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  1. I also usually suggest a tetanus booster for kids going to college. Tetanus is recommended every 10 years but if you have a dirty wound the recommendation is to get a booster if it’s been more than 5 years since the last shot. Since college kids usually last got a tetanus around age 11, they will need a booster if they get a dirty wound at school. If we do it before they go they just know they are covered and don’t have to worry about it.
  2. And Groundhog’s Day is mine! I’m appalled at all the people who want to eliminate it. It’s a very special day! I was totally thinking of this skit.
  3. I can’t think of the songs now but many years ago, my roommate in college (and then also post-college) and I had this thing where we would make “happy break-up tapes†for anyone we knew going through a break-up. We made a bunch of them and never repeated songs. There are a lot of songs out there with that theme. ***And yes, I’m dating myself by admitting to being of the “making mix tapes for people†generation.
  4. If you’re comfortable saying, you could say where you are (in general) on here. It’s likely that there is someone near you and they might have some suggestions for community.
  5. I would pull her out for that. I hated middle school because of that kind of thing and it wasn’t even that overt. As far as socialization, what are her needs? Does she need a lot of other people around or is she happy with a small group? You will probably need to get out some and find some outlets but it will vary how much by her needs. You can also make the transition to being home more fun by making it a time for you all to really enjoy being together. It doesn’t have to be come home and then sit alone at a desk all day. Pick some activities that you can do together...learn to bake or crochet or sew or take up some kind of exercise or do art together or pick a really long novel to read aloud together. Having said all that....what does she want to do? I would take that into consideration at her age. If I still thought it was best for her to change school setting, I’d do it but if she felt really strongly that she wanted to stay in the current school I’d try and find out why and also how to help her do that.
  6. Yeah, that’s my guess. Our niece is trying to be super easy which is nice but also in some ways makes things harder. All three kids are in the wedding (flower girl, ring bearer and reading). There is no other wedding party and they are walking down the aisle and then she is, so they are a fairly major part of the wedding. She kept saying they could wear “whatever they wanted†and that she didn’t want us to buy anything. Which I appreciated in theory but I also didn’t think her Mom (dh’s sister) would be at all happy with what we already owned. I took it as a opportunity to buy the boys nice jackets and ties and we found a really sweet flower girl dress on Amazon for dd (and it was only $20!).
  7. I got my box today. It was a success and I’m keeping all 5 items. I have a family wedding (a niece) in a few weeks and I asked for a dress for the wedding. It’s supposedly somewhat casual, but I wanted something nice since it’s family and all my kids will be in the wedding and there will be photos and things. And I think casual doesn’t really mean the same thing I would mean by casual. I got a really pretty jersey dress that is comfortable.It’s navy with a floral pattern in blues and greens. I’m not a dress person so I’m super happy finding something I like. Without having to spend the time shopping. Such a win for me. They also send a navy open cardigan. I love that style and it looks great with the dress. The other three items were all good. A black and white patterned Aline skirt and a black silky top. I think they were meant as an alternative wedding outfit. I like them separately but not together. The skirt is fairly basic but good quality and I’ll wear it. It goes with a lot of things I have. The top is fun. It’s a silky material but kind of a cargo style. It’s this one but in black. The sleeves are slightly too puffy and I think if I was going to send anything else back I would have sent it back but it was worth keeping with everything else. And it’s the kind of thing I hoped for when I signed up for this....clothes I wouldn’t pick myself to get out of my typical rut. I also got a pair of gold fillagree earrings that are super pretty. All in all, I’m happy. I don’t really need any more clothes so I’m going to wait awhile to do another box. I’m working on losing weight so I’ve told myself I can order another box when I’ve achieved a certain goal. Plus, I’ll need clothes more then. Hopefully. :)
  8. I’ve always known I wanted to be a doctor. My Mom has things I wrote when I was in preschool saying I wanted to be a doctor. Of course I also wanted to be a mommy and a ballerina. I now tell people that 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad. :) I used to get really frustrated when people when told me that I didn’t know what I wanted. I had lots of people say “Oh, you’ll change your mind. Being a doctor is so tough.†or even things along the lines of “You’ll decide to get married and give up that idea.†That made me really mad. And probably knowing my personality made me more determined to do it. So I think if a kid expresses what they want to be, it’s good to encourage it. Especially if it’s a relatively realistic option. But I don’t think I’m the norm. My kids have some ideas of what they think they might want to do now but I think even though know that it very well could change. Oldest who is a freshman in high school knows he likes math and would like to do something math-related. Or that allows him to do math. But then he also says he likes to argue and maybe he’ll be a lawyer. Middle son says teacher or writer, both of which would fit him in some ways but I could also see him doing something that involves animals or wildlife. My daughter says doctor, which I think is probably more to be like me than a real interest. But given my own experience, I’ve encouraged her in a very “You would make a great doctor if that’s what you want to do.†kind of way. I agree with the person above who said that forcing a child to focus on a career early is against their parenting/homeschooling philosophy. Part of homeschooling is exploring different fields and options. If a kid is super passionate and knows what they want, homeschooling is a great way to focus that passion and develop it. But for most kids it’s fine to explore and take time to figure out who you are. I also think the idea of “what you want to be†when you grow up is somewhat against my life philosophy. I am so much more than just a doctor. Career doesn’t equal who you are in my mind. I see my job as a parent and teacher as helping my kids figure out who they are and what their values are and how a career fits into that, rather than just thinking in terms of career as identity.
  9. Spaghetti and meatballs and salad.
  10. I voted yes, although I’m not entirely sure if I understand what you mean by philosophy. I know why we homeschool and we have underlying principles that drive the way we learn. If that’s a philosophy, then yes. As far as methods, we primarily use a classical approach, although less strictly so than when we started.
  11. We’re on the same chapter. I love the colors idea, I’ll have to tell that to ds. One thing that has helped him has been for me to show him how to start thinking about a proof backwards. Sometimes he doesn’t even know where to start and just is stuck. So I showed him how to start with what you want to prove, then think about what do I need to prove that and work backwards until you can figure out how to work forwards.
  12. I agree with Parking Panda. You might find overnight garages that are cheaper along the Metro lines in Virginia (or Maryland). I know the garage near me (Dunn Loring station) is really cheap. But I’m not sure if they allow overnight parking or if they tow. The question though will be whether the cost of parking and taking the train in is less than the cost to just park in a garage in DC. My guess for a family of 4 is no. For us, it’s often about the same cost to drive into the city and park for the day at a garage using Parking Panda as it is to Metro.
  13. I’ve recently discovered a habit-tracking app called Momentum. There is a paid version but you can also track 5 habits free. It’s easy to use. You set the habits you want to track and then just check them off daily. You can also set them to be a different schedule than every day. I’ve come to believe that it’s more useful to change small habits and then build them into routines rather than start with big goals. Because it’s easier to break down the bigger goal into smaller tasks. So rather than “clean my house better" maybe come up with 1-3 areas that you want to work on. It might be “Do a five minute clean three times a day.†or “Spend 30 minutes on cleaning the area of the day†(and then ala FlyLady or some other system assign a room of the day) or “Put away laundryâ€.
  14. I teach a high school science class. I don't mind when people miss. I see my role as being there to help them. If they choose to miss, that's their choice. I do have strict policies about assignments. I won't accept anything late for any reason (except illness). I will help them work ahead but I've learned over the years that I don't have the time to accommodate requests to turn things in late. So if they want a grade from me they have to keep up with assignments even if they are absent. And I can't typically take the time to give extra help to students who are missing a lot due to other commitments.
  15. Yes, this. It’s not a violation of HIPA because it’s part of your policy. Typically if we get a request for information from insurance, it includes a statement saying why we have to release the information.
  16. I would doubt that our troop will choose to go co-ed. It’s in a Catholic Church that also supports Girl Scouts and I would bet that the decision will be made to continue to just offer what they do now. There is also a Venturing Crew already there. My daughter doesn’t do GS or AHG at this point because she already has too many activities. Scouts fulfilled a need for social interaction for my boys and it worked out that the troop we joined is also one with friends they know from elsewhere. I’m not opposed to her doing Scouts if she wanted to but she hasn’t expressed real interest yet and I would discourage it more out of “I can’t add one more thing to our schedule†than any philosophical reason. So, right now I don’t see the decision making a huge difference in our lives.
  17. Alice

    Dd had MRSA

    MRSA is actually fairly common in the community and common in kids. Most of the time we just treat it and you won’t see it again. It’s good to know that she had it because occasionally you will see a family where multiple people will get it or a kid who will get it several times and then you need to be more vigilant about eradicating it from the family and house.
  18. I was a very picky eater as a kid and teenager. I just preferred my host to not make a big deal of it. If I didn’t like something I would say “No thank you†and just not eat it. I never knew what to do if they asked me what I liked because I didn’t want them to change what they were doing to accomodate me but I also didn’t want to eat stuff I didn’t like. I think the best thing you can do is to make what you would normally make, adapt as able (if you can have one cheese pizza do it...that’s fairly easy), and not make a big thing of it if she doesn’t eat whatever you all are having. It reminds me of the time I went home with my college boyfriend to visit his family. His Mom (unknown to me) asked him what I liked to eat. The only thing he told her was “lemonâ€. We had lemon-flavored everything that weekend. Lemon muffins, lemon chicken, lemon bread, asparagus with lemon zest, lemon-citrus dressing. I thought it was so weird (although tasty). It wasn’t until later that I found out why everything was lemon and then many years later when I was older that I thought about how that poor woman must have been desperately trying to figure out what to feed me.
  19. Legally you have to sign for the shots until the kid is over 18.
  20. So far in 9th grade, none. Except studying a bit for Latin. He has an outside class and the quizzes are always on Mondays.
  21. Memory is a weird thing. I have a very clear memory of watching the Challenger space shuttle explosion in elementary school. I can remember being taken to the library to watch the lift-off on TV and sitting in rows on the carpet with my class. I can remember being shocked and scared when it happened and the librarian quickly turning off the TV and trying to distract us. It is as clear as many other memories of mine. Problem is it can’t have happened. I was in high school when the Challenger exploded so there is no way it happened anything remotely like my memory. And I have no idea why I have that “memoryâ€. One of my kids has many “false memories†of stuff. I don’t know if it’s an active imagination or what but he will remember things that absolutely never happened. (At least I think they didn’t. :)) There are a couple of things in our shared history that dh and I both are very confident that we are right about but where we disagree. Some are more annoying to me than others....usually things about the kids. We joke about it in a way that keeps us from arguing and acknowledges the crazy. Usually I’ll say “Oh, that must have been your other wife.†(We haven’t ever been married before...otherwise that probably wouldn’t be a funny joke.)
  22. My Mom would have done it and would have thought I was weird to mind. I agree though that the bigger issue is respecting you asa a parent. It doesn't matter what other people think; if you feel uncomfortable then Grandma should respect that. It's ok for her to roll her eyes and think you are overreacting but not ok for her to throw a tantrum or to ignore your wishes.
  23. I used to be annoyed by teenage trick or treaters and to think that my kids would never do it. I would impose a cut-off at some not-yet determined age. I remember reading this article a few years ago: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marion-franck/what-you-need-to-know-about-6-foot-trick-or-treaters_b_6030982.html and thinking it sounded sweet and kind of gave me the other side of the story. Now as the Mom of an almost 14 year old who is tall and muscular and who looks older than he is...I’m ok if he wants to trick or treat. I feel like so much of his life now as a high schooler is being pushed to grow up. Taking on more responsibility, harder work, bigger worries. He’s doing a great job and occasionally I see little pockets of him just wanting to be a kid again. He stopped in the middle of doing his work the other day to make slime with his siblings. And had more fun than they did. I don’t know if he will go this year (probably depends on friends) but if he does, I hope people are nice to him.
  24. I clicked on the thread because I thought it was going to be about something like what my oldest would do...when he was preschool age he thought it was really funny to purposefully get things wrong. We had this math game and I was really worried because he couldn’t do even the simplest tasks. Then I realized he got every single one wrong (which seemed odd, even random guesses would occasionally be right) and would giggle every time. The game also kind of reinforced it because when you got a wrong answer there was this funny horse that would say something. He liked the horse. After I read the thread, I couldn’t even really grasp the point of the post except that it was pretty offensive. So I decided not to engage.
  25. If you don’t have to report, I wouldn’t worry about it, especially at that age. The second day is a very age appropriate field trip. The first day is maybe a little light, but it’s fine for first grade. We don’t have to report and I’ve never kept track until this year when I have a high schooler.
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