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  1. I am wanting to incorporate more raw veggie enzymes into my diet. Any thoughts on juicing vs. smoothies? I think I would have a wider variety and more veggies in a juice than a smoothie. Thanks
  2. I sit about 12 hours a couple of days a week and need a recommendation for an ergonomic chair. My knees, hips, and back are starting to bother me. Possibly a cushioned rocker with an ottoman? Thanks
  3. I will be making an international flight in April. I have a major international airport 3.5 hours away with 1 stop on my travels. I will have to pay $150 for parking. Or, I travel from a more local airport that is close to an hour away with 2 travel stops. A ride to and from the airport will be provided. The cost is relatively the same and the total travel time is relatively the same if driving time is factored in. My fear is missing connecting flights. Any sage advice from those who travel internationally more often than I please? Thanks!
  4. It is time for me to be checked. I have no family history of breast cancer or indicators to be concerned about and I am small breasted. What have you chosen and why? Thanks!
  5. Will dry shampoo extend the life of my added color? Pros? Cons? Recommendations? Thanks!
  6. I would like to purchase dh a new device for his casual use of the internet and streaming shows. Inexpensive and easy to use suggestions please. Thanks!
  7. Getting it now! Beautiful here in WNC-as long as we don't lose power:)
  8. Just like a VItamix for under $100. It is fabulous!
  9. I like online shopping! I only shop for gifts for my 3 immediate family members and I cap at $100 each; so it is usually not to difficult to purchase that one or two particular item(s) that will put a smile on their face and add in a few smaller items to warm their hearts. I do allow for an additional purchase for each that they specifically request-within reason:) My extended family do not exchange Christmas gifts only birthday gifts so it reduces the burden for all. Now I do not have to stress and can enjoy the season for it's true meaning.
  10. Redwood Forest to San Francisco in mid-April. Outdoor experiences preferred, but interested in great wineries, fantastic coastal towns, incredible places to lodge, and wonderful eateries. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the advice! On this very important issue, I will serve it room temperature-no hassles:) And enjoy!!
  12. If served with vanilla ice cream, do I serve the pie hot or cold? If hot, is it heated in the oven-what temp and how long to heat the whole pie through or in the microwave by slice? Thanks!
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