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  1. Plenty of blame to go around, from Snopes: What's True The U.S. federal stockpile of N95 protective face masks was largely depleted during the 2009 swine flu outbreak and was not restocked. What's False However, the Obama administration was not solely responsible for the current shortage of masks. In the intervening years, the stockpile went unreplenished as the Trump administration failed to heed indications that dramatic shortages could occur.
  2. I had a friend whose children and husband ate almost no veggies. She would sneak them into foods. She pureed veggies and froze them in ice cube trays and then put them in things like spaghetti sauce and soups.
  3. When my children were young, they would not eat salad, but would eat certain cut up veggies, cucumber slices were a big hit, they would eat baby carrots. My daughter liked cut green peppers, but not my son. Try setting a few different options out plain first, then add ranch dressing as a dip if they fail to eat them plain.
  4. I wonder if some gyms could rent an outdoor space, open but covered or with an open tent roof, and relocate their equipment there, lock it up at night in a trailer or something. That seems a lot safer. It might not be great at the height of summer in certain locations, but could be good in early summer.
  5. Really interesting new vitamin D article by a Scottish doctor, he has some interesting graphs with vitamin D levels in the UK for every month of the year, a parabola opposite the flu parabola. Also, "To put this another way, of those 104 subjects who took 2,000 IU of vitamin D every day, only one got a cold or influenza in the entire year." I read and linked the flu vs. vitamin D study, but he has a graph and numbers that show just how powerful supplementation for the flu was.
  6. I would start next year's geometry and review algebra while doing geometry next year. Sometimes they just need to be older for the algebra to click. My daughter reviewed algebra as her math this year instead of taking calculus, she had gone through algebra and trig but her algebra was not solid. (We are calling her math course math topics, review of all math she doesn't know well plus a bit of things she will need for the college math class she will be taking.)
  7. A really interesting deep and broad Christian math with a unique sequence is James Nickel's series, The Dance of Number. You really need both, there is some interesting and hard math in the first book. I can't remember if you are a Christian or not. If not, others may enjoy it. 1. 2.
  8. Wrap skirts are easy. When my daughter was younger, I made her and a doll matching wrap skirts. I made one that was just below the knee on me but very long on her so she could wear it for years. I made the doll skirt first so I would waste less material figuring out how to make it. Then, I bought a doll shirt, no way was I trying to make a shirt, and bought her a matching color and similar style shirt. I do basic sewing and hemming only. I don't really like it but a sewing machine is handy to have around for hemming or making masks or whipping up a quick curtain, curtains are fairly easy too.
  9. They are doing some placebo trials now. Some people think it helps, some don't. There is another drug, chloroquine, that is older (1950s), hydroxychloroquine has been around since the 1980's. I've known hundreds of people taking it in the military when they deploy to weird places, a few had mild gastro problems. Chloroquine has more side effects, including heart problems, and is a much more dangerous drug, most of the side effects are associated with Chloroquine, the names are close and they do the same thing so it is confusing, but hydroxycholoroquine is the modern safer version for malaria. There are also a lot of people with Lupus using hydroxychloroquinine safely, and there are very low numbers of people with Lupus getting Covid, but they also may be hiding out more. They are testing both versions, I'm not sure why anyone would want the older version.
  10. I've heard people preach whole sermons on this topic! One of our ministers agreed with the 5 year old, he said there were others who disagreed and that it was up for interpretation.
  11. "Dietary plant polyphenols such as the flavonoids quercetin (QCT) and epigallocatechin-gallate act as antioxidants and as signaling molecules. Remarkably, the activities of numerous enzymes that are targeted by polyphenols are dependent on zinc. We have previously shown that these polyphenols chelate zinc cations and hypothesized that these flavonoids might be also acting as zinc ionophores, transporting zinc cations through the plasma membrane." Basically, it is a natural supplement that helps make the Zinc available in your body. Supposedly Hydroxychloroquine's main help is also its action as a zinc ionophore. I have no idea about the melatonin.
  12. We had my son call grandpa and beg him to let us go grocery shopping with him. He is golfing, he will go batty if he doesn't get out and do something, but that is safer than grocery shopping.
  13. Widely available on blogs, twitter. I've seen it often in various places starting last night and today, recommendations for Covid treatment from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA. They recommend preventative (prophylaxis) vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, melatonin, and vitamin C. Prophylaxis doses, also care for doctors for later. I had seen all the others mentioned but not melatonin, that is interesting.
  14. My FIL is golfing. We shop for them, we don't want the grandparents going to the grocery store. Golf seems safer than the grocery store, and he is a big extrovert who was going crazy cooped up at home. My son is tired of staying home (although not as tired of it as grandpa!) so he went golfing with grandpa and my husband. They had fun. He had previously had absolutely no desire to go golfing, but he's actually enjoying it and has gone twice now. My husband said it is set up pretty safely, they sanitize the balls and it is a no touch pay process. We had to have my son call and beg Grandpa to be able to shop for them, though. When just my husband talked to him, he was determined to go out. He has a risk factor and is in an age group that it might not be good if he got Covid-19. My mom loves shopping, too, my nephew was persuasive, though, she isn't shopping either, they mainly get delivery. They are now occasionally shopping at the elderly hours at a local store, though, my dad said there are 3 to 4 people in the store if you get there right when it opens.
  15. Zoom, I'm not sure how it's going, my daughter moved on from being a gymnast to assistant coaching and helping out with child care at the gym. She's not involved with the Zoom teaching. They are supposedly going to open up in a few weeks with modifications. The child care is a mix of things, in the summer they have an outdoor pool and outdoor games, a room where they do arts and crafts, and there are 2 gym rooms they can use if they are open. She's excited to go back to work and earn money for college. Hopefully they will figure out some good modifications. Infection levels here are currently pretty low but we'll worry a bit if she goes back to work, my husband works from home, usually some business travel but that has stopped for a while.
  16. One private school in Idaho is opening for the last 3 weeks of school with some changes, not mandatory, those who want to can continue online. The school is in Ada County, county population about 480,000. Here are cases for Ada County by date of onset. Idaho has a total of 2015 cases, 63 deaths, all deaths are 50+ and most deaths 60+ (2 deaths 50 - 59, rest 60+) Idaho has tested 29,225 people. (Orange is probable case. They test one member per family, if they are positive, others in family with symptoms are counted as probable; some deaths, especially nursing homes with infection, are counted as probable and not tested.)
  17. I have a bunch of food allergies, I had to work hard to find a vitamin D3 formulation I could tolerate, I take 30,000 units weekly to maintain summer levels. I react very badly to many vitamins, very bad allergic reaction, so I just take very high D, no K. I am on a strict rotation diet and tolerate things better if I don't have them daily. I personally don't take A or Zinc, I haven't found a formula I can tolerate, I try to get those from food. My husband takes those and vitamin C. I have found a vitamin C I can tolerate. I am allergic to all tea, but have a very strange reaction to green tea. My normal allergic reaction to food is high heart rate, low blood pressure, vomiting, skin flushing, stomach pain, fatigue. With green tea, I get extremely irritable, it is strange.
  18. I've also read that quercetin is a zinc ionophore. I bought some to start taking with zinc if we get exposed to Covid-19. We're taking vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin C right now preventatively.
  19. I have a LinkedIn article with a ton of vitamin D correlations if you are interested. The Covid specific vitamin D studies are all correlational. But, there was a meta study of 11,000+ patients reported in the British Medical Journal where they supplemented people or placebo and then compared their rate and serverity of getting respiratory diseases, daily and weekly but not single large dosing of vitamin D decreased the percentage of people who got respiratory diseases and reduced their severity for those who got it, with the largest effects for those lowest in vitamin D at the start. BJM study: Easier to read article about the BJM study:
  20. I made a similar graph with a few more countries. I also found, interestingly, that France has very low vitamin D levels in the north, 43 nmol/L vs. 80 nmol/L in the south. Most of France's Covid-19 deaths are in the north.
  21. I made a similar graph with a few more countries. I also found, interestingly, that France has very low vitamin D levels in the north, 43 nmol/L vs. 80 nmol/L in the south. Most of France's Covid-19 deaths are in the north.
  22. I would think infection control practices would be masks, spacing, disinfecting, etc. Bueller is from Ferris Bueller's day off. The classroom scene, the dry professor asks, "Bueller, Bueller, anyone?"
  23. From his twitter, eHermstad. "Nationally, we should be mass testing vitamin D levels. Those who are insufficient or deficient quarantine and treat until level is ~35. Those who have normal levels and no major risk factors return to activities with proper infection control practices. Check D and release." "Please prove me wrong. What percentage of your admitted (ICU or floor) patients under, say 70 years old, with no other obvious risk factors have vitamin D levels over 30?Bueller?...Bueller?" He is an Emergency Physician in Colorado who is surveying his patients' vitamin D levels. Maybe Sweden could test it out for us, I think vitamin D will help but I don't personally want to be a guinea pig. I do think we should do mass vitamin D awareness and perhaps testing, many people don't realize how many people are deficient and how helpful vitamin D is.
  24. If they are not damaging their lungs or setting themselves up for later problems like with HIV or Hepatitis C or Tuberculosis, where the virus or bacteria hide in your system for years and years and can later cause problems, then yes. But we don't really know. I don't think Coronaviruses are like that in general, but we don't know for sure.
  25. There is an outdoor wood throwing game where you stay apart and only touch your own pieces. I don't remember the name of the game, but basically you put out pieces of wood standing on the ends and throw other pieces of wood at the opposing team's pieces, last team with any pieces standing wins. It's socially distant in normal times! This one is similar, you could use scrap wood and make your own. I would color code the pieces or mark them somehow so people are only touching their own team's pieces when you pick the up to play another round.
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