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  1. I need to find VERY good air mattress that is comfortable enough for either my very pregnant daughter and son in law to sleep on or for my husband and I to sleep on.   It has to be something that can condensed into a small space when not being used.  

    Please give me your best options.  


  2. 8 hours ago, Ausmumof3 said:

    Are you definitely going to be Grandma? Sometimes the grandkids come up with a cutesie name of their own. I think the labels will be super cute!

    I think so....because the parents want us to be that....but that is a good question....so maybe something without the name would be better.....I was also thinking about just putting a heart with the U! on the inside.  Hmmmm.....thanks for asking this. 

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  3. I am expecting our first grandbaby (girl) in September.  I am wanting to start a tradition of making homemade items for the grandchildren.  I want to create a label that I can attach to the items that identifies who made this item.    I was thinking about something like "Grandma Hugs" (meaning these items are hugs from Grandma) or "Hugs and Kisses from Grandma" (meaning, I send hugs and kisses with this item)....but I just am not sure.  Any thoughts or ideas from you guys?  Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Amethyst said:

    Just let the movers do it all. U-Haul rentals are notoriously unsafe vehicles. The amount of money they would save would be a drop in the bucket. Plus, y'know, age. I'm guessing they're at least 50, probably closer to 60, and yeah, I'm in pretty good shape too and I'm a hard worker. It's not worth the risk of injury. Let the pros take care of it. 

    they are in the upper 50's-low 60's and yeah....that was my gut thought for them as well....but I have no experience as I have not made a big move like this myself in 25 years.  Thank you. 

  5. Friends are moving about 700 miles from their current home.  They have been in their current place for about 30 years and they have a lot of stuff.  They are sifting through their belongs and downsizing for sure.  They are moving into a home that is similar in size to their current home.   But the main question is about the physical moving.   They are planning on getting a moving company (yes, they are aware of the cost of that), but were wondering if it made any sense (money or time wise) to rent at least one U-Haul truck and move some things themselves.  They know that moving companies charge by not only square footage of space, but also weight.  So they were contemplating moving some of the heavier things, like boxes of books (he is a bookoholic)....or actually just anything.   They don't know enough about weighing that out to make sense of that. 

    I told my friend that you guys are a wealth of knowledge and experience and if anybody would know....it would be the hive.  So, I know you won't let me down.  😊

  6. 30 minutes ago, Katy said:

    I’d be concerned about the button eyes being a choking hazard. And you might find more subdued colors would be more popular. The sad beige baby aesthetic is a thing. But otherwise yes. Another option would be figuring out how to attach a pacifier strap to them. 

    just so you know, the buttons are VERY secure.  They are not the "safety" buttons that only go through one layer of the stuffie.....they are actually sewn all the way through the head and tied on the other side.  They are not coming off unless they are cut.   Thanks for the color and pacifier idea. 

  7. I have just discovered a love for making hand knitted items on a knitting loom.   I wanted to start making baby blankets and little stuffed animals for gifts.  But, do young moms these days appreciate those kinds of things or are they more interested in store bought items?  I know that it is something that will be different from mom to mom...but I was just curious if anybody has any insight into this.  These are a couple things I have made and I am now working on the striped blanket and although the picture makes it look like one of the sides is wonky...it's really not....

    so the question is...would a young mom these days like something like these as gifts and would use them?  thanks for your opinions. 






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  8. 8 hours ago, athena1277 said:

    Not to derail the thread, but can you really keep your kid on your insurance when they are married, when it’s their spouse in school?  I thought they needed their own insurance if they got married.  I hope I’m wrong on this, because my oldest may be in this situation in the next year or 2.

    Yeah, that is our current insurance situation.  We know many people who have done it using our exact insurance.  My daughter's husband is on his parent's insurance too.  It goes until they are 26 years old....the grad school thing is our situation....it based on age for our insurance.  We are basically waiting for them to have a job where they will get insurance.   There will be one year where they will be over 26 and he will still be in school.  We aren't sure what they will do for that year yet. 

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  9. Thanks to all of the wonderful people in the hive that gave me their opinion on the shared medical cost companies.  My conclusion is to move on to another idea.  

    This is our situation.  My husband is self-employed and we need to look into cheaper medical insurance.  We do not have any health problems.  We have 3 kids..daughter who is married and while her husband is in grad school we were keeping her on our insurance (which we can do until she turns 26) and 2 college aged sons. 

    we would need dental, eye and prescription coverage too. 

    My husband is in his low 60's and I am in my mid 50's. 

    If you have insurance that is not provided by employment, what do you have? 


  10. 3 hours ago, Sharpie said:

    We are on one not listed, and so far they have covered what I submitted to them in full within a couple months.  There is a deductible that we had to meet first.  We used to have Liberty and moved from them prior to their restructuring and significant rate increase.  It took nearly a year to be reimbursed for medical expense with them but they may have things better now. 

    We are self employed and the reality is we either have health sharing or nothing.  Thankfully we did not have pre-existing medical conditions. 

    Might you be willing to share which one you use now?

  11. 4 minutes ago, gardenmom5 said:

    We've looked at them.  They are very exclusionary.  they discriminate against religions they don't like as well - health has nothing to do with it.

    can you tell me more about this?  do they ask you directly what religion you are?

  12. 2 hours ago, KeriJ said:

    We have used Samaritan's for 8 years. They have different plans. The one we have now is a low monthly cost with a reasonable yearly deductible.  Because of the low monthly cost, we are able to create a savings account for basic medical expenses.  We haven't had major issues, but 2 ER visits were fully covered.  

    they are on my list to call.  So, thanks for that.  

  13. Just now, ScoutTN said:

    We checked into one a while ago, but didn’t end up pursuing it. They generally do not take anyone with high risk or high expense previously existing conditions, which excludes me and Dh. They are essentially disaster insurance, like a very high deductible plan in that they don’t “cover” most routine medical expenses. You pay those OOP.  

    interesting.....I thought I saw that they do cover "regular" stuff...guess I better start reading between the lines to find out for sure. thanks. 

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  14. Has anybody here used or is using a medical cost sharing type insurance? ( Medishare, Liberty Healthshare or Sedera....to name a couple).  I am looking for thoughts and opinions about these kinds of companies.   I need a family plan and we would like to have the option to seek alternative (more natural) doctors on occasion and have those be covered.  Is that an option with these companies?  I just don't really know how these work or how reliable they are to come through for you when you need them to.  How much extra work on our side it is.  And ANYTHING else you can share.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  15. 41 minutes ago, HomeAgain said:

    It photographs better than it looks in person. 😄It's a sampler I made.  I have a sketch I'm working on creating a pattern for that uses these elements in a much bigger blanket.  This was a first attempt. DS loved it, though, and it looks like similar yarn.


    Do you have a pattern for using the loom to make the squares?  I want to learn, maybe do a temperature blanket one year with the technique. 

    it's called a 10 stitch blanket....look for a video by Wambui on you tube...it's the easiest video to follow.  It's long, but so worth your time.   I thought about doing a temperature blanket in this pattern, but wasn't sure how to do it.  If you figure it out, let me know. 

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  16. 20 minutes ago, HomeAgain said:

    This looks like the same gauge and worked just fine as a blanket. Yours have the advantage of being thicker and more cushy, and will be great for a baby. ECE347A7-BD81-4118-A9CC-2E8AF6B2CE58.thumb.jpeg.a06d2aa5fe552e2f5dfa8d65190b4579.jpeg

    pretty.....did you make this?


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