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  1. Should I do a placement test or just put her right into the 2nd grade MM?
  2. Because of some health conditions I have, my rising 2nd grader will be attending a classical school this fall. They use Singapore Primary Mathematics Standard Edition. My child is about to complete CLE 1st grade math. She is doing great in it. I am trying to decide where to go with math the next few months for her: 1. SM 1B for review and to help get her familiar with it. Or start the 2nd grade SM if she tests into it? 2. CLE 2 Math 3. Mammoth Math- I own all of it Thank you for your help and advice.
  3. I'm thinking of using one or both of these for my 3rd grade daughter who is an average speller. I saw that Megawords is supposed to start in 4th grade. Would it be too advanced for her? She is currently in CLE 4th grade Math and LA. Would it be too much to rotate and do both? What are the main difference between the two? I don't prefer the spelling in CLE. Plus it's really easy for her. Thanks!
  4. I just noticed someone posted a similar question. :-)
  5. I bought the MP Literature Farmer book set and it has been a struggle for my rising 3rd grader (we school year round). She is a little a head in her other subjects, but I'm thinking she needs extra help in reading comprehension and summarizing what she read. But MP Lit. has not been a good fit so far. She hates it. And we struggle through the lessons. She can read the text with no problem though. I am wondering if CLE reading may be a better fit? She is half way done with CLE Math and LA 300 level and it's been pretty easy for her and she enjoys them. What is the difference between the two? Do they both have the same objective? Which would be a better fit for my daughter? Or is there another program? Just for context- In WWE 2 where I would read her a passage and she had to summarize it back to me was very difficult for her. Some times we had to read it twice. We got half way through it and switched to MP Intro. to Literature. It's been better, but still her most difficult subject. Thanks for your help!!
  6. My husband and I both work so we share teaching responsibilities for our 1st and 3rd graders. We need a curriculum that is already planned out and easy to implement. I have used a few things from MP and we all loved it. I am considering going to them for everything expect math. I have to hesitations. 1. The cost. I have never spent that much on curriculum. We can make it work. 2. Is there another planned out curriculum (not BJU or Abeka) that I should consider? Thank you!
  7. I am wanting to incorporate some art appreciation with my 1st and 3rd graders. Has anyone used CM Picture Study or MP Art Cards (with or without the Enrichment guide)? I would love your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!
  8. I am wanting to start on SSL soon with my 7 1/2 year old who just started 3rd grade. Does SSL 2 build on SSL 1? Or does it stand alone?
  9. I am planning on doing the Lit. package for 3rd grade and was considering also using the Intro to Comp. Some of the narrations have been a challenge for my 7 year old daughter because of the literature passages, I think. She does great with the rest of it. And she did really well in WWE 1. I was debating doing WWE 2 again for third or adding the Intro. to Comp. Any thoughts?
  10. I am thinking about having my daughter use MP Introduction to Composition. We are on week 19 in WWE 2. Is it too soon to make this transition now? Should we finish all of WWE 2 first? How would you compare WWE 2 or 3 to Introduction to Composition?
  11. So do you go from WWE 3 to Classical Composition? What do you think Introduction to Literature? http://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/writing-and-english-grammar/introduction-composition
  12. My 2nd grader is half way through WWE 2. I'm looking at using some aspects of Memoria Press next year for her and I like the looks of the literature guides. Do they have similar learning objectives to WWE? Would doing both be too much?
  13. I have been teaching my 7 year old piano for a year an a half. She LOVES it. I was planning on getting her a teacher. Then I got thinking, "Should I invest money in lessons in a band or orchestra instrument instead?" Maybe I am thinking too far down the road, but scholarships entered my mind. As well as the opportunity to play in a group setting. I am probably making this decision harder than it should be. I would love to hear your experiences.
  14. I am using CLE Math and LA with my two children and we love it. I was considering getting the reading program for my 2nd grader that is reading books like the Little House series, Charlotte's Web, Heidi, The Wind and the Willows etc. Should I buy her the 2nd grade reading program or another grade? Also, what skills do you see being developed by using it?
  15. I am planning on starting Logic of English Essentials with my 7 YO. I have previously done WRTR with her so she is familiar with some of the concepts. What do I need and what did you find "nice" to have? Thanks!
  16. I took lessons piano for eight years growing up and LOVED it and I still enjoy playing today. I would like my seven year old to play an instrument. I have taught her a few things on the piano, but she does not enjoy it. I asked her about taking lessons from an outside teacher on any instrument and she begs not to. Should I push it? I know playing an instrument is good for the brain. :-) Can she do something else to meet this goal?
  17. I have a 7 year old who loves drawing and painting. I believe this is a strength for her. How do I nurture and help strengthen this skill? We live in a small town (although there is a college here) so there are not a lot of options for art classes. There is a once a week painting class where you can trace a picture on canvas then paint it. It's $25. Will this help her or is it pointless? She has a Draw Now book that she loves. Any other resources or suggestions on how to help her? Thank you!
  18. My dd 7 did MUS Alpha then MM 1A, 1B, and 2A before we started CLE this year. It sounds like my dd did similar to you ds on the placement. I felt she was in between 100 and 200 too. But I wanted to make sure she REALLY was solid on her math facts and she needed more review on counting money. So we did the 100. She flew through the first 4 LU in two months. We skipped some lessons and I combined lessons. Most of the first few units were really easy for her. But there was also a lot of drill on math facts, that she could figure out, but she did not have memorized. She is grown in her money skills, thinking skills with word problems, and speed of recalling math facts in the first 5 LU. We are at the point where we are now doing one lesson daily. I am so glad that I started in 100. She now is solid on her math facts so far (we are almost done with 500). I am truly amazed at how well she is doing in math. Good luck!
  19. My dd who is in 2nd grade did most of FLL2 (she did not retain much) and tested into 2nd grade LA. I heard the first light unit is review of 1st grade. She is in the 3rd light unit and loves it. She is retaining a lot and can do most of it independently.
  20. Math: CLE LA: CLE, WWE, & PP Memory: Pieced together Piano lessons Science read alouds SOTW
  21. Thank you that was really helpful. How many books make up the whole set? Do some of the books cover chemistry and physics?
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