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  1. Yes, I was just looking at a Simply Saline nasal spray bottle. I dislike decongestants because make me feel yucky.
  2. One of my ears seems to always be congested. While I experience no sinus pressure pain I am tired of the congestion. I am looking for a natural way to unclog? Any suggestions? Links would also be great. Thanks!
  3. I have found that this approach works for me. With a history of Crohn's and a whole food eater myself-to much fiber is just to much-especially soluble. I have also found that MCT oil or coconut oil along with increased magnesium is helpful.
  4. I am looking to pay a service or person to do all the extremely finicky and undone cleaning of a 30 year old home-tile, walls, floors, windows, inside and outside of appliances, major structures-fireplace, porches, garage, attic, house exterior. An extremely deep and thorough cleaning of the whole home. How do I go about finding this type of service? Thanks!
  5. Ziplock bags of all sizes work for me. Cheaper also.
  6. Garden of Life Primal Defense is very good for my digestive woes, but costly.
  7. I need an affordable option for an organic coconut water by the bulk preferable. Thanks!
  8. I just bought the Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 I love it!
  9. Yes, it is very nice. I am experimenting with coconut cream, coconut milk, cacoa, stevia or swerve, So far so good. I hope to be branching out soon. I bought Cuisinart Ice 1.5.
  10. My son wants an air fryer. I know nothing except reviews on Amazon. Any recommendations please. Thanks!
  11. I would love to have my car cleaned to almost new (for my own pleasure). Is there a chain or place that provides this service at a more affordable price? Thanks!
  12. Placed my order and ready to start experimenting😋 Hopefully, I can substitute coconut cream and healthier sweeteners and come us with a fabulous and satisfying ice cream😊
  13. Recipes abound online for healthier homemade ice cream. I am non dairy and and using healthier sweeteners so I am just about ready to splurge. We have hit 90 degrees in Western North Carolina in May-virtually unheard of and some yummy healthy ice cream that doesn't cost a fortune would be sweet!
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