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  1. Recipes abound online for healthier homemade ice cream. I am non dairy and and using healthier sweeteners so I am just about ready to splurge. We have hit 90 degrees in Western North Carolina in May-virtually unheard of and some yummy healthy ice cream that doesn't cost a fortune would be sweet!
  2. I am tempted to purchase a $42 Cuisinart 1.5 qt. ice cream maker. I would like to make coconut cream ice cream and not pay the ridiculous prices in the store. Is it worth it? Thanks!
  3. I will be taking Diamox and acclimation days are built into the schedule. Hydration and a slow pace will also help.
  4. Sharing some of my excitement and a bit of my anxiety as I leave tomorrow with REI adventures for Kathmandu for 3 weeks including travel time to trek Everest Base Camp with a group of 8 others. Reaching 50 and Empty Nest is excitedly sending me out the door to see what life has to offer me and what I have to offer it:) Updates and pictures upon safe return-Lord willing! My adventure was incredible. I found my stillness (in yoga-ese) but more importantly God revealed Himself to me every step of the way as in Psalm 46:10-Be still and know that I am God. The Psalms came alive to me in so many aspects of my 19 day sabbath/sabbatical and I am definitely restored and revived. I have experienced much and have much to share, but mostly I was so encouraged by the sweet and complete care and love of the Sherpa people and the peace and contentment in the simplest of lifestyles. The joy of s hot water bottle in my sleeping bag when all my layers (3-4) of wool and fleece were still not enough. The assistance to reach Base Camp and then to achieve 18,400 feet for amazing views of Everest and the surrounding peaks. The refreshing rest of 10 hours of sleep a night and lots of food after a day of vigorous activity. Not showering for 14 days and very primitive facilities:) The sweet jingle of Yak bells to lull me into contentment and bliss and of course the awesomeness of God's majestic power and beauty. I only have some pictures to share as I was to absorbed in soaking up the experience than in recording it, but others in my group took copious amounts of pictures and will be sharing them and then I can share them with you-if desired. God has given me the vision of a children's book from the perspective of a Yak as he conquers Everest and more importantly fear. I am excited to have a creative work to share my experience-hoping other's hearts will be blessed and graced the way mine was. Always attempting to be featured in a yoga calendar someday😊 IMG_3292.HEIC IMG_3292 2.HEIC
  5. Best taste and easy to prepare please. Thanks!
  6. I will be traveling for 3 weeks and am looking for recommendations for my Kindle and Audible App. I do not want anything intense or dark, but reflective, light, from a Christian perspective-but not necessary. Fiction and nonfiction recommendations. Thanks!
  7. I am wanting to incorporate more raw veggie enzymes into my diet. Any thoughts on juicing vs. smoothies? I think I would have a wider variety and more veggies in a juice than a smoothie. Thanks
  8. I sit about 12 hours a couple of days a week and need a recommendation for an ergonomic chair. My knees, hips, and back are starting to bother me. Possibly a cushioned rocker with an ottoman? Thanks
  9. I will be making an international flight in April. I have a major international airport 3.5 hours away with 1 stop on my travels. I will have to pay $150 for parking. Or, I travel from a more local airport that is close to an hour away with 2 travel stops. A ride to and from the airport will be provided. The cost is relatively the same and the total travel time is relatively the same if driving time is factored in. My fear is missing connecting flights. Any sage advice from those who travel internationally more often than I please? Thanks!
  10. It is time for me to be checked. I have no family history of breast cancer or indicators to be concerned about and I am small breasted. What have you chosen and why? Thanks!
  11. Will dry shampoo extend the life of my added color? Pros? Cons? Recommendations? Thanks!
  12. I would like to purchase dh a new device for his casual use of the internet and streaming shows. Inexpensive and easy to use suggestions please. Thanks!
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