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  1. There are too many variables here you haven't addressed for any of us to provide any real meaningful advice. Most importantly, what is your current financial situation? Can you cover 2 or 3 years of unemployment with your savings? if so, I say buy the bike. If you can only cover 2 or 3 weeks of expenses, I say don't buy the bike. If your husband knows enough about selecting a bike that fits him, I would definitely keep an eye on Craigslist. A lot of crazy good deals on bikes pop up there. If not, it would probably be prudent to buy it somewhere that will help fit him to the right s
  2. Dealing with DH Who Works a Lot My wife (Chelle in MO) doesn't have that problem!
  3. Ballpark cost of allergy testing, anyone?? If it's priced anything like hot dogs, nachos and soda, I bet it's really expensive!
  4. Resume Questions Well....where did we leave off? Oh, I remember now. Why don't people use their turn signals when changing lanes?
  5. What are your dating rules? My wife (Chelle in MO) won't let me date!
  6. Sharing a Bedroom With a TV One of my favorite arrangements.
  7. You can use the search function hear and find quite a few threads on this subject. I would guess that the majority of answers to this question turn out to be Speed Queen. We replaced an old-style washing machine with an HE model from Lowe's. It went back after a couple days and was replaced by a Speed Queen. If you're looking for a washer like your mom had in the 70s, the Speed Queen is it. It has pure electromechanical controls (i.e. a big knob that you turn) for cycle selection. The user chooses the load size, water temperature, wash cycle, rinse cycle, etc. and the machine executes ex

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    Fully functional Martin Yale Lihit Lab LHP-2001AA-SIX paper drill. It needs some TLC and should work for a long time once it's cleaned up and lubricated. It has some rust as shown. The bit probably needs to be replaced. It shows some discoloration from being overheated. I was able to remove the bit from the chuck. It originally had special tools from removing the bit, but I didn't get them with this machine. I was able to pry the bit out with a pair of screwdrivers. The back drill strips are missing, but could easily be replaced with factory replacement parts or some other thick pliable material like cardboard, plywood, masonite, etc. The end stop on the right side of the bed is secured by two slotted screws. These were originally knobs that were either missing or broken when I acquired this machine. If you would like to have a paper drill at an economical price and don't mind giving it a little TLC, I will sell this one for $40 plus actual shipping costs to your location.


  9. Have you seen the movie Airplane? It makes much more sense if you have.
  10. You silly! I've been agreeing with you COMPLETELY on the team thread :lol:


    Perhaps I need to work on the clarity of my posts though :p

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