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  1. So sorry, I'm using Writing With Ease Level 4 - the workbook
  2. Thank you for posting the videos so I don't have to dig for them! I'll watch them when I have some time. It really chaps me that the directions say to "read it 3 times," so if I read it more times (and I do!), I feel like I'm cheating and that my child is not really doing it right! I really wish the directions would say "repeat it as many times as it takes for the child to get it."
  3. WWE - the first book! (4th grade suggested level)
  4. I am using WWE with my 11 year old son (5th grade). I'm in week 22 of the book. It is a disaster. He cannot hold the words in his head for the dictation. He cries & flips out with frustration, throwing pencils on the floor and crumbling into a mess. I end up dictating 4-3 words at a time to him. I'm trying so hard to stick with it, but even if we do somehow manage to "get through a lesson," I feel like the stress of it is NOT helping him learn to write. It is making him mad, frustrating him, and in turn, frustrating me as well. I like the reasoning behind this curriculum, b
  5. I wonder...has anyone else ever stopped homeschooling because their 11-yo son and 13-yo daughter bicker ALL. DAY. LONG.? I'm all for the "this is a stage" and "they really do actually love each other" and "the weather is getting bad" and "that's normal" and "we've just been together too long" arguments, but I'm really starting to believe (the lie) that putting them in school would be better for their relationship in the long AND short run! Thanks for listening to me vent, cyberworld.
  6. I posted this question yesterday, and at that time, did not realize that there is a gifted board here in the forums. So I will ask a "different crowd." :) I would like to have my children tested for giftedness. I am almost certain that both of them are gifted, but they are, of course, so different and each have very different strengths and weaknesses. They've always been homeschooled. I have no idea where to start to have them tested - any ideas? Should we do an IQ test? Not sure what the standard procedure is, if there even is one.
  7. Quark, what kind of test did your child take? My child HATES arts & crafts - always has, even in the preschool class at church. When I would pick him up after class, he would be the only 4 or 5 year old that said he wasn't interested in doing the craft. And he HATES to be timed on anything. It stressed him out. He is so bright and emotionally deep! Also, we're trying to get through Writing With Ease and he is doing pretty badly in that. He swears he can't remember the dictation. God has made him into a wonderful person, but I feel like I'm not doing him justice when it comes to
  8. Ruth, You had your child's IQ tested, correct? How did you go about doing this? Who should I contact? Thank you.
  9. Jackie, Did you have your child tested? If so, what kind of test? I have no idea where to start.
  10. Good point. I'm not sure how it would "help" me except to maybe just confirm my suspicions and change curriculum, for sure. Part of me thinks he has issues with focusing & sitting still (and I often wonder how he would do in a classroom all day if he had to) and the other part of me just wants to give him more room to allow him to do whatever it takes to just "be his wiggly self." That second part of me wants to just overlook the silliness, let him be a kid & not get stressed out about it. He will do schoolwork, but it takes a lot of verbal wrangling (ahem, threatening, whatever).
  11. We've always homeschooled - this is our 8th year. I have a gut feeling that my kids are gifted. They have always done well on standardized tests. They are very sharp, creative and intense. They are continually blowing us away at the things they do and say. Can someone give me some advice on where I would go/how I would go about having them tested? I've spent some time on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (lots of good resources there). I just want them to take a test or something to either prove or disprove what I feel is true. Part of what is fueling my question is that I am butting hea
  12. I have a 12-yo (almost 13) dd. I believe I've read (somewhere?) that while kids are going through puberty, they temporarily get "dumber." Has anyone else read this, or am I going nuts? I believe I read that there is so much going on in the body that they actually seem dumber, temporarily. I feel like my dd is (hopefully temporarily - but who knows) turning into an airhead. I'm so frustrated. There is no retention and she has an unteachable heart. I know that some of it is the condition of her heart, but I wonder how much of it is related to puberty. Does anyone else have some ev
  13. Just know that you're not alone in feeling this way. I get this feeling, too, sometimes. Personally, I think it's spiritual warfare (these panicky thoughts). I talk to my husband about it and then I reassure myself that all will be fine. This parenting thing is not easy!
  14. I grew up in TX, so I knew! Plus my cousin's b-day fell on Juneteenth, so it was brought up a lot.
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