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  1. angelaguptathomas

    Dry Shampoo?

    Will dry shampoo extend the life of my added color? Pros? Cons? Recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I would like to purchase dh a new device for his casual use of the internet and streaming shows. Inexpensive and easy to use suggestions please. Thanks!
  3. angelaguptathomas

    Who is getting hit by the storm this weekend?

    Getting it now! Beautiful here in WNC-as long as we don't lose power:)
  4. angelaguptathomas

    Decent blender $60-80 Just like a VItamix for under $100. It is fabulous!
  5. I like online shopping! I only shop for gifts for my 3 immediate family members and I cap at $100 each; so it is usually not to difficult to purchase that one or two particular item(s) that will put a smile on their face and add in a few smaller items to warm their hearts. I do allow for an additional purchase for each that they specifically request-within reason:) My extended family do not exchange Christmas gifts only birthday gifts so it reduces the burden for all. Now I do not have to stress and can enjoy the season for it's true meaning.
  6. angelaguptathomas

    Very important pecan pie question(s)...

    Thanks for the advice! On this very important issue, I will serve it room temperature-no hassles:) And enjoy!!
  7. angelaguptathomas

    Very important pecan pie question(s)...

    If served with vanilla ice cream, do I serve the pie hot or cold? If hot, is it heated in the oven-what temp and how long to heat the whole pie through or in the microwave by slice? Thanks!
  8. Thank You! I do have flax seeds and psyllium husks, but I think I will make another trip out and purchase the xanthum gum. I appreciate the help in this area, it is new to me.
  9. I don't have xantham gum. I do have yeast, baking powder, olive oil, eggs, and salt. Thanks!
  10. angelaguptathomas

    Gluten free for joint pain?

    I'm on Day 18 of a Whole 30 and my joint pain is greatly reduced to almost none. It may be that most grains and sugars contribute to inflammation. May be worth a try.
  11. AARP suggests 1million to 1.5 million. That seems a scary amount to amass. I'm working to align dh and I in that direction, but real life makes it hard.
  12. I realize that Vasopressin, our anti-diuretic hormone decreases as we age therefore increasing the urge to urinate more frequently-especially at night. What are some ways I can naturally work against this? I know to limit fluids a couple of hours before bed. Are there any herbs or supplements that might assist in this issue? Thanks.
  13. angelaguptathomas

    Setting tutoring fees

    I pay $20 an hour for 10 hours of one on one tutoring for my son in math. It is $25 an hour if paying for fewer sessions. I think the fee is more than reasonable. HTH
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