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  1. I just replaced the actuator on the driver's side rear door of a 2007 CR-V over the weekend. It wasn't too bad. I did have to unbolt the bottom of the rear window track to make room to get the old actuator out and put in the new one. Other than that is was pretty straightforward. The door panel is most likely held on to the door by a combination of push-type clips and screws. The screws will be hidden under a pop-off cover of some type. www.alldatadiy.com is a reasonably price subscription-based service where you can access the factory service information for many vehicles. It showed the location of all the different fasteners holding the door panel in place. Getting the door panel off undamaged can be the biggest challenge if you don't know where all the fasteners are.
  2. Sight unseen, I put a Paypal deposit down on a car I found on Autotrader. It was owned by a graduating student at Purdue University, and I was in St. Louis. The seller had provided information and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. We negotiated a sale price and settled on a good faith deposit amount. My dad drove me to meet the seller near Indianapolis. I took a quick drive in the car and was satisfied that everything was in order. I handed the seller a certified check for the balance, hopped in and drove it back to St. Louis. That was around 160,000 miles ago.
  3. There are too many variables here you haven't addressed for any of us to provide any real meaningful advice. Most importantly, what is your current financial situation? Can you cover 2 or 3 years of unemployment with your savings? if so, I say buy the bike. If you can only cover 2 or 3 weeks of expenses, I say don't buy the bike. If your husband knows enough about selecting a bike that fits him, I would definitely keep an eye on Craigslist. A lot of crazy good deals on bikes pop up there. If not, it would probably be prudent to buy it somewhere that will help fit him to the right sized frame. Wal-Mart bikes and the like usually don't last long because they're made from lower quality materials and components than bike store bikes. In this case, you generally get what you pay for up to a point.
  4. If your daughter did this and was subsequently injured or killed somehow, would you hold the school at all responsible for it?
  5. One afternoon a couple years ago, I was listening to an afternoon talk show on the radio while driving home from work. They were discussing last meals and what each of them would request in that situation. For my potential final meal, I ran through several options in my head and settled on my wife's (Chelle in MO) meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn. After I got settled in at home, I asked her what we were having for dinner. She said, "Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn." Before telling her the story, I thought, "Well, this might be it." YIKES!
  6. Dad 4 Boys


    Many years ago, before I became a Christian, my wife (Chelle in MO) and I were at a mall shopping when this normal looking couple came up to us and started chatting with us out of the blue. I don't remember all the details, but after they left, Chelle asked me, "What do you think that was about?" I responded, "Religion or multilevel marketing" I don't remember if we traded any contact information with them or not, but we never heard from them or saw them again that I know of.
  7. I also do nearly all of my shipping through Ebay and Paypal. I have a WeighMax 75-pound scale I picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks. If it isn't an item you sold, but just a normal mail item, you can use www.paypal.com/shipnow. If you print your labels at home and use carrier pickup, you should rarely need to go to the post office. There are many good Facebook groups for thrifters and resellers. A few that I belong to are as follows. Thrifting With the Boys Shipping With the Boys The Reseller Society The Thrifting Board The Thrifting Lounge International League of Thrifters You can get a lot of good information and/or advice from these groups. As others have said, you can get free Priority Mail supplies from the USPS website. Your carrier will bring them right to your door. I'm fortunate to have access to a nearly limitless supplly of boxes, bubble wrap, air bags, etc. at my workplace. You can also scrounge up a lot of this just by looking around.
  8. That's just so wrong! Out of curiosity, where do you live?
  9. By the same token, is it cultural appropriation for black people to have their hair straightened and not wear the kinky hair that is normally associated as natural with their race?
  10. In a previous engineering job, I visited a Hebrew National plant in Indianapolis. I remember there being quite a few Rabbi-looking guys moving about in the plant. I was also told that they make a ton of money for their role in the kosher process. One of the plant engineers encouraged us to try the HN hot dogs. I had my wife buy a pack and fully anticipated them being really good. In reality, they didn't seem that good to me. I think it was because they are really made from much better "meat" than an ordinary hot dog. They were in fact probably "better" than most if not all normal hot dogs, but I was so conditioned to the taste of a regular hot dog that I didn't appreciate the better HN dog.
  11. I was an archery fanatic during the late 70s and early 80s when I was in high school. It was an awesome hobby that I loved dearly. I was fortunate that my little home town had a great archery club and several teachers at my high school were involved with it. The equipment has changed drastically since those days, but I can only imagine that it's still a great hobby. Like others have suggested, you should see if there is a local archery club or group of shooters/hunters where he could talk with people that have experience with the different kinds of equipment. I wouldn't have him buy a bow online unless he is absolutely positive that it is what he wants and that it will "fit" him. Archery is much like other sports/hobbies where the equipment manufacturers are always coming out with newer and "better" equipment to separate the buyers from their money. I live in St. Louis, and there is always a plethora of used archery equipment on our local craigslist. I'm sure with a little experienced guidance, he could get set up with good used starter equipment for much less than buying something new. After some time pursuing the hobby, he will probably find out that what he really wants is vastly different than what he thinks he wants now. My freshman physical science teacher was one of our club's officers. If I was being too rowdy in class, he would pull an archery magazine from his desk, hand it to me and tell me to be quiet. Such great memories.
  12. Subscriptions to alldatadiy for each of our vehicles. These give me access to the factory service manuals and other data that professional mechanics use. Many different tools used for auto repair in conjunction with the subscriptions above.
  13. I was trying to address the original comment of not being as smug as they once had been. I think if you had a good plan in place that worked for you and didn't need to sell your home or retire in this time frame, you were able to ride out the 2008 downturn without it being catastrophic. If you look at it from this perspective, I think you can be content (i.e. smug) with your plan, then and now despite the losses in value of your home and retirement savings. The downturn most definitely affected the finances, including retirement planning, of millions and millions of people, me included, by stifling growth for several years. I'm sure there are people out there that made the right moves and avoided the losses that the majority of us took, but I bet they are a small minority. As to the overall tone of the article and this thread, the obvious key is to live within your means and don't make financial choices with the sole purposes of showing off or keeping up with someone else, who could very well be on the brink of financial disaster without you knowing it. It would make no sense to go over the cliff with them just because they're going.
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