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  1. Older DD finally got her braces off...just in time for younger DD to get an evaluation appointment.

    1. KathyBC
    2. YaelAldrich


      Girl, feel for me as I have two in braces and my oldest is going BACK into braces for the second time next week! The last child hopefully will wait another year or so. The office is incredulous. My wallet is too.


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    2. FuzzyCatz
    3. Monica_in_Switzerland
    4. Lori D.

      Lori D.

      We just got our tickets, too! Reliving our experience of seeing U2 on their Joshua Tree tour 30 years ago! (:D

  3. Move over, Mike. Henry's Hard Soda (grape) is way better than hard lemonade.

    1. scbusf


      I just saw an ad for that yesterday. I want to try the Orange.

    2. Quill


      I have been thinking of trying it. I'm a big fan of Mike's.

    3. FuzzyCatz
  4. I knew the mild winter would catch up with us, but blizzard-like conditions on April 30 are a bit much.

    1. Renai


      Yep. It was a hit-and-run snow storm for us yesterday. It started on Friday, got a good few inches, and it's mostly gone now.

  5. If today's Google doodle is any indication, I'm a terrible horseman and would've been fired my first day on the job as a Pony Express rider.

    1. Southern Ivy

      Southern Ivy

      Cacti, rain barrels, roping - I only got 30 letters delivered. I'd have been fired!

    2. idnib


      I would have been fired as well, had I not been killed several times by cacti, snow, and bandits.

    3. Renai


      I only picked up 28 letters the first time. Then thought I should quit before I get fired.

  6. Hello, Zyrtec, my old friend...

    1. melbotoast


      I've come to talk to you again... ? :)

    2. Momling


      Because the pollen softly creeping

      Left their seeds while I was sleeping?

  7. Vent: Apparently it's unreasonable to expect a person to acknowledge receiving a Christmas gift, let alone say thanks.

    1. GailV


      Aha, I see you've been sending gifts to my inlaws.

    2. TammyinTN


      I know your frustration all to well.


    3. Tess in the Burbs

      Tess in the Burbs

      yep, we finally stopped giving to those people.

  8. They say Confucius does his crossword with a pen.

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    2. Arcadia


      Chinese crossword puzzle with a calligraphy brush.

    3. Mommy22alyns
  9. Odd to be having a thunderstorm while I'm decorating for Christmas. Not that I'm complaining! I've never been one to dream of a white Christmas.

  10. Won $50 at my company Christmas party's employee drawing. Woo!

  11. Just bought my sisters some Punjammies and threw in some capri pants for myself. There's a great sale there (http://shop.intlprincess.org) until midnight PST!

    1. Plum


      Oh those are cute!

    2. hornblower


      never heard of this - so neat! thx.


    3. quark


      Glad they are for a good cause. Pricey for me because I used to buy these for $10 max in Asia but they are lovely to behold and wear.

  12. The dish fairy failed me again, so I guess I'll go do them.

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    2. hornblower


      I keep my fairy locked in the dishwashing machine but we still have to bring her the dishes (ourselves!) & feed her little detergent pellets & play with her knobs and buttons or she won't do her job. Last month she demanded a new part for her insides. The nerve...


    3. melbotoast


      I think the dish fairy hates me :P

  13. The last time the Royals were in the World Series, I was the same age my DD is now. #BeRoyal

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    2. aggieamy


      I'm so excited! I was at the store when they won yesterday and I expected people to hug in the aisles. I was disappointed that they didn't.

    3. Word Nerd

      Word Nerd

      I'm not really a baseball fan, but I remember watching some of that World Series as a kid. It's been so fun seeing all the ecstatic fans.

    4. Sugarfoot


      Me, too! Except it's my DS, not DD, lol. I got to go to one of the WS games in SL.

  14. People who abandon animals in the country are jerks.

    1. AmyontheFarm
    2. Word Nerd

      Word Nerd

      The starving stray pup who showed up at our house had previously broken her leg, and the woman at the shelter said it would most likely need to be removed. She's off to be rehabilitated, and I hope she finds a loving home. I'm still mad at her original owner, whoever that was.

    3. Laura's Haven

      Laura's Haven

      I will never understand the type of person who could be so cruel. Animals are innocent, beautiful creatures. I am glad she found you!

  15. Roller skating! We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue.

    1. Dana


      And then we'll take it higher.


  16. Roller skating! We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue.

  17. Sign that it's time for me to go to bed: reading a thread title as "Do your children eat placenta?"

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    2. Critterfixer


      You made me snort tea up my nose!

    3. dragons in the flower bed

      dragons in the flower bed

      You know, I wasn't immediately sure this wasn't a real thread.

    4. Hikin' Mama

      Hikin' Mama

      I read it the same way!


  18. But I don't wanna de-skunk the cat.

    1. SoCalLynn


      I had to de-skunk a dog today. Not fun. Good luck!

    2. Word Nerd

      Word Nerd

      The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn mix really works! The cat didn't freak out too much and smells MUCH better now.


  19. #221back #221back #221back :)

  20. Got several packs of washi tape for half price today, so now my bullet journal is useful AND looks cool.

  21. Kids are off to camp. I'm not sure whether having no communication with them this week will be harder on them or me.

    1. RootAnn


      Harder on you, I think, unless you have a bunch still at home. I usually write to them if I can. Helps.

    2. happi duck
    3. Cera


      You if my experience is any indicator


  22. Tweaked my back while doing some deep cleaning and have been couch-bound much of the day. That's what I get for doing housework.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      That'll teach you to stop doing it! ;)

  23. Relieved to wake up and find that I do NOT have to plan and put on a last-minute carnival.

  24. Scored 116 points on a word in Words With Friends! Woo!

  25. You'd better believe I judge books by their covers—especially self-published ebook covers.

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