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  1. I am resurrecting this post, because I STILL don't know what to do! I would love to hear more about this idea!
  2. I am using Horizons K math for my dd5, and I didn't order the tm and was wondering if it was necessary at this level? Also, I am using CLE LA1 with ds6 and was wondering if I need the tm? Thank you! :001_smile:
  3. Before I download an app, I wanted to ask you guys. Do you have a favorite? I want to be able to type in my own spelling words. Thank you!
  4. So very true! I had dd9 take the CLE placement test today to make sure that she didn't test out of the 300 level, and she didn't. So we will pick up where we left off.
  5. Thank you! I do really like it and love the simplicity of it. I love that it's all in one workbook.
  6. I did do a placement test, but the Saxon placement test is a little confusing, IMO. On the K-3 placement test, she got them all right so it said to start at Level 3. The upper level (5/4 and up) is a separate placement test. She couldn't really do any of them, so it told us to start at level 5/4. I guess I did the right thing. I called Art Reed, and he told me to place her in the 5/4 level. I didn't realize that 5/4 was a 5th grade/advanced 4th grade program. That does make me feel better and explains why she isn't doing so well. Would you guys start where you left off with LU 306 or do a placement test for CLE?
  7. You guys are awesome to chime in with your advice! Thank you so much! If I took a placement test for CLE and didn't test into the 400 level (which I doubt we would), would it let me know what LU in the 300 level to start with? I guess I should just start where we left off. Even if I started there, it's been 5 months since we've done CLE math. She may have forgotten some things. I guess because I would be switching again. She asked me a few weeks ago if we could switch back, and I said no. At the time, there was not a thought of switching back......but now I'm considering it. That is a great idea if we switch back. Thank you! I just ordered Times Tales yesterday! I should be getting it in the mail tomorrow. :001_smile: I know I shouldn't worry about what level we are in, but I still do. :001_smile: Maybe being in LU 306 is the same as a 4th grader in school? Isn't CLE supposed to be advanced?
  8. We have pretty much always used CLE for Math. My plan has always been to switch over to Saxon for the upper levels. I like the idea of the Dive cds. It takes a little bit off of me. My dd went from CLE 306 into Saxon 5/4. So far, Saxon 5/4 seems a little easier than CLE 306, but she seems to be missing quite a few. She complains that math is taking too long and is asking to go back to our "old math" (CLE). What would you do? She is a 4th grader, but I feel like if we went back to CLE we would have to go back to 306. Do you think she is missing problems b/c the explanations are not as clear? I do miss how the light units were so open and go and all in one place. Not sure what to do. If I'm going to switch back, I want to go ahead and do it now. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks for your replies! I really like the "real" books rather than the pathway readers. I love Sonlight's selection of books. I think I'll stick with Sonlight.
  10. I just received Pathway readers (Building Our Lives) for 4th grade. I just have a few questions. Would this replace Sonlight readers? Would there be any reason to do both? What do the Pathway readers cover? It looks like it covers vocabulary and comprehension. Am I right? My dd9 actually prefers the readers from Sonlight better, it just seems like the Pathway readers may cover more. Maybe I am wrong.
  11. :bigear: Marking this page so I can find it later!
  12. Thanks, guys!! I love all of your suggestions!
  13. I am specifically thinking for math and grammar (we use Saxon 5/4 and Rod and Staff for grammar)? I have the hardest time putting x's on her work! Crazy I know! Do you put an x if it's wrong and have him/her correct it on their own? Do you go over it with them? It's a silly question, but I was just wondering what your system was for correcting work? Thanks!
  14. This is what I have done too. Maybe I need to stick to that! Thank you!
  15. Do you do these? Or do you use something else? My dd9 freezes up when she knows she is being timed.
  16. This is our first year doing CC, and I was wondering if it is required at a certain point (maybe for Challenge) that you use Saxon math? I'm thinking the answer is yes, but I wanted to make sure. Thank you!
  17. Thank you for your replies! I think I will give R&S spelling a try!
  18. I love AAS, but it's not getting done around here (for my dd9). Is there anything as good, or is there a way to make it less teacher-intensive? How does Sequential Spelling or Rod and Staff spelling compare to AAS? My daughter is a natural speller, so is AAS overkill?
  19. Thanks, Erica! I will look over Saxon 3 at the division lessons.
  20. Thanks, everyone! I ordered a copy of Saxon K to take a peek at it.
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