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  1. 80's and 90's inspired. Pointing out where and why you felt the need to update is beneficial for everyone to hear. Recently I read something that said "patterns" are not "rules". Noticing and using patterns as our default IS helpful! Assigning more worth to rules than we assign worth to people is not helpful.
  2. I wanted to rip off the mask and yank the beard of the librarian that I had to deal with. I think it took 6 trips to get him to okay my card. I held up mountains of bills and receipts and statements through the plexiglass that he rejected because the envelopes didn't pass even when the contents did pass, and vice versa. Finally he took something and treated it like it was radioactive. Court is online, too, and if your tech and connection are not as good as your opponent, you lose. Courts will not be open for all the people being evicted. No free passes here for the DMV. If you go to court to protest, they will reduce the fines but not excuse them. You will spend more money on data alone than you will save by protesting. We need to just pay the fine for our crime of not being served by the DMV. It was only recently that the government agencies all announced that they will not be opening again. People were just waiting. Since I am not planning to stay here, maybe it will be better to not bother at this point.
  3. I am really curious about what she ends out stumbling upon and loving. When a person is thirsty and never learned to drink water, they will seek out anything with water in it. Children do the same with books. They start to grow and get hungry and a book will have some drops of what they crave. They sometimes have no ability to imagine what might be a fountain of what they crave. She is hungry for something. Fiction supplies at least a bit of almost anything we might crave. Fiction is awesome. Fiction is enough for many people. And then others ... LOL ... they explore some wild other stuff. LOL.
  4. I have come to hate all handwriting workbooks. I prefer to spend a lot of time with a student teaching clock face manuscript, so they are prepared to copy regular typed text, instead of a handwritten model page. Handwriting curriculum are cheap to create and lock people into more of their curricula. I feel trapped when a student cannot copy anything but handwritten models. IF, and that is a BIG IF, a student shows general ability to multitask, then I will start teaching them to join the clock-face letters. Cursive requires thinking about multiple letters at a time to choose the correct join. Many learning disabled students need to finish one letter before thinking about the next letter. I also no longer teach uppercase cursive. Modern language contains too many acronyms that look very strange in cursive capital letters. Using manuscript uppercase with cursive lowercase is just fine as long as the slant matches. I make sure the cursive hand matches the slant of the manuscript hand. If I am going to teach slanted cursive, then I need to teach a slanted manuscript. I prefer to teach a vertical cursive and manuscript, because I have tutored a disproportionate number of lefties. GIFTED lefties can learn to write right-slanted cursive without smearing it, but it means turning the paper almost upside down. I'm going to stop talking. My nickname was "the handwriting nazi" for awhile. Every student thanked me, but they did not always enjoy my "torture".
  5. Try some journalism about a cause that she feels passionately about. And maybe follow specific journalists. What she said is pretty profound. I am wondering if she is ready for literature and writing that is not fiction. This other literature does not be read from beginning to end like fiction. She can read only the childhood sections of biographies for example.
  6. When the library was closed, or I didn't have enough proof that I was living here, I signed up for Amazon unlimited. It was not nothing. When a state park was closed, I watched a live stream of a park ranger walking around the park. LOL. Resident rate bus pass? LOL. Totally gave up on that one. Walking is good exercise when it is below 100. Sometimes that is not until 10 PM though. LOL. I know both places I have been are pandemic extremes, and that moving further complicated things. I have a relative that has been inconvenienced, but work is so busy and the company expanding so rapidly that he doesn't have time to digest the pandemic. His days are spent fighting with customs and internation tax agencies about shipping his product to their quarantined rich people that want it NOW.
  7. How are unschoolers adapting in areas that are super locked down? Has anyone else crossed state lines and been unable to get the inperson appointments necessary to get the resident status or ID that they need to gain access to specific educational opportunities, unschooling or traditional? Here the DMV finally announced that they will never reopen for walk in appointments, no matter how open the state is.
  8. Hey Andew 4 is the book that introduces accents, right? I think we started Andrew 5 and that is when we switched to Machen, completely prepared to handle the accents when everyone else in the online study group was a mess over them. You would think after all these years, typing Greek accents would be easier. Sigh. I have realized that it will always be easier to study Latin than Greek just because of the accents. Harmonicas and ocarinas get so spitty, but they are more portable than keyboards.
  9. I was thinking about people that have designed their entire curriculum around access to lots and lots of hardcopy literature. One thing that I started doing years ago, was to notice which books were available in multiple formats, especially those available in hardcopy, professionally formatted e-book, free pdf, and maybe even audiobook. When a book comes in all those formats, no matter what life throws at me, I can often access ONE of those formats, and can continue on without having to regroup and replan.
  10. A musical instrument! Living Memory is an interesting choice, and so is everything else.
  11. When did Writing Strands go out of print? Wow. Another one bites the dust. My favorite "Write On" by Karen Newell is still in print, hardcopy and pdf!!! Yes!
  12. I must be mixing up Keep Going with something else. Simple is the point. The oldschoolers had a different mindset good and bad. It was not ALL good. ALL new is not inferior. In my life, I have been comparing minimal tech to living in a tiny house. The power surges are frying all my appliances and electronics. To plug something in the wall, means risking its loss. When we have a problem, the default is to want to add stuff. I recently read an article that said it was important to problem solve by first removing things instead of adding things. Tiny houses solve problems by removing things. As I stumble to get online to do the critical things that can only be accomplished that way right now, I keep looking for ways I can simplify this mess instead of adding to it. There are a lot of things that are free and cheap if you can keep them small. Providers offer them as a tease, but what if we figure out how to maximize their usefulness by looking back at the oldschool ways and see what is left that will work now.
  13. Getting Started is a newer curriculum, BUT it prepares the student for an older book and an even older method of schooling. I present this as a fine example of 80's and 90's "inspired". We just cut ourselves some slack somewhere or we make this exercise meaningless. The usefulness of this exercise is more important than the rules.
  14. Latin is a smart choice because access to pronunciation resources is less necessary. LCC (the method not the book) makes sense for a challenge like this for multiple reasons.
  15. I am a huge fan of Spalding handwriting. I may have to add the 6th edition book just for the handwriting. Years ago, I thought the 6th edition handwriting instructions were superior, but they are not. Romalda had perfected her work. She knew what she was doing. Some very minor things needed updating because the WORLD changed, but the basic method does not need updating. Ellie gets to list Spalding 4th on her list, but I can't. There are few things that I am grieving the loss. Students of the Word Unit Study curriculum is one of them.
  16. Ellie gets to break the rules about OOP for Spalding, because she is Ellie. She earned it! I want to 100% stick for still in print for MY choices. This is hard for me. And it has a ripple effect, across my entire group of choices. I must give myself room to use "inspired" somewhere, if I can only use items that are still in print.
  17. The point of this challenge is make us all think outside our box, and hear about things that we would not have otherwise known about. USE this challenge to help yourself or someone else in some way.
  18. The news is reporting eye strain and record levels of severe nearsightedness in children this year.
  19. Things can be newer as long as you can justify that they are oldschool inspired in some way. I think I am going to use Layers of Learning. The family style learning method is identical to curricula that are out of print. INSPIRED was designed to HELP not hinder you!!!
  20. With $2K, you could buy tech to access more stuff. Since our old challenges there are large screen e-ink tablets now. None with 5G though. The only 5G enabled e-ink tablet that I know about is actually a Chinese Hisense phone that does not work as a PHONE on t-mobile (or any US carrier) that has dropped their 3G. The LTE and 5G PHONE bands are not compatible. There are 5G laptops for about $1K. The data plans are more than the $20.00 plan for LG Gpad, though! T-mobile offers that plan as a tease to seduce you into upgrading. It is like living in a tiny home. Some of us could thrive with the LG Gpad and some could not. There is an option to buy more tech and less books.
  21. Yup, I included a tablet for each kid. The base storage is 32 GB. There is a 64GB card, which is never as good as the base storage. And then there is manual transfer, which is even less reliable. Mom's got some decent data to work with, but but such crap for a tablet, that minimizes what she can do with that data. T-mobile sells that tablet for $100.00 sometimes if they like you, and the data plan for $20. There are videos on the deal. It is something for not much investment. You've got SOMETHING to work with to access "free" stuff.
  22. Grammarland and Henle: Hmm. Thanks for bringing those back to my attention.
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