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  1. As far as TT goes, I liked it and my son liked it but he didn't retain anything he learned. I do not feel comfortable teaching math. I learned multiplication of multi-digit numbers the old fashioned way and it didn't seem very difficult to me, carrying numbers was easy and I'm not that great at math so I don't understand why my ds has problems. He is actually starting to get it because I've been making him watch the Khan Academy videos over and over and work the problems.


    I need a curriculum with plenty of repetition and I need videos or a really clear explanation of how I'm supposed to teach each concept. Would Khan Academy videos and MM work together?

  2. ummm ....


    He gets stuck when he carries a number. If the problem was



    x 26




    he would multiply 6 x 2, put the 2 down and not know where the 1 goes. I've had him use notebook paper turned sideways so he has columns, which helps a little. The blocks used with MUS just confused both of us. How do I know which math curriculum would be best for him? Khan Academy videos help, but he needs an actual curriculum that makes sense to both of us

  3. For the OP...I can't speak to the catalog because I just ordered online without ever seeing a printed catalog, but maybe you would find it helpful to poke around the website as you think about what you would want. There is a tremendous amount of information on their website. Also, for buying stuff, note that their website is divided into two main components, one information and the "store" which is a different site (you get there by clicking on the "shop" tab). I'd suggest reading through relevant pages on both sites.



    I ordered from their website, too. It was pretty easy. Go to winterpromise.COM and don't go to the store which is .NET until you are ready to order. Click on "Which Program is Right For Us" on the bottom left. Or, under the "Explore" tab click on "themed programs", it has topics explaining what to order and what is needed for a second student.

  4. Exploration" today.


    In my opinion, it's very well laid out. It comes hardbound in two volumes, 3 units with 5 lessons per unit in each volume. At the beginning of each unit is a list of materials needed. I really like the way the lessons are step-by step with teaching notes and objectives along side so there is no flipping around looking for notes in appendices. I've used SL for the past few years and TGTL is much easier for me to use because all the information I need is on the page that I am teaching from. I think it's very similar to TOG in that it encourages the parent to educate them self along with the child in order to teach by Socratic discussion, as well as parts being written FOR the child in order that the child take responsibility for their assignments and education. TGTL provides a LOT more handholding than TOG which is what I need!


    I like the activities which include notebooking, salt dough maps, Bingo games, drawing, word searches, cooking, mapping, letter writing and much more. Don't get me wrong, it's got a sprinkling of activities so I think it will appeal to a wide range of families. I'm not crafty and could not draw to save my life, but I think I could do most of the activities and not feel like a total dufus.


    I also like the books, one of which is Anna Comstock's "Handbook of Nature Study" which I'm so excited to have a curriculum SHOW me how to use. "Profiles from History" written by Ashley Wiggers (Geography Matters) profiles 20 historical figures and includes activities and discussion questions and looks very well written. It even contains timeline figures and placement help!


    I'm really excited about TGTL!! I think it combines the best of Charlotte Mason, TOG and SL.

  5. Well, my husband ordered over the phone and he asked if anything was backordered and they said no, nothing was backordered. They also said that they probably wouldn't ship until after the 4th .... which really means nothing. So, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. And count myself lucky that everything is in stock, I guess!

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