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    married to my best friend, mom to 5 boys and 4 girls, home educating forever, Nana to 3 and growing
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    Aurora, Oregon
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    reading, gardening, goatherding, tinkering around the house
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    I'm in charge of morale.
  1. I have a theory that Oregon home educators don't spend much time inside in front of their computers during the summer months. It takes a few cold days for us to return to our full school schedule (after we pack away our shorts and summer sandals.) Ditto re. Eli and Exodus Provisions!
  2. We're not in the country, but in a bustling suburban area that hasn't been annexed to any of the towns that are crowding together around here. Still lots of trees, though, and the country is just a hop, skip, and jump down the road!


    My brother-in-law is a realtor in this area, too. You're right, I've probably seen your aunt's signs around!


    Take care,


  3. Hey, I wasn't sure how to do this type of message...I posted on my Visitor Message page in response to your earlier message, but I'm not sure if the system lets you know if I do that. Anyhow, thanks for saying hi, and go check out my other message to you if you have time!



  4. It sounds like a lot of flights have been sure to check before you make the drive :)
  5. I've had enough snow thank you very much. We usually get snow once every three years and only briefly. Our poor sheep and goats! They aren't used to being locked in the barn any more than we are used to being stuck in the house. There, I feel better. Isn't the snow pretty? and the dog's feet don't track in all that mud.....Snow is much cleaner :)
  6. you sound just like me!!! I've got major arthritis and I "rust" when I get too cold. :) It was a really good day, the baby even took a 2nd nap. They all finished their school work by noon. We were able to spend time in the sewing room being crafty. And best of all--dinnner is in the oven. :)

  7. :) the girls and I stained the inside & outside of our new (huge) backyard fence. It took us 8 hours and we all loved doing it. I'd rather be doing that kind of work too. Today is a better day for me physically and that makes a huge difference for us all. The kids are working hard and I've got a bit more hope today that I can do this again. We implemented a new way to do chores around here and after a couple days I'm noticing that the kids appear to be taking some ownership rather than trying to run away from their chores. Realistically I know the ups and followed by downs. Today is up and I'm glad.

  8. alas I think it's because we've had too much partying going on that life is down in the dumps. Halloween, Parties, and Vacation time . . .

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