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  1. Yes, I got them about a year ago. I use them for driving and for watching movies . The more I wear them the more adjusted I've become so I often leave them. I take them off for reading...and need reading glasses sometimes for that. I've used Warby Parker for my glasses. They are reasonably priced, $95. The nice thing is that they have a free try-on program. You pick five pairs you like, and then get them to try on. You can mail them back and not purchase any at no cost. It helped me to see what I liked and to also see how it felt on my face.
  2. I just sent an email reinforcing some boundaries with my Mom. I know that what I sent is truthful and I tried to also make it kind. However, I know it will be read the wrong way and I know it's bound to cause some problems. Now I'm sitting here dreading the fall-out. No real reason to post here, except that I know some people here understand and it's a place to get it off my chest.
  3. I got my first fix today. I signed up partially because of your first post and partially because I had been intrigued for awhile. For me, I'd say it was good enough that I will do it again, but it wasn't a home run. I specified that I didn't want pants as I have a lot. I was mostly looking for interesting tops or skirts/dresses. I mentioned that I mostly wear jeans or plain pants and Tshirts and was looking for things that were more stylish/pretty than my usual clothes. Item 1- Loose black lightweight buttonless cardigan. I really like it and it is definitely my style. I love that it has kind of funky (in a good way) pockets. It is a little big on me but I think I will likely keep it because I've actually been looking for something similar for awhile but not found anything I like as much as this. Item 2- Silver and gold long coin necklace. I really like it and will probably keep it although I don't need it. It's totally something I would buy myself. Item 3- Black and white skirt. I really want to like this. It's an interesting material, kind of soft and stretchy and the pattern is cool. It's something I probably wouldn't buy myself but it's the kind of thing I wanted when I decided to try this...different from my usual stuff but still fits my style. However, it's not a great fit. Part of me wants to keep it but I think in reality I won't wear it very much because of the fit. Item 4- Bright fuschia silky top with very slightly ruffled short sleeves. I like the style and fit and it is also the kind of thing I wanted. However, I don't like the color and I don't think it's a great color for me. Item 5- Sleeveless coral/peach top with embroidered placket. This is the only real dud in the box for me. It's actually a style that I probably indicated I liked when I took their quiz. But it's the kind of top that I always think I like and I like on other people but looks bad on me. Also I don't like the color, especially the embroidery which is almost a neon orange. And I don't like sleeveless tops. The cost of everything was ok. Most was more than I would normally spend, but I don't typically spend much on clothes. So two things I really like but don't really need. Two things I like but will likely send back for being not quite right. And one definite no. I felt like for my first try it was pretty good and I'm willing to try again. I hate shopping with a passion but would like to appear a little more stylish and put together than I normally do. So the idea of this really appeals to me.
  4. We never get strange looks. We do occasionally get the "No school, today" question but when we say we homeschool, not an issue. There are a lot of homeschoolers around here though so it's not that weird I guess. As for the homeschool ID things, the only time I have needed one was to get a discount at Jamestown. I had something I had printed but left at home. So I found an email on my phone from our homeschool co-op that had an invoice on it for something. They accepted that. :) Although after reading this thread I'm thinking I should be taking advantage of more store discounts. I'm not a fan of HSLDA either.
  5. We usually do a roller bag carry on and then a small personal bag for everyone. Last year before a trip to Europe I got a cross-body bag at Target. It's fairly small but could fit a book, a sweater and a water bottle. I liked also that it was hands free which made it easy for travel.
  6. I have gone to a hotel for my birthday for the past 5 years. The first four times it was about 24 hours. This past year was two nights because the kids are older and it's easier to get away and I happened on an incredible deal. I look up deals on Hotwire and stay in a much nicer hotel than we would normally go to for a family vacation. Then I read, take baths, go for walks and sometimes go to museums downtown. But mostly it's reading and just quiet time.
  7. This is already the way it is now with insurance. I'm constantly being told by insurance companies as a doctor to prescribe a different medication or order a different test or that a therapy I recommend isn't covered, etc. It's just different bureaucrats. My frustration is that it's different for every company and seemingly without any scientific rhyme or reason. So I can prescribe Drug X for Little Johnny because their insurance covers it. It's a good drug. But for Little Bobby I have to go to Drug Y or have Bobby's parents pay hundreds of dollars a month out of pocket. Is it because Bobby's insurance company somehow knows that Drug Y is a better drug? No, it's because they have a deal with the pharmaceutical company and have it on formulary. Sometimes it really doesn't matter and Y is as good as X. But often, it is not and I have to either prescribe an inferior drug or tell the parents that I think it's warranted to pay out of pocket. Neither is a great solution. It's a broken system.
  8. I help teach a high school Chemistry class. I think it's fine to do it one step at a time. It is slower but a lot of kids seem to need to do it that way at first and then eventually realize they can combine steps. I would be really vigilant about making sure she writes it down and WRITES DOWN THE UNITS. I see a lot of kids who don't write the units but they end up making mistakes later because of this. When I grade labs I will return all labs without units as needing to be redone. Yes, I am mean. :)
  9. Dh and I both work part-time and stay home part-time. However, I am home much more than he is. We both are "do what needs to be done" people. Whoever is home does the work that needs to be done. Most mornings he is home for breakfast and I am working. He will start laundry, I will finish it later in the day. I probably do more household chores if we sat down and wrote them out because I'm home more but it's not like there are things that are my jobs and things that are his jobs. The kids are all capable of helping around the house and do help but I also like doing things for them when I can. Most days during the school year I will make lunch because they are working. But there are days when I'll be busy and ask one of them to do it. I like making them something for breakfast when I have the time, about 50% of the time. The rest of the time they are fine getting their own breakfasts. We don't do assigned chores but instead try to model the idea that we are all part of the family and the household runs better when we all work together. It works pretty well for us. As far as ages, my oldest was cooking simple things on the stove at 9 or 10. My youngest is 7 and can do things like eggs and grilled cheese and soup. But she is only allowed if an adult or the 13 year old is in the kitchen with her. I'd say all of them by age 6 were able to get themselves things like cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt for breakfast or to make a simple sandwich for lunch. They can all do the laundry, vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, change sheets on the beds, etc. They don't do all those things all the time, but when asked they can do them. Part of it may be that I have a lower standard for clean than other people. :) I'm more of a pragmatist about cleaning than a perfectionist.
  10. They probably believe you but it's just that many people would leave that out. I've learned when taking a medical history to ask "Does your child take any medications?" "Vitamins?" "Other supplements?" "Ever use an inhaler or breathing treatment for wheezing?" I've added the last question because I've been surprised at how many people leave that off when asked about medications. And not just people whose kid used it once 5 years ago. Even people who have kids who use an inhaler every year with viruses or in the spring with allergies will leave it off when asked about meds. I'm sure some people feel like I'm not believing their first statement but as a medial person you learn that most people leave out or forget parts of their history. And sometimes you have to ask 10 different ways before you get the information you need. I think it's actually fairly common in Christian circles to have a sense of "if you pray hard enough the sickness will go away". I'm part of a mainstream denomination and it's not at all part of the teaching or stated beliefs but I hear the underlying belief a lot when people talk about sickness.
  11. My dh says this one a lot. But now it's backfired because whenever we ask our oldest what he wants to eat he answers "Food." Followed by "Yummy food." I talk about the "dishwasher fairy" a lot ...."Those plates aren't going to get put where they are supposed to go by the dishwasher fairy." Our Scoutmaster has a saying about bringing appropriate layers/coats..."If you don't have it with you, you can't put it on." We say that a lot when someone is leaving the house without a coat and I think it's cold. And usually we quote him.."As Mr. G says...." Now I just have to say the first part and they finish the rest.
  12. I'm 45 and started going gray in the past 5 years. I am a redhead and I think it is less noticeable. I get asked a lot if I've gotten highlights. I even got my haircut recently and the hairdresser asked me about my highlights. I don't plan on ever coloring it because I just don't want the maintenance.
  13. My husband is very much a planner but he plans in interesting stops if we are taking a long road trip. When the kids were little we would stop every 2 hours or so. Now they can go longer but I'd say we still try and build in stops every 3-4 hours.
  14. I have no idea. Is it just that organic produce usually costs more and so the code they would type in would be different for organic apples vs. regular apples?
  15. For big groups we like to do some variation on "make our own": Salads...just put out a base and then lots of toppings. Pizza...can buy the crust and let people do their toppings Tacos or bowls...have rice, tortillas and/or greens as bases, beans, chicken, fish, then lots of toppings Baked Potato Bar...You can do them in the crockpot. I don't have an Instant Pot but I would assume you could use it also. Pasta Bar...Some kind of pasta, then maybe one or two sauces (pesto or tomato based), then you could have options of veggies and cheeses as toppings.
  16. We've never had to put that down on any form or anything like "head of school". We call dh the principal sometimes but in reality it would be me, I guess.
  17. My oldest uses AoPS. He really likes Math and is very good at it. I typically ask him to do about an hour a day. Usually he spends somewhere between 1-2 hours. He's just finished up 8th grade.
  18. Yes, I agree. My oldest uses it and loves it and it's a great fit for him. But Math is his thing and he's happy to spend hours on it. I wouldn't use it for a kid who is good in Math but doesn't really enjoy it.
  19. We have a kids phone that they can use. It's mostly the 13 year old who needs it as he's the only one who gets dropped off at things regularly. It's an old iphone of mine that we set up with a Tracfone plan. We have Internet access turned off on it.
  20. We did all of Intro to Algebra (which is the same as the A and B classes) before doing Geometry. There are a ton of threads about what classes the two Intro to Algebra classes correspond to in a more traditional curriculum. From what I can tell it equals Algebra I and some but not all of a typical Algebra II class.
  21. Our state says that homeschoolers are supposed to have the same number of days/hours as public school kids. Which is 180 days or 990 hours. However, we don't ever have to report hours or days so I don't really worry about counting them or keeping track.
  22. Homeschool Probably the week of Aug 28th. I would prefer to start the week before that but it doesn't work out this year (camp and then they are going to go spend a few days with my parents).
  23. I just do it anyway. I definitely know the feeling. Yes, you can have bread and salad and cold stuff but someone still has to think about that or go out and purchase it. Sometimes I just get tired of having to think about food at all. In those stages I just think of cooking as any other household or life task that I don't enjoy but that has to get done. Like laundry or cleaning the toilets or dusting or vacuuming. (Sometimes I do enjoy cooking so it's not always that kind of task). I don't try and make it creative or interesting. I just do it. I fall back on the easy meals I know people will eat and that are quick. I grocery shop for the same old things that we always eat. I don't try and get the best prices. I think sometimes we elevate cooking and food to such high levels in this country that we end up feeling guilty when we just aren't excited about it.
  24. We have notebooks where I give weekly assignments. My oldest is kind of an ideal homeschooler. He's very independent and he will work hard. So for him at this point his weekly assignments are not very detailed. We also use AOPS and the goal is to work about 60 min. Some days he does more and some less but overall he moves at a pretty good pace. I feel like he knows himself. Sometimes he will say he's tired and he just can't think about math and he'll stop in the middle of a section. Or sometimes he'll get really into it and work for almost 2 hours. When he first started using it I gave him goals of where I thought he should be at the end of the week...."Try and finish through Chapter 6". But now he's shown that he works at a good pace and learns the material well so I don't really do that anymore. He takes one online class (Lukeion Latin) and I really do nothing with that. When it first started last year I would check in every day to see if he was doing the work but as the year went on and he proved that he could keep up I became less involved. For the other subjects I give assignments like "Read To Kill a Mockingbird. We will discuss Chap 1-10 on Friday". Or if it's an essay I will say "First draft due on Friday". But then it's up to him how much he does each day. As the week goes on we talk daily about what he's doing, and then sit down 1-2 times a week to talk more in depth about the materials . My second son is a rising 6th grader and I think will need more scaffolding. He definitely has ADD and he just needs more help with time management and organization. I still give him weekly assignments but I put it a little more clearly what he needs to do every day. For Math I would give him a specific assignment rather than just say "work x amount of time". But he does have some choice about what he wants to do when. Sometimes he will try and finish all his assignments so that he can have Friday free, for example. I have noticed that even my oldest who is independent and an introvert likes to do some subjects with me. We did Logic orally together for that reason even though he could have done it alone.
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