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  1. Here is my situation. I would love your feedback. :-) My dd is in 4th grade this year. She just turned 9 in June. We have been using CLE for math, but are transitioning to Saxon this year. I knew I would switch her over to Saxon at some point and thought this would be a good time. We have completed CLE through Lightunit 305. We have covered all of the multiplication facts except 6, 7, and 8. We have not covered division yet. I spoke with Art Reed and he told me to go ahead and place her in Saxon 5/4 and if she has trouble with something, go back to Saxon 3 (which I have.....found it used) and go over it. What would you do? I went through the Saxon 3 book and found that there are about 50 lessons that we have not covered in CLE. I mentioned to him maybe doing those 50 lessons in Saxon 3 and then moving on to Saxon 5/4. He said just to move on to Saxon 5/4. We started Saxon 5/4 this week and completed through lesson 4. My dd9 says she likes it, but does complain about how long it takes. I think she is also struggling b/c the format is different. She is used to filling in blanks in a workbook. What do you think?
  2. I'm so excited!! I found the sheets in the back of the Tests and Worksheets book. You just have to make copies to use for each lesson. I had no idea they were back there!! Thanks for letting me know!!
  3. I might be missing something. I didn't know about the sheets. I will double check my stuff. Maybe I overlooked something??
  4. I am pretty sure I saw some at Target the other day. Hope that helps!
  5. She definitely can not write out her math problems. We have been struggling through the first few lessons just with her writing the number 4 and number 5. So maybe she would be better with Saxon K. Thanks for the suggestion about the diagnostic test! Didn't even think of that! :tongue_smilie: Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!
  6. I am doing Saxon 1 with ds6 (1st grade) and dd4 (she'll be 5 in a few weeks) (kindy). I think Saxon 1 is perfect for my ds6, but I'm having second thoughts about using Saxon a level ahead for my young kindergartener. What do you think? Do you use Saxon on grade level or ahead? Thank you!
  7. My dd9 just started Saxon 5/4 this week. I have a few questions if you don't mind :001_smile:......... 1) How do you set up your notebook? 2) Does your dc do the Warm-Up on paper, specifically the mental math? 3) Do you make your dc show their work or write out the problem? 4) Does your dc do facts practice other than the Facts Practice Sheet? Thank you!!!
  8. :bigear: I am just listening in. I am also thinking about purchasing 3 desks for my children.
  9. Thanks, ladies! That is how I was thinking about doing it!
  10. I am in the process of looking at online/computer-based planners. I am liking the looks of CM organizer and Scholaric, but I own HST+. I've owned it for years now, but have never been able to completely figure it out. I have a question. I think it's a simple one. :001_smile: When you create a lesson plan, do you name it after your child's name, or after a certain subject (ie, Math), or maybe after a certain grade level of Math (ie, Math 4). What has worked for you?
  11. I can not figure out how to print a weekly schedule on Scholaric. Can someone explain this to me? :001_smile:
  12. I have not looked at EduTrack. I have heard about it, but haven't actually looked at it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Thanks for explaining all of that. I will check it out!
  14. I have looked at it, but can't figure out how to make multiple assignments. For example, I want to set it up to increment by one lesson a day in Math. How do you do that? Thank you!:001_smile:
  15. I really do like it, but I do own HST+. I really just want something fairly simple. I would like to be able to print out a daily or weekly assignment sheet for my children and at the end of the year see what we've accomplished. HST+ seems like overkill, but maybe it's not. Do you create lesson plans and then move them over to the assignment grid? The CM organizer just seems so simple, but $10 a month seems like a lot when I already have HST+. :001_unsure:
  16. What are your thoughts? Did you like it? I signed up for the free trial, and it looks interesting.
  17. I will have a 4th, 1st, and Ker this year with a 19-month-old running around. I don't have any advice because this is my first year teaching 3. Last year I was only teaching 1. I am all ears and have been wondering the same thing. :bigear:
  18. OMG!! That is totally me! And my daughter! :lol:
  19. Thanks everyone for your opinions! It helps a lot! ElizabethB, I didn't know that PP has a new edition! I will have to check that out!! Your website has been a tremendous help to me!!
  20. :iagree:There is still teaching involved with CLE 100, but just not as much as Saxon.
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