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  1. I can't believe my daughter is getting married today!

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    2. Arcadia



    3. EMS83



    4. ScoutTN


      Just now seeing this. Congrats! I hope it was lovely!

  2. Our cat has gone missing. Barely slept last night worrying.

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    2. PinkyandtheBrains.


      I hope your cat comes back soon, we had one go on a week long walkabout once. I spent the week with the boys creating adventures she must be on so they'd not worry.


    3. GailV


      I was once on the opposite end of this -- we found a cat. We went door to door looking for the owner, and finally a poster we left at the vet's did the trick days and days later. Turned out to be a neighbor we kept missing.

    4. Flowing Brook

      Flowing Brook

      Oh No! I hope he turns up soon.

  3. It still feels like Monday.

    1. elegantlion


      Oh, it's not is it. *snicker* I thought so too.

  4. Search for Wond-La came today for youngest, she is enchanted already!

  5. I have to go teach my biology tutorail today and I don't want to leave the house, it's cold!

  6. Finally got to watch Fast 6, the blu ray began with a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker that I was not expecting. Loved it!

  7. Recovery day from Mall adventures yesterday.

  8. Uh oh. I was carrying in wood for the stove and something popped in my lower arm. Now it hurts and I can't use it. I NEED my arm, especially the next three days when I am shopping and making cookies!! Icing now..

    1. happypamama


      Ouch! Did you cause something like nursemaid's elbow -- can you rotate it carefully and see if it pops back in?


  9. Chickens now cooped up for the duration of coyote season, lost one yesterday.

    1. Chelle in MO


      Sadly we lost 3 and a rooster.... late corn was still up.


  10. Leaving for annual and only vacation soon, camping with family and friends!

    1. Luckymama


      Have a great time!

  11. School planning, almost done. The rest of the school supplies ordered and on their way. Scheduling and charts, done. House cleaning, in progress.

  12. Feeding my Greek Yogurt obsession for breakfast. Yumm

  13. Ok, I know I am late to the game, but Greek yougurt is a revelation!

  14. More decluttering!!!

  15. Heartbroken. My old hs English teacher died peacfully in her sleep this morning. It was she who made the Bard come alive for so many of us. Her legacy lives on, tomorrow my very own Shakespeare class puts on Much Ado About Nothing.

    1. Dana


      Sorry for your loss.

  16. Almost time to head to the dentist, my stomach is in knots, I hate the dentist and it is pouring cats and dogs to boot!

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Me, too--root canal Friday! Just think it'll all be over soon. Hugs.

    2. Lizzie in Ma

      Lizzie in Ma

      Trip one of four for two crown, over. sigh Hang in there Chris!

  17. My poor Boston. Praying friends and family in the area stay safe.

  18. Got so sick of nagging the kids to do their chores I ripped up the cart. If I am going to be unappreciated I may as well be unappreciated for everything. sigh

  19. Debating a second pot of coffee and stringently avoiding things I need to do.

  20. At this point, two weeks into Mom's massive heart attack, I would just like to thank CCH for having fantastic coffee in the cafeteria. She was home for two days and back to ICU again with a pericardial effusion.

    1. Stacia


      So sorry to hear about your mom's heart attack! You guys have had a hard year. Sending hugs. (How is your mom doing now?)

  21. Mom is coming home today!!

  22. Mom is out of the CVICU!!

  23. Oh goody, more snow coming. Bring it on.

  24. Power back after 24 hours without, happy. ;)

  25. Storm's a'coming!

    1. Nan in Mass

      Nan in Mass

      And I have two kids flying in, one Fri and one Sat. I've been wishing for snow but this is not good timing...

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