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  1. I love this idea! I would be happy to be a supporter at both the Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant levels. I would like to toss out there the "Tom Hiddleston" level of support for $100. :)
  2. I finally figured out how to crop one of my own photos and use it as my avatar. Susan, I too would like to thank you for all that you do for these forums. I remember the old forums that came out shortly after the first edition of The Well-Trained Mind was published. You've done so much for the homeschooling community. No one should question your reasons for posting this thread, and all of us who use these forums (for free, we should remember) should be happy to comply with your requests. Thank you. :)
  3. Thank you, Susan. This is certainly something I will pay attention to in the future--for this forum and for others. I would also be happy to donate, should it come to that.
  4. Susan, I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this. I've gone back through my posts to 2008 and have not found any pictures. This thread raises a question in my mind: why this forum? why now? Granted--I'm not privy to all the issues, nor do I pretend to understand all of the ramifications. However, on most of the social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, for example, posters frequently access images from all over the internet--for profile pictures, for jokes, and for random posts. Are these websites ever called into question?
  5. I cannot imagine your loss, Kari. There are just no right words to express, except that I am deeply sorry, and I will be praying for you and your family. :grouphug:
  6. My girls took dance lessons for a while. I really didn't like some of the costumes which they wore. We did switch to another dance studio for just one year; the dress code there was much more modest. If I were to have my girls do dance all over again, I would definitely check out the dress code, the music, and the type of dance. Honestly, dance lessons were just not our "thing." Now two of them take karate lessons, and that has been much more beneficial for our family.
  7. I think TWTM had a book which they recommended for ages 0-5, but it was mostly ideas for enrichment and things to do. I think lots of lots of read-alouds are good, plus puzzles, crayons, blocks, and other simple toys. I agree with you---I don't think kids need a formal curriculum at that age. They will learn plenty just by playing.
  8. My short answer is--no, I wash all white/lighter clothes together, with Tide and Oxy-Clean, with very warm water, and I usually run the wash cycle through twice. I just don't have time to do laundry any other way. There are all kinds of things that can transfer germs/bacteria from one piece of clothing to the next. For example, how many of us disinfect our laundry baskets between uses? Technically speaking, each load of dirty clothes that is sitting in a laundry basket transfers its germs to the basket. I do the best I can to protect my family from germs, etc. I just do not have
  9. I would definitely recommend the latest version of the MLA Handbook, which is currently in its 7th edition. We have the 6th edition, and ours was only purchased a few years ago. Ouch! I think it's good for students to know how to properly cite resources, but in a pinch, the latest versions of Microsoft Word have "Insert Citation" and "Insert Bibliography" tabs which are helpful. You can choose the format you want (i.e., MLA style) and the tool will automatically make the citations for you. However, I haven't quite fully figured out its features, so I keep the 6th edition by my computer
  10. First of all, I wouldn't hesitate to e-mail Cindy Marsch with your questions. I've found that she's very good about answering her e-mail and might help you navigate your way through the website better so that you can determine which of her courses, if any, will meet your needs. IIRC, the Great Books writing class coincides best with Gileskirk's curriculum, and I would ask her specifically about which books they cover. Gileskirk follows a classical model, but it is not exactly like TOG or Omnibus or WEM. I think they read and write about one book per month. We did both the Beginnin
  11. Your daughter has a lovely soprano voice, Janice! The only input I would add would be perhaps the beginning scene, where the camera is coming closer to your daughter and the boy who is wearing a hood, would be to "pan" in more smoothly, if possible. I'm not familiar with the song, but I assume the hooded figure is supposed to be completely stoic and unmoving, and not seeing his face adds to the mystery and the sense of complete rejection--correct? Anyway, overall I thought it was very nicely done! How long has your daughter been taking voice lessons?
  12. Another question came up this week in regards to graduation announcements. I received a graduation announcement from a friend that I graduated with from high school. I've not spoken to her nor exchanged letters for at least 10 years (no hard feelings; just busyness and different lives). What would be the right way to handle this situation? Would you send a card with money or a gift card, or just a graduation card congratulating the new graduate? I will also be sending out announcements. Do you send out announcements to a wide variety of friends and relatives, or only close fam
  13. I don't know if there's any specific benefit attached to this practice, but yes, we sent dd's scores to the colleges she was interested in while she was a junior. I don't think it negatively impacted her acceptance into any particular colleges, but of course that may vary with the college and the program in which your dc is interested.
  14. Those are excellent suggestions, Leanna, especially about the tutoring. I did not know that; for some reason I thought the student would be paid by the hour (kind of like being kept on retainer), regardless of who might show up in the tutoring center. I definitely need to ask about this. I think she might make a good academic peer coach, especially in the area of English. That's her strong suit. I'm calling one school today to inquire about this. Thank you!
  15. We're still not certain about the car issue. It depends partly on how things play out this summer as far as jobs are concerned, as well as her own maturity. It would also depend on which school she ultimately decides upon. That decision will be made here in very short order, however! :) I know already that she's independent enough that she doesn't want to come home every weekend, which is a good thing. As far as jobs over the school year, we were going to check on campus. Tutoring was mentioned as a possibility; she's already done quite a bit of peer tutoring in English this year
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