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  1. Trying to register ds for the SAT but College Board wants the registration number from when he took it three years ago as a 12yo. Off to dig through the papers that I "keep meaning to get organized." We should not have waited until the last day to register!

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    2. dmmetler


      So they need the registration number, for a score that was purged at the end of the year? Good to know-DD10 is taking the SAT tomorrow, and I wouldn't have thought about needing that number when she's in high school!


    3. Cosmos


      YES! I was flummoxed and ds was in a near panic. He said, "Now I'll never be able to take any College Board tests!" Okay, probably not true but we sure wouldn't have been able to register for December.

    4. quark


      Glad you found it. I've been able to get things done over the phone too so that might be an option for anyone who can't find theirs!

  2. I have discovered the secret to getting a teenage boy up and moving. These simple words: "A hot breakfast will be on the table in 15 minutes" have reduced his morning routine to 13 minutes flat. Hallelujah! I'm happy to scramble a few eggs for that kind of result.

    1. RootAnn


      Totally tried this with my eldest (girl, younger than yours) because if she doesn't get upstairs fast enough, the yummy stuff I fix is gone (four siblings & all). Unfortunately, it doesn't work here. Glad it works there!

    2. idnib


      Doesn't work here but I'm thinking "a hot breakfast is on the table and will be colder the longer you take" might work.

  3. Sick with a cold, ds attended his online class in pajamas today. Homeschool cliché finally becomes reality.

    1. quark


      He he, that was us a few days ago. Now we are finally "proper" homeschoolers. :D

      Hope he gets well soon and that you don't catch it!

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