the quirks of our own regions are "obvious", outsiders may not find that to be the case at all. I recall my dh staring at me in utter bewilderment when I told him the time was "ten of three". He had no idea what I could possibly mean by that phrase. And I was equally bewildered by his question, "Did you bring with the camera?" I could not parse
  18. Like regentrude, I'm a little confused by the "third pound" wording. In my dialect, we say "third of a pound". But that may be a regional difference. I would not be surprised if the clerks were confused by what a "third" is, though. A related story -- My dh goes to a local coffee shop every couple of weeks to buy freshly-roasted beans. Some of the beans are pre-packaged in 1-pound bags, but sometimes he buys from the loose beans. Every time he does this, the clerk becomes confused. She weighs the beans, and she also has a price per pound, and she has a calculator sitting on the counter, bu
  19. Is Traffic Jam the same as Rush Hour? If not, you may like Rush Hour and other games by ThinkFun. We liked River Crossing a lot. Also, tangrams, Hi-Q, and rubiks cube.
  20. I don't think you have to estimate it on the spot. My state says "any Motor Vehicle Accident causing death, personal injury, or combined vehicle/property damage in excess of $1,000 must be reported in writing to the Division of Motor Vehicles within 15 days". So I guess you take your car to the shop, get an estimate, and then know whether you need to fill out the form or not. That only applies if police were not called to the scene. If police were called, they file their own report.
  21. How would you know? I'm not asking snarkily. I don't actually know the process here. I've never been in a car accident and this thread made me realize I didn't really know what the procedure would be. So I looked up the law in my state and apparently we are supposed to file an accident report if the damage is more than $1000. As I said, I've never had need to do it, but if I did, wouldn't I just fill out the form and send it to the Department of Safety? Why would the body shop be involved?
  22. This probably depends on your region, but we save by forgoing trash pickup and just going to the landfill ourselves. We compost and recycle as much as possible, so we don't produce a lot of trash and take a medium-sized bag about once a month. It costs us $10-15 per YEAR instead of $30 a month. We can also drop off recycling and yard waste for no cost at the same time.
  23. I would thaw the frozen ones in the microwave before putting them in the crockpot. I would not worry about the first piece of chicken cooking longer than the others. Cooking in a crockpot isn't for precision cooking, and an hour difference out of a 6-hour cook is not a big deal. But thaw the frozen ones first.
  24. I do not know your cultural or religious background, but suppose you are Christian. Are you okay with people of other faiths or no faith at all play acting the sacrament of communion? Or dressing up as Jesus on the cross? If you are not Christian, please substitute images and symbols that you hold most sacred. Many people find it quite painful to see that kind of use of their most cherished traditions. Whether it bothers you personally or not, the fact is it does bother many people. Great analogy!
  25. Mollie Katzen's Miso Almond Sauce would probably be delicious with cashew butter.
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