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  1. Robert Service was my son's favorite poet at that age, and I remember he was especially enthusiastic about some of the ballads (The Shooting of Dan McGrew, The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Ballad of One-Eyed Mike), The Men That Don't Fit In, and a humorous little poem called Duello. We never did get around to formally studying much poetry in high school, but he's read quite a bit on his own so I'll ask if he has any other suggestions.
  2. This school year has completely snuck up on me! DD’s classes at the public high school begin tomorrow, and we’ll pick everything else up next week. Geometry – Discovering Geometry American History (1890-present) / Literature / Government – America: A Narrative History, A People’s History, etc., selection of American lit, parts of WWS 3 & Excellence in Literature AP French Honors Spanish 2 (taken at our public high school) Honors Biology (public school)
  3. At 16/17, or if the situation seems sketchy at any age, I would want my teen to wake my husband (not me!) to go with him to pick up the friend. I would not call the other teen's parents unless they were in medical distress or my teen couldn't find them or something, and would not call the police unless the party seemed especially unsafe.
  4. My son started French in 3rd grade, Arabic in 5th, and Spanish in 7th. It wasn't planned (I only cared about him learning French), but Arabic became a passion of his, and Spanish was an easy course he could take with his friends at the public school (he attended part-time, two courses each year, in 9th/10th). He'll end up with 8 credits of Arabic, 5 credits of French, and 3 credits of Spanish. Some colleges really do want to see 3-4 foreign language credits taken between 9th and 12th grade. For a student who is already proficient in Spanish, that could mean taking more advanced Spanish co
  5. I agree with SKL that it is helpful to include a deadline for their responses. When I e-mail groups of parents, I always create a fake deadline (bold and underlined). I usually get a bunch of immediate responses, a bunch on the fake deadline date, one or two that respond a day late with an apology, and one or two that I have to follow up with.
  6. We've also been very happy with Analytical Grammar. I can all be covered in one (fairly intense) year if you would like your oldest to finish grammar before high school. Otherwise, you can spread it out however you like.
  7. AP Biology requires that students spend 25% of class time on lab work, which works out to roughly 35+ hours. For a typical high school biology class, 20+ hours sounds reasonable to me, whether that works out to 10 or 20 labs.
  8. DS took both his DE exams yesterday, so today was his day off before shifting his focus to AP exams! He's taking English Lit, Physics C, and French this year, so he does have adequate time left to study. He's convinced himself that he "needs" 5s in Physics, but seems to be taking a more relaxed approach to English and French. When he showed me his study schedule this evening and I commented on how little time he'd allotted for them, his response was, "Mom, at this point I either speak the language or I don't." So that's comforting...
  9. DS took AP Biology (at home) without having taken a regular biology course. It was more time-consuming than we anticipated, but DS did well and felt it was worth the extra effort just to "get it over with". He's more of a math/physics guy, and would not have enjoyed spending two years on biology in high school.
  10. Our church offers coffee and snacks after the service, so we have always stayed and talked for 15-30 minutes. Most of DS17's friends no longer attend church and he isn't really into chatting with adults, so he takes DS5 outside to play until the rest of us are ready to go.
  11. It's not at all weird for high school kids not to have Facebook where we live. DS17 did recently sign up so that he could join a few groups related to the university where he does DE ("used textbook sale" was the most important one!), but he doesn't use it "socially" if that makes any sense. Your DD might find it useful to join when she gets to college, or in connecting with other prospective students in the months leading up to college, but if she doesn't, no big deal! There are plenty of college students who don't use Facebook at all. :)
  12. My DS picked it up easily, and in fact it was the first thing he asked to learn when we started homeschooling in second grade. DD had trouble with the way MUS taught division, but learned the traditional algorithm without any real difficulty.
  13. My oldest did Rainbow Science over two years because we were doing it with another family, but he felt that Year 1 was much stronger, more interesting, and slightly more challenging than Year 2. I think your plan to do Year 1 and then re-evaluate before buying Year 2 is a good one. Year 1 is quite full, so I think it would be challenging to complete both years in one. Seventh grade might be the best time to start, so that you can go ahead with Year 2 before high school if you choose to.
  14. Building a dollhouse, or any type of architectural model, model car, ship, rocket, etc. Photography and/or photo editing Learning a specific type of drawing - architectural drawing, fashion drawing, cartooning, etc. Learning to repair a specific item or type of item - one of DS's friends has recently started a business restringing/restoring/repairing baseball gloves and similar sporting equipment, after a year of doing it for free to learn the skills.
  15. ccolopy


    If at all possible, I would get him a pair of cleats. At his age, having the appropriate equipment is important to reduce the chance of injury and improve play. Because boys grow so quickly at this age, you might have some luck finding used cleats for sale, or finding a teammate who has just outgrown your son's size. It could be worth posting on Facebook or asking the coach to send out an email to the team.
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