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  1. I have a 13 yo significant dysgraphic, and a 10 yo mild/mod dysgraphic. For us, Writing 8 exercises did help with letter formation. It did not help with much else, but not having to tell them how to form each particular letter was worth the time we put into this. I've noticed that the 10 yo is making a few wonky letters so we might spend another 6 months on this in the Spring. After working on Writing 8 for about 6 months, I focused on making sure they could write their name/address/etc. legibly. Then we stopped worrying about handwriting. I was told during our testing that we c
  2. I went through Scottish Rite with my 2 kids several years ago. Scottish Rite had different recommendations for each child regarding further evaluations, such as Speech therapy, etc. SR is an excellent staring point. Best of luck
  3. Susan Barton will provide proof of eligibility. I was able to get access to LA prior to getting formal testing done through Susan Barton. She also responds quickly to emails. If the OP has questions regarding dc testing result, email her. Susan will be able to help you decide on the best way to proceed. Best of luck!
  4. You could also look at free options for testing. For example, Scottish Rite in Texas does testing for free for residents of the state. I agree with OhElizabeth, if you are proceeding without testing, then use materials for dyslexia. Testing will give you a better picture of what is going on, give you access to resources such as Learning Ally (buying Barton new will also give you access to LA), and provide you documentation for accommodations for school and college. Best of luck!
  5. I just wanted to add my family's experience to all the wonderful comments regarding remediation and the need to stop independent reading during this time. We started Barton at the beginning of last school year while waiting to get into Scottish Rite for testing. Both kids are moderate dyslexics. My now 9 yo daughter has fully caught up to her age mates in reading and writing ability. Stopping all independent reading for a year was difficult for me. However, she can now read everything that she wants with great accuracy. The pay off has been amazing. She can fully participate and benefit
  6. I am so glad that my kids aren't the only ones who have issues with the sight word lists of Barton. I have completely dropped them because it was disheartening to be starting level 6 and working on Level 3 ( or 4) sight words. Instead I bought a list of 1000 sight words on cardstock. It's a crazy list. Make is a sight word? LOL. We work on these cards for spelling sight words. We read the Barton list and if there is a word they cannot read, we review it until they know it. The only reason we bother to read the list from barton is because those are the words that pop up in the stories
  7. Being formally Identified with a learning disability will not limit her in adult life. Formal identification allows you to teach her in the best way for her particular learning difference, which may or may not be dyslexia. It allows her the time to learn how to advocate for her learning difference. My kids embraced their formal diagnosis. It is much easier to say "I am dyslexic", then to think something must be terribly wrong with your brain since you cannot do something that the other kids can do easily. In college, formal identification means that accommodations must be offered.
  8. We are having the best luck with IEW's Fix it. Fix it has guided questions for each sentence, which gets my dyslexics talking and thinking about language. It includes vocabulary. It includes IEW's dress ups. We do not use IEW's writing, but the exposure of the dress up in Fix it has a positive impact on their writing. It includes cards of all concepts to use and review. We are only 1/2 way through the first book. They can label the parts of speech learned. Correctly use There/their/they're and to/two/too. Understanding pronoun antecedent agreement. Identify verbals, which is an advance
  9. Great discussion! Coming in late, but thought I would add. My son has a dysgraphia diagnosis. It fell under Developmental Coordination Disorder. He also has a SLD-Written expression which is different. My dd's handwriting is terrible but she didn't get a DCD diagnosis. I didn't really agree with one child getting the diagnosis and the other not, since both have terrible handwriting. However, yesterday they both had to take notes off a board for an art class. My son could not do this. He got about 2 names and a few dates and it is barely readable. We have been working on handwriting for
  10. I was in the "too scared to try group". Now I'm in the 3rd group with PinkyandtheBrains of "wish I'd tried it sooner".
  11. I use a "regular" writing curriculum, but provide accommodations. If your child can type, then that would be an appropriate accommodation. My child is still working on learning to type, so I either scribe for him or he uses Dragon Naturally Speaking. In addition to dysgraphia, my child is a moderate dyslexic. We've decided to use IEW's SWI-A this year. I cannot recommend it since we haven't started yet. My child works well with explicit instructions so I'm hoping this will be a good fit for him.
  12. Absolutely, scribe for him. My 12 yo is dysgraphic. In addition to handwriting issues, typing is coming extremely slow for him. Other than handwriting work needed for spelling ( he is dyslexic as well) and typing practice, I either scribe for him for small projects and he is learning to use a speech-to-text software for longer written assignments. We did not introduce the speech -to-text software until this year, so lots of scribing by me has been done in the past. He was formally evaluated this past year. Prior to this testing, I was having him dictate a written narration to me than
  13. My bad! UH .....UT, same thing, right? :lol: google search for Children's Learning Institute Houston if the link doesn't work. www.childrenslearninginstitute.org This was the one I was checking out before I decided to go with Scottish Rite, which did the exact same testing.
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